multiple spreadsheets

  1. T

    Import Data to check if it exists and if not add to existing data

    Hi Each week my company receives an exported orders spreadsheet from SAP. Basically I want to run a formula that will check if data exists in the existing orders spreadsheet, but i need the entire row to match, if one cell changes I would like it to change in the existing data. If data does not...
  2. J

    Userform to seperate workbook

    Hi there, I've currently got two spreadsheets; 1) AOK Form (v2) - [This spreadsheet will be stored locally for over 100 users individually] This is where the form is located and it serves no other purpose than opening the form (there is a hidden sheet for lookup lists for combo boxes) 2)...
  3. D

    userforms to open and edit multiple spreadsheets of the same type

    Hi guys, im new to userforms, and wanted to know if i can create a userform which lets the user select a file, and make edits in it right through the userform. here's the scenario. I have a folder at work with a bunch of the same files, with only little differences (that's how work wants it...
  4. D

    Look up to the left with multiple worksheets

    I have about 20 worksheets with data in similar format. I have VLOOKUP working fine with multiple worksheets in a SheetList, to bring selected information into a new worksheet. But this won't work looking left in (from) the array. I can search one worksheet by Index-Match but I do not know how...
  5. W

    combining multiple spreadsheets into one starting at a specific row

    I have had some great success receiving help from this website, looking for another hero. I am looking for a way (macro maybe) to combine multiple spreadsheets into one starting at A23 until the first blank row. Any suggestions?
  6. L

    INDEX and MATCH Combo Formula not Working across Spreadsheets

    Hi all, I've had trouble getting this formula to work and just know it must be something simple I am missing. Please add a pair of fresh eyes for me! Here's the formula I start with: =INDEX(Table3,MATCH(K3,Table3[[#All],[State]],0),(MATCH(L3,Table3[#Headers],0))) This runs smoothly; however...
  7. P

    Unique UPCs/EAN/Barcodes from across multiple spreadsheets without Macro

    Hi All, could really use some help here. I have an excel workbook where I keep inventory of different stores, and a TOTALS spreadsheet as the first spreadsheet tab.. (Spreadsheet tabs such as Totals, Store1, Store2, Store3, Store4 etc). All spreadsheets have UPCs/EANs/Barcodes in Column A. I...
  8. N

    Importing Excel Spreadsheet (same data) from different days

    Hello - i am new to access and i need some help. I am working with a custom UI tool that creates an Excel extract upon request. I run this excel report daily to perform calculations on changes. I have past excel snapshots on my PC. I want to use Access to store the daily data, that way i can...
  9. H

    VBA copying from large spreadsheets

    Hi people, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have some code that opened a second spreadsheet copied a range, closed the spreadsheet and pasted it into original sheet that worked for test files. However I am now trying to use it on the actual larger files and it is coming...
  10. M

    SUMPRODUCT accross multiple spreadsheets not working

    Hi there, I'm trying to sum data from several tabs based on the date a payment was made. I have a summary page where Column A lists the tab names in the workbook and Row B contains the dates. Each tab lists the payments schedule for an individual supplier. I have this formula in the summary...
  11. M

    Expert formula help needed

    Hello, I need to create a formula to search for three fields of criteria A1 "Year" A2 "Month" A3"Status" then pull the A4 "Approvals" to a different summary spreadsheet. Keep in mind the number that I need will actually be in column B, but the table descriptions of data are placed in column A...
  12. S

    aggregating multiple spreadsheets help needed

    Hi everyone, Here is my problem: Lets say I have 600+ separate excel files containing 3 tabs. The primary sheet is formatted as a form that has 100 questions on it. All the sheets follow identical formatting. The idea is to have some kind of tool/function/query/macro that allows me to answer...
  13. W

    Select data from a spreadsheet column if condition in a 2nd spreadsheet at the same time is met

    Hi guys, I have two spreadsheets, one gives me the beginning and end of civil twilight as a measure of day vs. night. The spreadsheet has Date/Time in the first column, and the value 45 in the 2nd column when it is night. The second spreadsheet has also 2 columns with date/time and body...
  14. L

    Consolidation & Validation of Spreadsheets

    Hello, I hope someone can help me. I have a master spreadsheet that has details of a number of people. It includes their names, start and end dates, rates etc. I am being given 3 other spreadsheets each month from different sources. Each spreadsheet will contain a similar thing but not...
  15. E

    Assigning Sales Team to Customers

    Hello All, I have a spreadsheet filled with data concerning this quarters sales (Customers, Qty's, Cost, etc). I have another spreadsheet with the Customer and the sales manager who handles the account. I need to assign the customers with their respective sales manager on the first spreadsheet...
  16. D

    Trouble Updating Master Worksheet with VLOOKUP Sums.

    I have a master worksheet containing two main columns. Column A lists our most popular products. Column B lists the current inventory of each of the products in column A. The values in Column B are culled using VLOOKUP from across multiple worksheets, in numerous spreadsheets, located in...
  17. J

    HELP!! Verifying and linking emails between two spreadsheets

    I have two spreadsheets that I am trying to verify and link some information. First, there is a master spreadsheet with about 40,000 First and last names, email addresses and mailing addresses (call this spreadsheet Master). The second spreadsheet is shorter with only about 200 of the same...
  18. 4

    Graphing a series from separate spreadsheets

    How do i graph data in a single series for a line graph from spearate spreadsheets in Excel 2007? (i.e one spreadsheet is data from 2009, next is 2010, next is 2011- same data- but the graph is showing the data in a line graph for the whole time fram 2009-2011). It isn't letting me pull the...
  19. Y

    Consolidate Mulitiple Tabs

    Hi, Someone sent me a spreadsheet with 35 identical tabs. (Spreadsheets). What is the easiest way to consolidate these into one spreadsheet? The numbers of rows are not the same but columns are the same. Thanks , Rey
  20. S

    Refresh problems when switching between spreadsheets

    I frequenly have two Excel spreadsheets open so I can copy and paste data between them. For some reason, when I alt-tab between the spreadsheets, sometimes a portion of the spreadsheet is pure white... almost as if that part of the spreadsheet hasn't "refreshed" yet. If I minimize it and then...

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