multiple values

  1. A

    Find multiple values

    Hello, I have a workbook with multiple sheets. In the first sheet there are (among others) some values (~500) which I need to search if they exist and where in the other sheets. In a few words I need the "Find" function for multiple values.
  2. H

    Return multiple values in vba

    How to return multiple values in vba? What to use index or any other function
  3. Q

    Conditional Formula with Mult Conditions and Mult returned Values (Text)

    Hello, So I am a Newbie to this forum and have read several of the post but have not been able to find the answer to my issue. I am trying to create an IF/AND formula to score a students' assessment Student is assessed in three fields and received one score for each field. Final score is a...
  4. S

    Look up that Returns Multiple Values

    Hi, Not sure if this can be done (either via formulas or a macro). Please see example by clicking the link below. Thanks for any help that anyone may be able to provide!
  5. C

    Lookup multiple values with 1 lookup reference

    Hi, I am really struggling with a way round this, will try to explain as simply as possible: - I want to find the monthly revenue generated by different contracts for my company. Each contract has a reference number (this is the unique ID/lookup). - Since monthly revenue reports are not...
  6. M

    Return multiple values with multiple criteria and array formula

    I have this formula and it works great. But now I find that I need a 2nd criteria to keep from getting duplicate rows. I need for 'Raw NimSoft'!F:F="*Client" in addition to the 'Raw NimSoft'!D:D="QOS_VMWARE_DATASTORE_CAPACITY_GB" already in the formula. Here is my working formula. It simply...
  7. epardo87

    repeated values in cloumn A, return if column B=X at least in one row

    Hello there, So I have: column A where a value can be repeated unlimited times column B can vary between X or Y Column C is where the formula needs to go: If value in column A contains an "X" in column B, in any of the rows where it appears, then "OK" I'd really appreciate your help...
  8. A

    Index Match to find multiple matches in a column

    Hello, I have figured out how to compare and search two columns to return a corresponding value, but there are multiple values that may match, and I am unable to collect the multiple values. The headings I am searching are below: Full Name (this is the column I am searching - Column A)...
  9. M

    return multiple corresponding values horizontally using multiple lookup values (with duplicates)

    Hi All, I'm looking for some guidance on a lookup question that I just can't seem to find a solution for. I originally posted this to a thread called 'Return multiple corresponding values using multiple lookup values' but I was not able to get what I needed from it so I've reposted a new thread...
  10. M

    Display found results in MsgBox

    Hello everyone. I have an issue I really can't get my head around. I have a Sheet called "Crediteuren" with all creditors of my company, containing the following information: Col A: Name creditor Col B: Number creditor Col C: Category Col D: Contact person Col E: E mail address Col F...
  11. B

    Countif using certain criteria to identify an average

    Hi, I am doing a price comparison and want to add a field for average price. However not all fields are populated on every row so cannot simply add up and divide by total. Therefore I am trying to do a countif to show only populated cells. I cannot use simply countif >0 as I have another cell...
  12. L

    Return a value based on multiple variables

    I'm working on a spreadsheet and I want to return a specific value based on different variables. In column D the user can select from two different values (Simp or Audit), then in column H they can select one of 3 values (Val1, Val2 or Val3). Based on what is selected in these 2 columns I want...
  13. I

    How to use VBA for vlookup to return multiple values (code inside)

    So my excel have tens of thousands of rows and some of them contain the same information. For example, there are part numbers that we get from multiple suppliers so I would like to use a code to find the multiple suppliers(if a part number has one). Here is my code ( actually I got this online...
  14. A

    Delete rows based on multiple columns

    Hi guys, I can't find a code that suits my needs, so I come to ask for your help. The basic idea I want to achieve is to have unique data in my sheet, but it's a bit more complicated then a basic RemoveDuplicates. There are some if's and but's I will try to explain as clear as I can. Col. A...
  15. U

    Multiple criterias in VBA SplitLookup

    Hello all! Any ideas how to modificate below code to search using two criterias, first as it is from CSV column, and second single value from another? Function SplitLookup(myTxt As String, myTable As Range, myColumn As Integer) As String arrValues = Split(myTxt, ",") For Each Item In arrValues...
  16. R

    Excel: Return multiple corresponding values for multiple lookup values

    Hello, I'm sorry if this question has been asked already but I've been looking for an answer for a while to no avail. I would like to know how to lookup multiple values using multiple criteria. Let us say that in column A are last names, in column B are first names, and in column C are phone...
  17. F

    What formula to use to return multiple values?

    I have data that shows me what day and what DC a driver works out of. This issue is, the driver may have driven multiple times for the week and will show up in the data in multiple rows. I would like to use a formula so I can put it all in one row. All the INDEX, MATCH, SMALL formulas I have...
  18. E

    Macro to check if A#:F# on Sheet1 exists in another sheet, if not add to sheet

    Going to try to make this as brief and simple as possible. My workbook has 3 worksheets, each sheet's data starts at A4, columns are A:F. I'm trying to make my macro read Sheet1!A4:F4 as a single value, then check if it exists in either Sheet2 or Sheet3 (also A:F, not in a single cell)...
  19. F

    Return Multiple Values Horizontally - INDEX/IF/ROW/SMALL?

    I'm trying to set up a quick reference list and I need to list equipment across the page based on their status. - Column A lists what room the equipment is in. - An "X" in B indicates that the equipment is down. - C lists the name of the piece of equipment. <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 RM1...
  20. C

    multiple values in cells vlookup from table list

    Could someone help me what formula to use for below? I have values separated by commas in sheet 1 column A (about 500 rows of values) and I would like to have a formula that looks up any value in these cells from sheet 1 column A and if it matches with any value in sheet 2 column A (has about...

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