multiple sheet data

  1. A

    Auto populate the newest data into a master spreadsheet

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping you can help. I receive a weekly report which I move into a folder, the name for the report will be different each time. What I'm aiming to achieve is to auto populate the data from the most up to date report into a master spreadsheet. I was wondering if the lookup per...
  2. K

    Rolling 90 Day Average over Multiple Sheets

    I am trying to calculate a rolling 90 day average of results. Each sheet references a month and are titled as followed January '21, February '21 etc. Within each of these sheets I collect scores gathered on a certain date. Column C contains date that result was collected and Column D contains...
  3. W

    link multiple spreadsheets into 1 spreadsheet

    I have a workbook that currently has information that will go to 2023 that I will be using for reporting purposes. I am trying to set up an automated workbook to have an automated tab that when information is inserted on the 2020, 2021, 2022 or 2023 tab (formatted as a table) that it inserts the...
  4. A

    Coded needed to take a row from mater sheet data and copy into other sheets in workbook based on a condition

    Been hunting the internet trying to figure this out and I give up so hopefully someone can help me out here. So overview is customer list and trying to break out customers by sales rep into their own sheets in the workbook. Just trying to set something up for a CRM while we are dealing with...
  5. L

    Matching data on multiple sheets

    Hi All - Is there a way to compare data in a column of one workbook tab with data on another tab (multiple columns) to see if there are ANY matches in the string of data?? For example: Sheet 1, Cell A1: "Red, Yellow, Car, Truck" Sheet 2, Column A is "Color" and Column B is "Vehicle Type"...
  6. U

    Vlookup alternative or if function

    I have data in multiple excel sheets in the same workbook. All sheets have the same table but different data as each sheet represents a certain date. The name of shops in the table are chosen from a dropdown list and you can see the full list of shops to the right of the photo. What i want to do...
  7. N

    Vlookup over multiple sheets

    I am using an xl file with multiple sheets and have a front sheet at the start where i am cosolidating results. what i am trying to do is a vlook up across the other sheets which will return the stock count of a part number. this is the code I am using...
  8. M

    VBA to Index/Match from Required Tab

    Afternoon all, I have the following: 4 x data tabs (all in the same format in columns A to M, with the lookup refs in A1:A30 (unique ID) and months in B1:M1 1 x summary tab On the summary tab: From a dropdown in A1 I want to select the tab name (i.e "Sheet1"), and I then want the below cells...
  9. U

    Copy Sheet Format to Multiple Sheets

    Hi Guys, I've made research about this but can't find the right one. So I have this excel sheet named "Subject" with multiple sheets (sheet A to D). What I need is to find the codes wherein the macro will copy the entire format of Sheet A to Sheet B,C & D. Any help will be much appreciated.
  10. B

    VBA Copy Paste

    I really need some assistance if someone could help...likely really easy for you guys. I have been searching for examples I could use for 2 days... I am trying to use VBA to copy data from multiple worksheets within a workbook to a worksheet called "Data" within the workbook. - copy multiple...
  11. D

    Conditional Formatting Assistance...

    I am trying to assist someone with reconciling all of their business financial information into one excel workbook. It has become a little complicated now that I have worksheets for bank information, time keeping information, and multiple quick book exports. I have noticed that the check...
  12. L

    Multiple Referencing Between Workbooks

    Hi, Recently my boss has requested I take on a job which my predecessor used to do which is meter reading. I'm happy to do this as its a very simple task but it is very time consuming, this is because on the site I work on there are multiple tenants who require a separate workbook for their...
  13. B

    Using Excel to copy data from a "form" into a database.

    I'm not sure how to word the question accurately so I have included some Pictures to aid me. Using Excel 2010 I am trying to copy data from one sheet, the "Form" to a database called "Master" but the data needs to go into a Row that corresponds with employee's pay numbers. This is the Form...
  14. R

    Data needed from large workbook

    Good day- I have a workbook setup as follows: Sheet 1 has 50,000 records with several columns of data related to a specific column - let's call that "codes". Sheets 2-31 have duplicate entries of some of the records from Sheet 1. What I would like to do is add a column in Sheet 1 that would...
  15. P

    Poker Leaderboard: help requried with fomula improvment

    Hi Guys, I have recently been put in charge of maintaining the leader board for our poker league. For the past 8 months data has updated manually after being calculated first. I have been trying to come up with a better way but I can’t seem to make my formula’s work for me. Currently the...
  16. J

    Return Value from one tab to cell on another tab based on threshold

    I have a report that I'm responsible for managing that comes in weekly from several different members of my organization. They are sending certain statistics on each facility of our organization, which I then copy into a tab for the week in a master file and use the information reported by each...
  17. E

    Unable to combine multiple (autofltered) sheets into a single worksheet

    Hi, I am not a vba expert and have been looking for vba codes online to help with merging multiple sheets into a single sheet. Basically, I have multiple sheets that I have already filtered out for blanks in Column B. I would like to transfer that data of each spreadsheet (Column A-G, from...
  18. M

    Goal Seek with input from multiple values and worksheets using VBA

    Hi mrexcel forum community, I'm a newcomer what comes to VBA and would greatly appreciate your tips and help on how to solve my problem. If I've understood correctly, goal seek with input from multiple values and worksheets require VBA code. The parameters: Cell C39 in Sheet 1 (value) Cell...
  19. K

    Auto Update Formula

    So, I have a workbook containing multiple worksheets and I'm trying to clean it up a little bit. This workbook is a list of people that my company contacts and it states if they accept an invitation from us when we contact them or not (in other words there are a bunch of yes and no's next to...
  20. M

    Reference specific cell from every spreadsheet on the workbook (except Spreadsheet X,Y and Z) and list results

    Hi all! I'm looking for a way to pull data from every spreadsheet in my workbook, except for spreadhsheet X, Y and Z and list the results on cell C11 in spreadsheet X. I'm sure this is very straightforward but I'm quite new to VBA and am picking as I go, learning from each iteration. Can...
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