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    How to Replace blank cell with specific value

    I want program for below condition 1. filter to column "D" for blank . 2. Replace all blank cell in column "D" with Not OK. 3. Clear Filter . 4. filter to column "D" for Not OK. 5. filter to column "A" for Pending. 6. Replace all these pending As Pending - Not OK Example is Row Data <style...
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    Power BI Visualisation Filter issue

    Hi Everyone, I Have a following table from which i created my Power BI Dashboard. <tbody> Table:-1 City Product Revenue Mumbai Desktop 953774 Mumbai Keyboard 793440 Chennai Laptop 391087 Kolkata Mouse 188533 Delhi Keyboard 943413 Mumbai Laptop 317314 Chennai CFL 157082...
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    VBA # How to store list

    Hello, I would like to know if in VBA I can store list of a specific data summary to use in any other or new open worksheet. I am using below mentioned type of list for the every report i need to prepare, I just copy paste it from any available excelsheet but is there any shortcut to save this...
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    Register: ModelOff APAC Meetups 2015 (AUS, IND, HK, SG)

    This May and June, the ModelOff Team is traveling around APAC to hold local networking events - and you are invited to join the celebrations! Six FREE drinks networking events will be held in Melbourne (May 26), Sydney (May 27), Singapore (June 9), Bangalore (June 10), Hong Kong (June 11) and...

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