1. V

    Multiple csv file importer

    Hello, I am trying to come up with a macro that imports multiple csv files to different sheets and using the name of the file as the sheet name. I also need to be able to select the delimiter and also Consecutive delimiters. I have found 2 variants, one that imports multiple files but does not...
  2. D

    Copy and Paste Multiple Times

    I just want to know why I am the Visual Basic Applications (VBA) script isn't working as it should be. I am trying to copy and paste multiple tables, depending on the value I put into cell E1. I've used this code here: Sub CopyMulti() Range("A3:D19").Copy Range("E15").Resize(14 *...
  3. M

    Lookup across multiple columns

    Hello I'm new to the forum and look forward to your insights I have the weight band in column D and want to look up the prices in columns E to J how do I return the right price for each row? See below <tbody> Weight (lbs) Weight Band A B C D E F 167 A 156.53 126.79 107.98 90.78 78.94...
  4. L

    VBA create string array

    Hi Guys I have 3 columns A2:C10 where i put an Id in ie 12345 now some cells could have blanks, an Id or multiple Ids separated by a comma what i want to be able to do is if the cell has an id or multiple ids then create a string like this <found> for some reason its lost my string concat it...
  5. HappyChappy

    Opening multiple workbooks

    Hi would it be feasible to be able to open a workbook then by running a macro import the first sheet from multiple workbooks book1 book2 book3 book4 book5 book6 book7 add them into the open workbook and rename them sheet 1 to 7
  6. B

    Index/match multiple criteria, multiple results

    I need to review a list of data and return all of the matches based on 2 criteria and cannot figure out the entire formula. Below is what I have now but it only matches 1 criteria: "CASH IN IMPORT'!$R$5. How on earth do I add a second criteria, which would be column B of sheet '3.INT' matching...
  7. H

    Multiple Range Copy

    Hi - I have this code to copy rows to another sheet. I thought I could extend the range by add this code. But no, any suggestions on how I include the extra columns in the copy range? Tried this ws1.Range((ws1.Cells(thisRowA, "B"), ws1.Cells(thisRowA, "H")), (ws1.Cells(thisRowA, "K")...
  8. S

    How to Link your Access DB to Sharepoint?

    I have never attempted this before. But, is there a way to place your Access DB on SharePoint, but have it linked to where it saved in the folder its linked to? Also, multiple users should be able to open it correct?
  9. A

    Sum Multiple Columns Index Match Matrix

    How can I write a formula that will sum the value from multiple columns using an index match matrix based approach? The formula below will work when there is only one column that has the "OC_TECH" value, but I want to sum both values if "OC_TECH" occurs as a column header more than once. for...
  10. W

    Passive / indirect formula calculation and data copy - without VBA?

    Hi Guys, i just completed my registration as I guess you are playing the Championsleague of Excel, so I think it is the best place for a special question. Think about a workbook having 2 sheets, the first sheet has multiple lines meaning multiple records with the same structure. The columns...
  11. B

    Concatenate Multiple Rows until Non-Blank in Adjacent Column

    Hello I would like a macro that works through a long worksheet, set up as follows: Column A: product code (3-digit code) Column B: notes about product (free text - can span multiple rows due to character limits) Column A is blank in the rows where the data in column B has spilled onto...
  12. H

    Index / Match with random multiple rows

    I have a worksheet called Data. Each row relates to a customer repair. In column C is a part number (3 digit). There are many different part numbers distributed on different rows. If the customer rings to chase the repair the user puts an X in column S against that customer, so there can be...
  13. H

    selecting and naming multiple workbooks from listbox

    Hi - i'm using the code below to show open workbooks which the user can then select one. How do I update the code to allow the user to select multiple workbooks and how do I name them? Code in a Module Dim WB As Workbook For Each WB In Workbooks UserForm5.ListBox1.AddItem WB.Name...
  14. willow1985

    Help with if formula with multiple conditions

    i am hoping someone can help me with an IF formula that has multiple conditions. I have tried a few different ways but still I cannot get it to work. What I require is if A2="0" then return a blank if L2 ="0" then return a blank If A2>L2 return "Late" If A2 is <=L2 then return "on time"...
  15. K

    Sumproduct Binary - multiple criteria in the same range

    I need to sum deposits for each account number for deposits that have valid codes. I've tried SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT, and run into the same problem of setting criteria to a range of values (E2:E6). Here is where i'm at from a SUMPRODUCT path: =SUMPRODUCT(--($A:$A=$G2),--($C:$C=$E$2:$E$6),$B:$B)...
  16. R

    How do I copy a formula to multiple cells and only change one reference cell but not others?

    I am trying to copy the following formula that has multiple If Statements referencing multiple other cells for the desired results and only the first cell referenced but not the follow 3 cells referenced in the desired results. =IF(A2=1,'Team 1'!B13,IF(A2=2,'Team 2'!B13,IF(A2=3,'Team 3'!B13...
  17. O

    Vlookup with variable lookup value

    Hello, Is it possible for a VLOOKUP to have a multiple lookup value. For example: =VLOOKUP(A1,'Data'!$A$1:$D$1000,2,FALSE) If the lookup value in A1 is empty it can look at a different lookup value in A2? Thanks in advance, Chris
  18. P

    VLOOKUP to return from multiple columns from another workbook

    Hi Does anyone know how i can return multiple column using VLOOKUP in a new workbook? I have tried this off the net but it won't work. =VLOOKUP(A3,[Parks and Leisure Sites.xlsx]Sheet1'!$A:$F,{2,3,4,5},FALSE) Thanks Ernie
  19. C

    If statement

    Good morning everyone, I hope someone can helps with this one, I have the following formula(copied down through rows etc) =IF(D2=G2,"ok",IF(D2>G2,"Supplier MPQ higher","Check pack multiple")) to return a simple text answer, but what I wish to modify this (if possible) to show that t if G2 is...
  20. B

    Formula help needed

    So, I have a several locations. Lets say Phoenix, Goodyear, Avondale. For each location, they could have a number; 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Keep in mind, the location and numbers can be listed multiple times on this sheet. So what I need is, for the Location of Phoenix, what is the total amount for...

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