multiple values

  1. L

    Analyze SharePoint multiple values field in an Excel pivot table

    I have a SharePoint list with a Choice field that will allow multiple values. I would like to be able to analyze the data in an Excel pivot table. There are no problems exporting the SharePoint list to Excel, however when the Choice fields (that permit multiple values) are exported they are...
  2. J

    vlookup to return multiple values

    Hi, I have a database of customer data where I need to transfer out into individual tabs. In order to do this, I need to be able to use a vlookup and get all of the same customers in one group. e.g. Customer 1 Joe Bloggs Ltd Customer 2 Jane BLoggs Ltd Customer 1 Michael Bloggs Ltd I...
  3. ragnarok83

    VLookup - Multiple Return Values

    Hi, i've looked around the web for hours and hours and have as yet not found a solution that fits my requirements! When using VLookup, obviously it will return the first value it finds in the lookup range, however when I have duplicate rows, I require the various values to be returned, not...
  4. M

    conditional concatenate multiple values from row above

    so, I have what I imagine to be a simple and [I'm thinking what must be a] frequent problem ... I have two rows, one on top of the other ... top row is types of fruit [one per cell], lower row is simply "Y" or "N" depending on whether is like the fruit or not. what i want to do is, on a...
  5. R

    Help With Macro!

    Hi, I'd be indebted to anyone who can help me with some Macro problems i'm having. I have a Macro, which works perfectly, for deleting any row where a cell in the active column does not contain a value: Sub del_1() Do While Not IsEmpty(ActiveCell) If Not...

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