mutiple criteria

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    Drop Down List

    Good Day my brave excell'ers! I have a sheet (Sheet2) with the list below [Sheet2] <tbody> a b c 1 Bob obs tech 2 mark nav elec 3 john tac mech </tbody> On [Sheet1] I'd like to have a Drop-Down list in A1, then when a name is selected it populates (B and C) with the relevant...
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    Lookup multiple values with multiple criteria, fill horizontally by header category

    Hello friends, a long time lurker-first time poster. This place has saved my *** on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, I have now spent days looking for a solution without much luck and felt compelled to ask my first question. The problem at hand is this. I have a list of employees (by ID) and...
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    Formula Needed for Counting Users within a Specific Date Range

    Hi I have the following data and need to get a count of how many times a user has attended the lab within a specific date range. Can someone help me out with this please? As an example, how can I get the count of 3 if I select the date range of 4/3/2017 to 4/8/2017. I will have the user input...
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    Help Modify code to allow multiple criteria

    Hi i was wondering if someone can edit this code so I can search by 3 criteria instead of one. Also if 1 or criteria are chosen it will give me those results aswell. This macro works perfectly just missing 2 more criteria. The video below gives me a way to add a second filter but only if both...
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    Matching 2 Criterias that change in a loop

    Hi All I currently have a piece of code that matches 1 criteria and updates my tracker. I would like now to introduce a second criteria to the match statement. My current code is: Sub UpdateTracker() Dim Mast As Worksheet Dim HOP As Worksheet Set Mast = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(4) Set HOP =...
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    Index & Match Function with Multiple References and Multiple Solutions

    Hi, I'm attempting to find a solution to the overcome the problem of having multiple solutions when using an array function with index and match functions. To start, here is a data set example (A1:C7): <style>table { }td { padding-top: 1px; padding-right: 1px; padding-left: 1px...
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    Sum after matching multiple criteria

    Hello, I am trying to get a total after searching multiple columns and rows in a table. The columns are the categories and the rows are the different and unique data. What method would be most effective to scan down a row for a unique identifier then move on to the next column to search for...
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    Multiple Criteria

    I'm trying to make a formula that will calculate with two criteria. It keeps giving me an error. =if(A1=90,B1+C1,"0"),(A1>90,B1+D1,"0") Thanks for any assistance, Tmoske
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    Muliple criteria lookup using VBA

    Gurus, I have been struggling with this problem for several hours... and I am guessing someone has a very basic script that takes care of my problem and is much cleaner. To this point I am able to generate a snippet of what I am trying to create with the following script... Sub LookUp1()...

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