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    Error 4605 - this method or property is not available because the document is locked for editing

    This is to copy a range from Excel and send by email. Application.ScreenUpdating = FalseDim Rng As Range Dim xInspect As Object Dim pageEditor As Object Set myApp = New Outlook.Application Set myMail = myApp.CreateItem(olMailItem) Set sh3 = Sheet2 sh3.Unprotect Set Rng =...
  2. G

    Multiple attachments to send in outlook at one shot

    Hi everyone, Here i am trying to send multiple attachments at one shot but as i compiled and check its exiting at the point of attachment at the send time Any one suggest me with what changes i should do???? Here is my code Sub Mail() Dim myApp As Outlook.Application, mymail As...
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    Sending mail from excel data to GMAILS using VBA Script

    Hello Guru’s I would require your help on below requirement. I am new in VBA script this is my first attempt. Currently am sending mails one by one with manual change in below code. Now I am planning to change code in automation way. I have excel with data as below. <tbody> SNO Name Mail ID...
  4. W

    VBA / Outlook run time error

    Context The code below allows or me to send an email once I click submit. It works fine on Microsoft Excel 2010 but gives a 'run time error 287' on Microsoft Excel 2013 - Please help!! :) Dim myApp As Outlook.Application, myMail As Outlook.MailItem Set myApp = New Outlook.Application Set...
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    VBA. How to .display CDO.message and attach the active Excel Workbook?

    I have a code using CDO.message in VBA to send email from excel through Gmail. I can successfully send emails and also attach different files. BUT! 1. I want to be able see/edit email before sending it! If i am not mistaken ".display" does not work for CDO.message. Any other way to get around...
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    How to .Display CDO.Message before sending it ???

    Hi everyone! I am trying to connect excel to gmail via VBA. I did it and macro successfully sends the email. BUT! I want to see and be able to edit the email with attachment if necessary! I know that you cannot display CDO.message but maybe there is a way around/past that ??? Here is my code...
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    Have a gmail vba is it possible to add a range of cells into text body?

    Hi Everyone, I have this Vba that send an email via gmail works great, however in the text body i'd like to add the data from "Sheet Data1 range B5:J15" but make it look like the excel so include the grid So the message would look a bit like this Hi, <tbody> And this...

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