multiple tabs

  1. R

    Referencing data in a cell for a sumif formula pulling from that cells tab

    Have a different tab for each security setup. Trying to create a sumif formula with the criteria range pulling a tab name from a cell for that specific tab. So for instance have the tab name Acala in cell E38, want the sumif to pull critieria from Acala!C:C, is there a way to make the formula...
  2. A

    Multiple criteria lookup and add

    Hi everyone, I really need some help as my brain has popped! I have a spreadsheet with three tabs. One is a dashboard to bring together values from the other two. The purpose is to calculate the quantity of items per county so I can determine volumes needed for storage. The sheets are...
  3. alm395

    Filter Report based on Dates

    Attached is an extremely condensed version of a report that I have to run monthly. Yesterday I was asked if the Master page could be filtered based on a date range, instead of the full data from the start date through the date the report is updated. I have added a "Start Date" and "End Date"...
  4. W

    VBA to Vlookup from another workbook into multiple tabs

    I have a master workbook with a bunch of question and answers (Columns A-B) and I receive excel questionnaires that have several tabs of questions to answer (questions in column A, blanks for answers in column B). To save time, I am looking for a macro code to add to the blank questionnaire to...
  5. M

    Finding Duplicates across Multiple Tabs

    I'm trying to label rows as "Duplicate" in Column Q if i have a duplicate phone number in Column G across multiple tabs. I'm struggling with the formula. So far, I have: =IF(COUNTIFS($G$8:$G$2020, G8, 'FW 4'!$G$8:$G$2020, G8),>1,"Duplicated","") But it's not recognizing the second Criteria...
  6. G

    VBA: Use loops to copy a groups of worksheets into multiple workbooks

    Hello, I created a macro that uses a counter to create 3 worksheets for each country included in a data tab. The data tab can have a variable number of countries, so the macro counts the number of countries and creates a Cover Sheet, Expense Sheet, and Income Sheet for each country (e.g. the...
  7. C

    Sumif across multiple tabs

    I want to create a working document which will compare sales data LFL Multiple sets of data needs to be imported on a weekly basis on separate tabs, i.e WK01, WK02, WK01LY, WK02LY, etc. The layout of these sheets will always be identical. Rather than having to repeat formula's 52 times on...
  8. N

    Sumif over multiple tabs and rows

    Help please..... I have a workbook that has say 100nr tabs Each tab has a row that under Column A will have the wording "Total Hrs". From column B onwards (working towards the right) will be the sum of these hours, so B will have a total, C will have a total and so on. Problem - the "row"...
  9. K

    VBA to send Access tables to individual worksheets in Excel...

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was some VBA code that could be used to send tables from Access to multiple tabs to an existing Excel document? Or create a new document. I suppose either would work. Please and thank you. Also posted in Excel forum here...
  10. A

    Find match through multiple workbooks and tabs and copy a cell's value to a another one

    Hello everyone, I was searching through the forum for a solution on using Index/Match but I didn't manage to find one solving my problem. I have two excel documents. The one of them contains information about participants of a quiz. Each week I have to retrieve the participants of the quiz and...
  11. M

    Macro to Import Multiple CSV files into specific Excel tabs

    Hello, I have a project that I'm hoping to get help with. I need to import multiple CSV files into specific Macro Enabled Workbook that already has uniquely named Worksheet tabs. I have code to do this for 1 CSV file into 1 worksheet tab. However I have 7 CSV files (always the same CSV file...
  12. G

    Existing Pivot Table need to extract data from multiple tabs

    Hi Excel Gurus I currently have an existing Pivot table. I have been looking on line to find a way to have the existing pivot table to look into multiple tabs. I already have the tabs named. The only thing I found at this point is how to create one from scratch. However, I don't want to do it...
  13. R

    VBA to convert three tabs to csv and add to email attachment

    This is a big ask, but could anyone please help me find a macro to accomplish the following task? I have a workbook that has 3 tabs with information to be uploaded in a 3rd party software. They will need to be uploaded into csv format and need to be save for records. I would like to use...
  14. E

    Need help with Excel to link cells across multiple tabs?

    Hi, I need to link cells over multiple sheets but they must be allocated to a specific sheet according to certain criteria. So in Sheet1 <Renamed to 'General'> I have Columns : A(Farm Code) B(Inc/Exp code) C(Description) etc etc. Row example 1 101 Milk Income etc etc Now in...
  15. N

    How to replace several old values with new values on multiple tabs?

    I have a bit more than hundred tabs and want to clean the data on those tabs. Some values are written in multiple ways. If I do not want to find & replace all old values one by one on all tabs, how can I find old value and replace them with new values at once, if I create a new tab with old...
  16. A

    Combining multiple excel sheets from multiple workbooks into one table

    Hello, I have 12 excel 2010 workbooks with 6 tabs each that I need to combine into one table using either PowerQuery or PowerPivot. I could do it manually, but that would take a few hours and it's not really efficient, so I have been trying to figure out a way to do it using one of the BI tools...
  17. T

    efficient code to move group of cells from one tab to another

    hey guys, I have a tab that has main info. The tab has the code below to filter out and create new sheets based on a word. I am trying to get certain cells from the output to be placed in corresponding cells within other tabs instead of random sheets. how can I have the data go from the main...
  18. T

    Loop through column extract data paste to matching tab

    I have 4 tabs of different #'s 201, 202, 203, 204 In a master tab I am dumping data... I have a suite column that has suite #'s and dates Each of the 4 suites and their dates are in this master data list. I am trying to get a macro that will loop through column and insert each suite and its...
  19. B

    VBA IF Loop Help

    I'm having a bit of trouble with a macro. The code is supposed to first check to see if a certain parameter called 'Setup' is True or False and then checks each sheet for the value of R43 if 'Setup' is True or R44 if 'Setup' is False. If the value in R43 or R44 is True the code highlights a cell...
  20. B

    Sum across multiple sheets with 2 way look up

    I am looking for a way to populate a summary table. I export multiple sources of data, which all have the same information but arranged in a different way. The constant would be the date that I keep on the far left. So what I am looking for is a way to use the date then look up the column...

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