multiple sheets

  1. T

    Go To Cells That Dont Match From Table

    Hi Everyone, I was trying to make a VBA code that would compare a list on a page "Locations", and go through all of the other sheets comparing a column in these sheets to see if there is a match or not. If there was no match, ignoring blanks, the VBA code would go to the cells where the match...
  2. I

    VBA Loop to go through all sheets. Then Copy a range and Paste it to Main sheet

    Hi Good People. I have an excel workbook with 5 different work sheets. First work sheet is the Master sheet and others are customer data sheets . I want a VBA loop to go through all 4 customer data sheets >> then copy a specific range in each individual sheets >> paste it to master sheet...
  3. J

    Macro to Delete Blank Rows in Multiple Sheets, Not Whole Workbook

    I have been working on this macro for what seems like forever and I just can't get it to work. I have a data set and when employees are terminated their names are removed from the spreadsheet and I need any monthly sales data to also be deleted. Employee names all "feed" from a main...
  4. B

    Hide/Show rows in a different sheet based on Yes/No responses

    I am trying to build a macro that will hide or show a group of rows in the Options sheet (shown below) based on the Yes/No responses from the Questions sheet. Essentially, someone will fill out the Questions sheet to narrow down what they actually need to see and then further define their needs...
  5. B

    Summing across multiple sheets using indirect

    Hi all, trying to sum up across multiple sheets. Caveat: the cells being added up are all the same cell address as the active cell, just on different sheets. My troubles: I'd like to be able to insert rows or columns across all tabs and have the formula adjust to always be summing the equivalent...
  6. B

    Copying Range From Multiple Worksheets Pasting Into One

    Can someone please help me copy a specific range from multiple worksheet and paste it into one worksheet? The worksheets are formatted identically. I need the ranges B11:B24 and C11:C24 of each worksheet to be pasted on a new worksheet. Also, I need D5 of each worksheet to replace C11 in the new...
  7. J

    How can I run this macro in multiple sheets simultaneously?

    I have a macro that I'm using to alphabetize an attendance list and then delete the 'Blank' rows (the cells actually return "" so, when sorted in descending order, they appear above the sorted list of names) Below is the code, that seems to work perfectly - but it currently only runs in the...
  8. M

    Excel VBA to print specific pages from multiple sheets into one document

    Hi! I'm a beginner with VBA and would greatly appreciate any help or advice. I have a command button set up on Sheet1 that when you click the button, 3 different worksheets (all in the same workbook) will print, but will only print a certain number of pages from each worksheet. The code I have...
  9. K

    Average over Last 90 Days - Multiple Sheets

    I have created an example version of the spreadsheet I am attempting to create. Each months sheet looks like what I have posted below. I am looking to use one of these sheets each month. I would then like an analysis tab where I can look at; -Overall Average of "Test Scores" - (I can and have...
  10. L

    VBA: Hyperlink to image placed in comment, multiple sheets

    Hi, I am struggling to make a hyperlink into a picture into a comment. I am exporting checklists to excel where the user has to take pictures for some of the checkpoints, and when I export them, they appear as hyperlinks in excel. Now, I want to transform these hyperlinks into images placed in...
  11. L

    Counting Across Tables

    Hello! I am trying to count items but they are linked across tables. Sheet 1 - Has the schools listed by city Cities Schools Boston Maple Elementary Boston Elm Middle School Boston Cedar Elementary Los Angeles Bamboo Elementary New York Pine High School New York Ficus High...
  12. X

    Looping a routine through every Worksheet after Sheet1 & Sheet2.

    Hello, I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to get this routine to loop itself through every sheet after Sheet2. So, starting with Sheet3 and on, I'm wanting this routine to go through each Sheet and copy the values from the following ranges, ("P6:P"), ("R6:T"), ("V6:V"), and then paste...
  13. M

    Macro to pull multiple images from folder to multiple sheets by image/sheet name

    Hello all, happy to be a new member here and looking forward to becoming an active member of the community. Here's my problem: I have a workbook that contains 230 sheets which are essentially forms that are pulling data from the first master sheet. Each sheet is named after a specific...
  14. N

    Conditional formatting highlighting duplicates

    Hello, I am working with a data base of addresses which I am trying to find duplicates in from new data coming in. I would like to be able to have the data base data in Sheet 1 and the new data in sheet 2. And reference those against each other (both sheets get highlighted). The addresses...
  15. W

    Have data across 2 sheets/ auto sorting

    Hi, Could someone please advise me on how I would have the same data across two sheets within the same excel document? I have a table of 1000 clients, what I am wanting to do is only see the client at the top of the list (Rows 1 and 2) on sheet 2. I mainly sort this data through ‘next contact...
  16. T

    General Precautions we can take while operating 2 excel sheets

    Hello Gurus, I am working on an item, where I need to compare 2 excel sheet ranges, Say File1 Sheet1& File2 Sheet1 I am invoking File2 Sheet1 by File.Open Copying the respective range from file 1 & file 2 into Rng1 & Rng2 I am concatenating column values for each row in Rng1 & Rng2 & putting...
  17. S

    Count Cells in all visible worksheets unless specified to ignore

    I have worksheet A, B, C, D, E, & a I have data in cells G5:G15 of sheets B, C, D, & E I want to count the total cells in each sheet with values "xx" that are visible except in sheets A and a.
  18. D

    creating multiple PDFs by looping through number list

    The code below is part of a macro being used to create a list of numbers and then loop through those numbers one at a time, place the number into cell I1 which is linked to numerous other sheets. Each of those sheets has a formula in cell Z1 that sets to "Yes" or "No" depending on if the...
  19. J

    Formula will not automatically adjust for different rows?

    I could use some help with this formula: =(SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'"&$A$32:$A$34&"'!B11:K11"),"<>"))) This formula is counting the amount of times a value appears in cells B11:K11. The cells A32:A34 refer to the names of different worksheets – Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3. The formula itself...
  20. J

    Countifs formula across multiple sheets

    I need to compare student IDs on sheets Adds Drops (Column B) to Sheet2 (Column C), and then cross-reference that with the date on both sheets: Adds Drops (Column B) and Sheets2 (Column I). If the dates on Sheets2 (Column I) is more than 7 days later than the date on Adds Drops (Column B) for...
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