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    How to extract only first 2 items, from different groups in the same data, meeting certain criteria

    I have a table as below. The goal is to extract only first two shop i.d.s from each country having the status either "Active" or "Completed" or "Discontinued". If there are no shops in the country with that status do not extract. If only one than extract only one. Finally the answer should be in...
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    Advanced nested if with several conditions <bdo...
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    How to return a result when searching multiple criteria including date range

    I am trying to return a value when searching multiple criteria including a date range. For example- Column A= Time of Error Column B= Description of Error Column C= Would like Return of Error Message 500 only during a certain time. A1 05/10/2016 12:00 B1- Customer Receives Error 500...
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    Being able to pull out highest number when divided by dots and using multiple criteria with some numbers being 0

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is possible for excel to pull out the highest number when the digits are divided by dots. Please note the amount of numbers in between the dots are not constant (although they are always between 1-4 numbers). For example I have a table that looks like...
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    Sumproduct picking off just one result in the lookup table for multiplication

    Hi, I have item numbers in "incremental net price" and in "Pricing" tab. I'm trying to pull the "Net price" from the "pricing tab" and multply the price by my quanity in the "incremental" tab. Problem is that the pricing tab has multiple results and it just so happens that the values are...
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    Count number of keywords (range) found in a text string

    Dear All, I am trying to count the number of specific words contained in a specific cell. If my data were static, and the list of keywords was short, there are many solutions such as using multiple instances of the length function as proposed by @shg here. @njimack has proposed a very easy and...

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