multiple condition

  1. F

    Help finding a value with two conditions, one of them being a date and the other being text

    Hi, I have a question and would kindly ask for your help to figure this out. Table 1, represents the date in which each product was acquired and the price paid for it. I want to perform a search in this table so it returns the price of a product to its closest registered date. TABLE 1...
  2. D

    IIF Statement with Multiple condition

    Cant figure out why i am unable to get the correct response if 3 conditions state Active then give me Active ,if they all do not give me Inactive I am building this report from Excel to Access I am trying to duplicate this code in Excel...
  3. D

    Identify unique items in a column based on a specifc condition in another column to return 1 or zero

    Hello! I’m trying to find a formula for an Excel 2010 workbook that will identify the number of unique ids in one column that meet a condition in a second column then returns a count of 1 in the cell for the first instance then 0 for each recurring instance. Ultimately the count columns will be...
  4. M

    Counting the frequency of consecutive values in a column with multiple conditions

    I am looking for assistance with counting the frequency that TIMEOUT appears consecutively for each driver on each day. I'm looking for instances TIMEOUT appears 3 times consecutively for a driver on a given day. At that point I'd like to know the number of rows that appear after the 3rd...
  5. Q

    Vlookup with multiple conditions

    Hello guys, I have a difficulty finding the right formula for my problem. I started my vlookup with many if's but didn't work. Choose function didn't work eather. I have to search for the correct owner based on multiple conditions: 1. If the ProductBrandCode is AB_N00, AB1_N00 or AB2_N00 (or...
  6. R

    Multiple Conditions for a single cell

    I'm trying to use an IF statement on the following: IF(A1="Full",10) IF(A1="Half",5) IF(A1="Zero",0) IF(A1="N/A","") I want B1 to yield 10,5, 0 or blank based on what's entered into A1. I can't seem to put this altogether.
  7. L

    Vlookup - Return value finding the value between the dates

    Hi, There are 2 excel data. The Data 1 excel has SKU code and has the sold amount. Data 2 excel has sku code and discount to be given during that period. So I want to search SKU and return the sku discount to be given from "Data 2" by looking the date of the data 1 between the discount period...
  8. P

    What am i doint wrong?? VBA If (X <> "A" or X<> "B") And Y="" Then

    Hi, I've been banging my head against the wall trying to determine what i havewrong with my code. I have an employee roster (Sheet1) and I'm trying to get the code to look through Sheet1 and if the Last Name field is NOT "Vacant" or "Recruit" , and the Emp ID Field is not blank, then list it on...
  9. A

    IF/AND Statement with Multiple Conditions

    Greetings, I could certainly use some expert help with this formula. I am trying to accomplish the following: If Cell H7 < 0, then put in "q" If Cell H7 is greater than 0 and less than 1, put in "u" If Cell H7 is greater than 1 and less than 5, put in "{" If Cell H7 is greater than 5, put in...
  10. D

    multiple conditions coming up with one solution

    Alright so I have a problem.....Ive got an excel sheet that keep up with people in my gaming clan and many other things...well I have column that says if their eligable for promotions or not but theres many different conditions like Most of the conditions have to say "Yes" and one has to have a...
  11. F

    max value with multiple condition

    <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" span="7" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody> S# Name Date Month Year sale 1 john 01 Feb 2012 234343 2 zeeshan 02 Feb 2012 2343 3 faizan 06 Mar 2012 9898...
  12. N

    multiple conditions for IF statement in a table, can Excel handle this kind of processing?

    Hello All, I am having another problem, I have the following situation.. I want to assign a value from a Table where the specific condition is given in the table itself. the problem here is i got multiple conditions before he can assign the right value and the problem is the list is for...
  13. S

    NESTED IF formula with multiple conditions

    Please help - Can I created a multiple condition NESTED if Formula using cell references? Eg: below - how would I put this into one complete formula? I don't know if I should use array, or how array works:(? 4 arguments in 1 complete formula (using cell references) IF <C41 = $0 (or "no...
  14. J

    Sumif function

    Hi,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Please clarify <o:p></o:p> When i paste the data in the columns like Process/Emp. Id./Targest. The pasted target values should automatically update in the respective process against the respective...
  15. A

    Need help counting muliple criteria in same row

    I am trying to count the number of times that 2 fields of criteria are met in a worksheet. For example if you are listing each time a group of people say a particular word. You have 5 people and 5 words, but only want to count when 1 person says 1 particular word. List of names is in one column...
  16. V

    Multiple condition check and performing calculation based on each row

    my excel sheet looks like this row no ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC 1 Term log 101 2 Lots 20 102 3 mode Normal 103 4 Test cats 101 5 bus 10 102 6 goo max 104 If the column C value is 101 then I need to perform Column A+B in Column D. If the column C value is 102 then I need to perform column B>20...
  17. P

    Multiple Condition Sum Problem

    Hi There, I'm not sure if this is possible but I'm writing a Macro sort a lot of data and I'm at the point where I want to summarise some of the data. Basically I want to sum an amount of hours from column E based on the list of Cost Centre's in column A as in the example below: <TABLE...

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