multiple workksheets

  1. C

    Dynamic Data Validation

    Hi All is it possible to do a dynamic validation list using data from multiple sheets. I have a front page and 4 identical sheets, just with different sheets names. I need to be able to have the list of all names in B3:B75 from each sheet in 1 list, also needs to ignore any blanks. Working on...
  2. J

    Formula will not automatically adjust when adding/removing rows?

    I could use some help with this formula...
  3. S

    Excel VBA - Help code scroll button to hide rows in multiple Sheets.

    -Excel 2013 -Windows 7 Professional I would like my scroll button to hide the same rows in specific Worksheets. I'm new to VBA so I used the Record Macro trick, however the constant switching the screen does causes the application to freeze. I wrote the code to the point where it hides the...
  4. C

    Extract a column of text from 290 sheets

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum. I have been tasked with compiling data from the same column in many sheets (290). -The sheets are all in the same workbook and have an incremental name (SO17000-SO17290). -The column contains data that looks like this: 6129/110 I need to compile...
  5. J

    Link Access Database to Multiple Undefined excel worksheets in A FOLDER

    Hell, I have a folder at the following link where we keep monthly summary reports of all orders placed - each month a new report for that month's orders is added. Is it possible to create an access database and link it to ALL EXCEL FILES within A FOLDER. As new reports are added to this...
  6. M

    VBA to insert picture into multiple worksheets relative to Print_area

    I want to be able to insert a picture into each worksheet of a workbook, but I don't want the picture in a cell, I want it in a location relative to the Print_area (as the number of columns changes in each ws) The picture can be the same size in each ws, but just needs to be located in the top...
  7. J

    Insert Rows and Drag Formulas Down on Multiple Sheets - VBA

    Hello, I am attempting to get my code to loop through all worksheets that begin with "Labor BOE", find all numbers in column A (beginning in row 2), insert that many rows below the cell with the number, and then drag the formulas down. For example, if cell A10 = 3, then I need 3 rows to be...
  8. J

    Loop through multiple sheets - Run-time error '13': Type mismatch

    Hello, I am receiving a "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch" when I adjusted my code to loop through all worksheets beginning with "Labor BOE" instead of just the specific worksheet I was working on. Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is occurring and how to fix it? The goal of the code...
  9. J

    Unable to loop through all worksheets with my code :(

    Hello, I am teaching myself VBA (with a lot of help from MrExcel) and I am running into an issue when I attempt to expand my macro to more than one worksheet. I have successfully tested the code below, which searches column A - and when it finds a number, in column A, it inserts that many rows...
  10. R

    Copy cell from other worksheet cell based on values in that worksheet's column

    Sorry guys but I don't even know how to search forums for this specific request. Here goes.... Purpose: Create an organic sheet to track who is assigned what equipment spread across multiple cells. This needs to function regardless of which filtered column is re-sorted at any given time...
  11. A

    Excel Macro to Copy data from multiple worksheets to master sheet..please help.

    Hi I need help in writing a macro to copy information from multiple worksheets into one master worksheet, within the same workbook. I have multiple worksheets which are my sales invoices, and a master sheet where I would like to copy all the line items from my invoices, including the invoice...
  12. C

    I need to create a macro that will copy information in specific cells, then paste it into specific cells in another workbook? Is this possible?

    The workbook that I am starting in is called "Rachael" The workbook that I am trying to copy into is called "Jessica" This workbook has two tabs that I need to paste into “Summary” and “Summary Fall” The range that I need to copy the information into is: X 8:61 - "Summary"...
  13. A

    VBA for Page Setup for Multiple Worksheets

    Can someone let me know if I am taking the best approach? I have a workbook with 24 worksheets, all requiring unique bottom margins and scale settings. I need the users to print and create pdf versions of the worksheets they use with a consistent appearance so I plan to apply a Private Sub for...
  14. A

    find values under 20% across worksheets and list said worksheets

    I would like my Macro to go into all works sheets and look at the last row of I matching todays date and if this value is under 20% then to paste the name of that worksheet back into the master worksheet allowing a quick overview of under performing data. I think I have got the selection...
  15. C

    VBA to consolidate data from selected multiple worksheets in a different workbook

    Hi, I have 2 files. One file is the source of data and the other file is for extraction of the data and analysis. In the first file, I have many worksheets, but I would like to consolidate the data from worksheets, which contains "production" in the worksheet name. The destination of the...

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