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  1. G

    Copying multiple tabs in a workbook to one master sheet

    Hi I have a workbook that contains numerous tabs. Each tab is a new vendor and contains information in a table format. Every tab/table is the same. I would like to find an easier way to get all of the data into one sheet rather than copying the table from sheet 2 paste into cell A1 of sheet 1...
  2. J

    Combining multiple tabs into one worksheet

    Hi there! I have multiple tabs - all formatted the same. I'd like to combine all of my tabs onto one master sheet. Each tab contains payroll data for that period. I would like all periods to show up on one sheet. Thank you!
  3. J

    Multiple Tabs into One

    I have a massive amount of data in an excel spreadsheet that spans about 500 different tabs. How can I consolidate those into one single tab without the copy paste function which would take an entire working day for me?
  4. S

    Best filtering / replication method of data from one tab to others (used for student records)

    I am using Excel to store database items for university classes. Each class has 4 groups each with a TA (teaching assistant). There are about 30 students / class. Each group has 7 to 9 students. Every week there are 2 or 3 scores for each student. Every month there are an additional 2 or 3...
  5. V

    Multiple Tab Lookup??

    Hi, I have put together a spreadsheet that shows all the holidays booked for the people in my department with each month on a separate tab. I am also in the process of creating a central shared spreadsheet where anyone can go in and have access to this information, I would like to know if there...
  6. W

    Return multiple points of data

    Hello All: I am looking to extract data (k-12 registration data) from a large spreadsheet and parse it out to smaller tabs (by grade levels). I've tried reverse engineering a formula from Mr. Excel YouTube #789, but I can't seem to wrap my head around the formula. For example: Student ID |...
  7. C

    SUMPRODUCT formula not working URGENT

    Hi all The formula =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&"Tabs"&"'!A:A"),$B$348,INDIRECT("'"&"Tabs"&"'!S:S"))) is not working, it returns #REF Tabs range is defined as =OFFSET('Tab List'!$A$1,0,0,COUNTA('Tab List'!$A:$A),1) Can I reference entire columns in SUMPRODUCT??? I have to do this really...
  8. D

    Graph Cell B2 on Multiple Tabs, New tabs added weekly (Excel 2007)

    I currently receive a report every week on maintenance costs. Each week a new tab is made with the total costs for that week. I would like to make separate sheet that takes the weekly total every week and adds it to the data list for graphing. I am assuming there are 2 parts to this. I would...
  9. R

    Problem with Sumifs and Multiple Criteria

    Hello, I currently have a workbook where I have two tabs. The second tab is a copy/paste from an export where the columns will remain the same though the length may differ. I have the following formula that works great for getting the hours an employee worked on a certain project. =SUMIF('ADP...
  10. B

    Urgent help with lookup between 2 sheets

    I have a sheet that has day-wise data. Each day in September has one tab and they are named as Setember1, September2 etc. I wish to consolidate the data in a second sheet where there is a column with dates from 9/1/2011 through 9/30/2011 by using vlookup. =VLOOKUP(R[-2]C,'[Website...
  11. J

    SUMPRODUCT multiple tabs and multiple columns for text

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to this whole Excel thing, but now I have a huge headache trying to figure this puppy out, so any help you can offer would be awesome. I have an excel sheet with 6 tabs, all containing different data, some text and some numerical. I need to perfect this formula to...
  12. F

    Excel calendar

    I would like to take a list from one tab and display that information into a calendar on a second tab as well as highlight those dates using conditional formatting. The tasks will always remain the same, but the dates will be variable. For example List: Task Start Date End Date Task 1...
  13. G

    pivot with tabs for multiple locations

    Quick question about pivot tables. I have an Excel Spreadsheet with multiple tabs (for various locations) with revenue detail for a 12 month period. I would like to distribute the tabs to their respective managers but would like to remove the option for them to select other locations. I want...
  14. L

    Pulling Worksheet Data from Many Tabs

    Not exactly sure what this is called or what is needed, so I apologize in advance if there is a thread devoted to it (please direct me to it if that be the case!). But what I am trying to do is populate one worksheet (in the same workbook) with data from many (ie 500) separate tabs. An example...
  15. kyaba

    VLookups across tabs in the same worksheet

    Hi I am a newbie to Mr.Excel and have a question about VLookups across tabs in the same worksheet. I am trying to do the following: • Look up values in a data dump and pull values by unique identifier to populate cells in another tab. • There can be multiple values for the same unique...
  16. D

    Creating multiple hyperlinks at once

    I have a spreadsheet where each tab is a department and on each sheet, there is a list of employees and their salary histories. On the first tab, I need a list of every employees name. When you click on a particular name, it goes to that employees name on the appropriate tab. I know that I...
  17. Talon52

    Comparison Problem with Averages

    I am trying to come up with a spreadsheet that has 1 page of sales from 6/18/07-8/16/07 (43 days), with 3 rows beneath each column: Row 45=Total (=Sum(b2:b44)), Row 46=Average (=Average(b2:b44)), and Row 47=Average + 10% (=Sum(b46+(b46*.1))). The next page has a daily input from 6/16/08-8/15/08...

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