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    Extracting Values of Cells with Multiple Lines

    Hello, I am trying to determine how I can search cell contents for specific values (a calendar week value) and then extract the corresponding value entered on an adjacent cell that are the hours worked in that week for a given project. I cannot import an image or screen shot, so I will try to...
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    Transform multiple line cell into multiple cell

    Is there a simple way to transform a cell with multiple lines into multiple cell? From this: <tbody> Test Test 2 Test 3 Bla BlaBla asdf asdff asder </tbody> To this: <tbody> Test Bla BlaBla Test 2 Test 3 asdf asdff asder </tbody> Because I have lots of this cases it can't do...
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    How to check if a cell has multiple lines inside

    Hello, As all you know we can insert multiple lines to one cell while pressing CTRL + Enter combinations. So how can I check with a macro whether activecell has multiple lines inside ?
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    Using VLOOKUP, turn one cell with multiple lines of text into one line of text

    Hi, I am doing up a fairly basic but lengthy pricelist for our business. Each Sheet has a different product range with a List & Nett Price. The table headings go: A B C D E F | ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1 | Part # | Detail 1 | Detail 2 | Detail 3 |...

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