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    Conditional formatting highlighting duplicates

    Hello, I am working with a data base of addresses which I am trying to find duplicates in from new data coming in. I would like to be able to have the data base data in Sheet 1 and the new data in sheet 2. And reference those against each other (both sheets get highlighted). The addresses...
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    Have data across 2 sheets/ auto sorting

    Hi, Could someone please advise me on how I would have the same data across two sheets within the same excel document? I have a table of 1000 clients, what I am wanting to do is only see the client at the top of the list (Rows 1 and 2) on sheet 2. I mainly sort this data through ‘next contact...
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    General Precautions we can take while operating 2 excel sheets

    Hello Gurus, I am working on an item, where I need to compare 2 excel sheet ranges, Say File1 Sheet1& File2 Sheet1 I am invoking File2 Sheet1 by File.Open Copying the respective range from file 1 & file 2 into Rng1 & Rng2 I am concatenating column values for each row in Rng1 & Rng2 & putting...
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    Count Cells in all visible worksheets unless specified to ignore

    I have worksheet A, B, C, D, E, & a I have data in cells G5:G15 of sheets B, C, D, & E I want to count the total cells in each sheet with values "xx" that are visible except in sheets A and a.
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    creating multiple PDFs by looping through number list

    The code below is part of a macro being used to create a list of numbers and then loop through those numbers one at a time, place the number into cell I1 which is linked to numerous other sheets. Each of those sheets has a formula in cell Z1 that sets to "Yes" or "No" depending on if the...
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    Formula will not automatically adjust for different rows?

    I could use some help with this formula: =(SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'"&$A$32:$A$34&"'!B11:K11"),"<>"))) This formula is counting the amount of times a value appears in cells B11:K11. The cells A32:A34 refer to the names of different worksheets – Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3. The formula itself...
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    Countifs formula across multiple sheets

    I need to compare student IDs on sheets Adds Drops (Column B) to Sheet2 (Column C), and then cross-reference that with the date on both sheets: Adds Drops (Column B) and Sheets2 (Column I). If the dates on Sheets2 (Column I) is more than 7 days later than the date on Adds Drops (Column B) for...
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    Countifs formula if date is greater than 7 days for student IDs across multiple sheets

    I need to compare student IDs on sheets Adds Drops (Column B) to Sheet2 (Column C), and then cross-reference that with the date on both sheets: Adds Drops (Column B) and Sheets2 (Column I). If the dates on Sheets2 (Column I) is more than 7 days later than the date on Adds Drops (Column B) for...
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    On Multiple Sheets Convert Formulas to Values

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a button click change all cell formulas on 5 different sheets to the cell values. The code I have below is perfect for the currently active sheet but I haven't had any success with specifying which sheets I want it to affect. Any help would be so greatly appreciated...
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    VBA code to hide/unhide rows that have a "1" in column A - 32 sheets

    Greetings - I have learned a lot over the years from reviewing these threads. I'm hoping someone can assist. I have a workbook with 33 sheets. Two summary sheets and 31 data sheets. The first sheet "Monthly" has data within that will be changed regularly. All other sheets have an A column...
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    Multiple sheet printing based on cell value in each sheet

    Hi All, despite much searching and trials I almost have what I need but cannot work out the last bit. I have 7 sheets as part of a training course session for each day of the week and two other sheets that have various stats on them drawn from the formula on the Monday to Friday sheets. The...
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    VBA Sort By 2 Columns On Certain Worksheets Within A Workbook

    I created the following code to sort one sheet by 2 columns, but I would like to change the code to include other sheets (but not all the sheets w/in the workbook). How can I do that? All the data will be in the same columns and cells on each sheet. Also, can I still use the sheet names or...
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    How to add identical slicers to multiple sheets with identical Tables headers on each sheet

    Hi all I'm new here, and have been unable to find a solution to my specific query online or in forums, so I hope somebody can help me. The problem is with Slicers. I work in construction, pricing up potential projects. We produce a 'Report' from our software and I have manipulated this data...
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    Vlookup formula that returns multiple answers by searching through multiple worksheets in a single workbook

    Hi, I am trying to determine if I am using the correct type of formula and figure out why I am getting an error with the formula I am using (maybe I should use a different formula completely.. such as an index or some sort of array or a if... IDK). I need to search column C row 1:556, on...
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    Find a max value across multiple sheets and return sheet name

    I would like to find the largest value across multiple sheets and return the sheet name where the value is located in. The issue is that each week a new sheet is added so I can't create a static list of sheet names. The data are located in the same cell across sheets in cell B10. I have hidden...
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    Extracting Data From Multiple Sheets into 1 Sheet

    I'm working with multiple worksheets in one workbook and want to find a way to extract data from the multiple tabs into one sheet. Each tab has different headers, see below. I only want to pull out certain data. Each worksheet would be updated weekly. TAB 1 HEADERS: <tbody> Shoot Date Air...
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    VBA to Hide/Unhide Worksheets using Checkboxes (FormControl or ActiveX) and IF statement

    I have been trying to create a code that would hide/unhide certain worksheets based on the value formulated in Column R resulting from the Checkbox control value in Column Q indicated by TRUE or FALSE. See below- <tbody> COLUMN Q COLUMN R Checkbox () Control Formula Sheet() Formulas...
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    Help needed, data input

    Hi all, was hoping someone could offer some advice/help. Trying to devise a way of logging payments using a simple userform. I was hoping to have individual sheets for individual jobs with a dropdown on the userform correlating to each sheet - hope is that user would have to select job...
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    VLOOKUP from Notepad to Excel (Two sheets)

    Hi, I have been looking at VLOOKUP threads across the forum and could not find specific to my needs. I tried to adjust the code elsewhere to my needs, but I am pathetically unsuccessful. I hope somebody could please help me here. Thanks. I have a notepad file (I could make it excel also if...
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    sumif across multiple sheets

    I have sheets named Jun 2012, Jul Mar 2015 I want to sum (across all sheets) s:s if r:r =q2 I have seen this formula =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&Z1:Z212&"'!B3"),99,INDIRECT("'"&Z1:Z212&"'!G3"))) But cant seem to tailor it to my needs I have a list on the sheets running from...

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