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    Excel 2003 VBA - Help with hiding rows based on three conditions on two different worksheets

    Help!! I have a rather complex (to me) scenario which I just cannot work out the best way to deal with this... any suggestions or samples would be really appreciated!! I have a workbook with two worksheets, Sheet1 and Sheet 2. Based on the data entered in the 2nd column on Sheet1, I'd like a...
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    if three values true then OK else missing value

    I have scenerio in excel Job Nature, in Column T which have values (W), (F) (M) Days to check in Column S which have values "No. of Days" & Paid W/Card in Column N which have values True , False The Thing I want to check is, if Job Nature is (W) and No. of Days is <= 365 and the W/Card is Ture...
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    Multiple Conditions and Multiple Worksheets

    Hello, I trying to figure out a formula in Worksheet 1 that will compare the holdings in Worksheet 2 to the restrictions in Worksheet 3. I've included a table below, but please note the following: The restrictions are identified by the sedol. The XYZ Weight in Worksheet 2 indicates the...
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    Array formula with minimum value greater than 0 and an additional condition

    Hi All, I've been trying for a little while now through research and I'm finally stumped. My excel needs have usually always been solved through searching, learning and then modifying what I've found, not this time. :confused: Let's say that I have 3 columns. Column A is called range1 and...
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    Excel - Vlookup - multiple conditions - textual data

    Hi Everybody. Was wondering if anyone knew how to do the following (apologies if my excel jargon is off, I'm not what you'd call a pro!) OK so my situation is this. I'm working with a database that holds information on individuals backgrounds. At the moment I'm looking at education history...
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    Calculating average time for an event based on multiple conditions

    Hi, I am manually calculating the undermentioned data and am tearing my hair out. I am sure there must be a better way of doing it. Please help.... I have to calculate the time taken for two parts of a task which has three/four steps. The steps are differentiated by specific words i.e...
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    IF Formula with multiple conditions:

    Can someone help me put together a formula for the following situation. A1: =5 B1: = 32 C1: = If a1>3 and b1>30 = "X" C1: = if a1<3 and b1>30 = "Y" C1: = if a1>=0 and b1<30 = "Z" What would that formula look like in the C1 cell? Thanks
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    Conditional Formatting - Multiple Conditions

    First I am wondering if it is possible to insert text into a new cell if conditional formatting conditions are met, and second if it is possible to require two conditions be met in order to insert the text in a new cell. I am trying to have say column C rows display an "X" if the column A = 10...
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    IF formula with multiple conditions

    I have a spreadsheet where column D contains a 4-8 character code. AAISDJ KDFJS PSDFS PDDSP PASF If the first character is P and the fourth is F I need "Verify" to be put in column H AAISDJ KDFJS PSDFS Verify PDDSP PASF Verify Is this something that can be accomplished?
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    multiple conditions

    hello Forum, i would need your help to crack the next problem: i have a column with different numbers and another column with statuses atributed to those numbers ( "ok", canceled", "-") the number in first column can appear multiple times. if they number appear more that one they are grouped...
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    Multiple conditions based on end of month

    I have a spreadsheet 'Log' that contains an eomonth formula '=EOMONTH(A4,0)', formatted to custom mmm-yy On a separate sheet I am trying to collate stats on the number of times two conditions are met, one of which is based on the end of month mentioned above. The formula I am using is...
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    If statement with multiple ORs

    Hello, So I am performing a sum if the value from a cell is equal to any one of the multiple conditions I am providing in separate cells. The formula I currently have works, however it is very bulky because I have three conditions I want to compare to. This is what I have: =IF(OR($'Complete...
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    Question: lookup values based on multiple criteria, how?

    I use Excel 2003. Now I have a data sheet in my workbook like this: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 414pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=551 border=0 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" width=64><COL style="WIDTH: 32pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 1572"...
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    count number of unique records for each date

    Hi, I have a large report, that I want to be able to count the number of vehicles that worked on a specific date. This is how the data is being presented:- A B C 1 Truck: Truck 1 SEMI TRAILER 2 Hauler: abc cartage 3 20/04/2010 12:06:13 PM 8158540 4...
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    Count by color only if another condition holds

    Hi, I've been using a user defined function that I found in the forum below and I would like to manipulate it to make more use out of it and I was wondering if you know how to do this. What I am trying to do is basically count the number of cells that are green in one column only if the...
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    Formula Depending on a value

    Hi All, i have a sheet which is being used as a payment advise with subsidies. depending on the product selected, it is either a $value multiplied by the qty or a % of the total value. what i am trying to do as an example: if cell F46 = percent(or sheet2 b6) it needs to multiply by cell...
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    IF statements

    I was using an If statement, thought it was set up correctly but as I've been entering data it hasn't represented data like i wanted it to. It represents a grade scale for my classes where D7 is my final percentage...
  18. K

    Tough one--need help modeling an iterative job posting process.

    I'm trying to model a somewhat complicated HR process where employees are allowed to voluntarily post to more preferred shifts and depts. I'm starting to thinking excel may not be the most effecient tool, but I can't back down from the challenge! Here's the situations--When there's a need to...
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    If Formula

    Hi, I have 12 sheets which are named as Jan, Feb, ..... I want to use If condition for a drop down box which consists months from Jan - Dec. Using the vale from drop box I want to fetch data from that particular months sheets.
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    Counting rows with 2 conditions (countif?)

    I have data in my workbook on the "Roster" worksheet, where in a column P I have the session date and in column Q I have the session time. On my "summary" worksheet , I want to have a count of how many rows meet a specific condition in both Column P and Q. I was planning on using the...

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