1. J

    An easier way than this to SQL update ?

    Hi, i have the following which works but is there an easier way if the worksheet data matches the table? ie same no of columns as with 20+ columns to update it gets tedious typing it all out. Sub updateSQL() Application.ScreenUpdating = False var1 = Sheet3.Range("A2") Set cnn =...
  2. J

    Checking if a record exists already before using SQL INSERT ?

    Hi, not sure if this fits into the excel category but its what im using with ADODB Sub insertSQL() Application.ScreenUpdating = False var1 = Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A1") Set cnn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") cnn.Open MyConn Rw = 2 For i = 2 To Rw val1...
  3. G

    How-To Convert Excel's 'ERF' function into a MySQL Function

    Anyone know how to convert Excel's 'ERF' function into a MySQL Function? Any help would be much appreciated. Apologizes in advance if this is a the wrong forum. In a jam and need some help! Thank you!!!
  4. M

    Using ADO to add date to another workbook

    I'm using ADO to connect one workbook to another and then update certain fields. This works with no issue with the exception of dates. The workbook being updated has a "Timestamp" column formatted as "yyyy-mm-dd." No matter what I try, the update fails when the SQL is run with the error...
  5. J

    Need help with SQL query UPDATE from worksheet

    Hi, i used the following methods on this page to update an access table from excel (ADODB) but unsure the best or correct way to update an SQL table I have the following code: Sub SQLquery1() var1 =...
  6. L

    Excel VBA connection to MYSQL using Transactions

    I need to write to multiple tables in my MySql database from excel (possibly 20 plus). I will be needing to use PK of certain tables i update as FK of others. I would really like to use Transactions to insure all information is update and if something errors out for any reason then i can...
  7. N

    vba and MySql

    Hello, is it possible to query (select) a mySql database (WordPress) with VBA ? and if so, how ? do I need to install some driver or somthing else ? Thanks !
  8. J

    How do i use Thisworkbook.path with this VBA

    Hi, i have some code which works fine with a set URL but i want to substitute it to use the workbook path ThisWorkbook.Path & "\MYDB\DATABASE1.mdb" the code below Sub getData1() dat1 = Range("I2").Value MYSQL = "SELECT * FROM `C:\test\MYDB\DATABASE1.mdb`.TABLE1 TABLE1WHERE TABLE1.EDAT="...
  9. L

    Excel vba combobox and mysql

    Hello, Can someone please help me I need to populate a combobox with data from mysql via vba how can i accomplish that. I'm not using a userform just a simple combobox. Thanks
  10. C

    Connect to a database without a driver

    Hello, I have question regarding downloading data from database in MySQL to Excel. For my colleagues I want to make application in Excel that connects to my tables in MySQL and download data. They will need to install my add-in and I do not want to bother them with installation of ODBC driver...
  11. C

    Connect to MySQL without ODBC

    Hello, I have question regarding downloading data from database in MySQL to Excel. For my colleagues I want to make application in Excel that connects to my tables in MySQL and download data. They will need to install my add-in and I do not want to bother them with installation of ODBC driver...
  12. M

    How VBA connect MySQL database and run a simple query

    I need to use Excel VBA connect MySQL database and run a simple query to get a count(*) from one table. But I don't know how to create a connection and run this query. Would anyone please help? Simple query just like below: select Count(*) from Table1 where is not null;
  13. D

    Stuck on ADODB.connection MySQL

    Hi, I am completely stuck on this one, any help will be appreciated. I have a code which is supposed to do inserts/updates in database. I have connected to database using both (one commented out): Sub SQLConnection() Dim oConn As ADODB.Connection Set oConn = New ADODB.Connection...
  14. L

    pivot from MySQL does not show data if there is a field containing "="

    Hi, a pivot is retrieving data from a MySQL dB in the cloud. but if it encounters in a field a value "=", then all following colomns remain blank. pls see below Columnrow V14 = "=" and columns W..AE are blank though there is data in the MySQL. Much appreciated if you could help me out. Cheers, T
  15. M

    Excel To MySql : MySql drivers failed to install

    Hi Xcel gurus, I have a workbook which connecting to Mysql and getting data (In Pivot) no issues. Plan is to distribute this Workbook to my team so that they can able to see LIVE updates by Mysql. Issue : while testing, I have given this workbook to one of my team mate, and he is unable to...
  16. jdsouza

    Shift Local MS Access database file to Web Server

    I have an Excel project which uses MS ACCESS for data storage. Works fine. The issue is that ... The project is used by multiple persons in multiple locations, making synchronization of data tedious (each one has to export what they have done via proprietary files and similarly import changes...
  17. M

    Error connecting to MySQL using VBA (3709 error)

    Hi all, Below is a code that will run every time a particular excel file is opened in order to block unauthorized access. For this the idea is to check the motherboard serial of the computer and verify if it is registered in a mysql database. If it is not registered it closes the file and...
  18. O

    MySQL to Excel

    Good day ! We have MySQL database where we update our data. Basically it is product database. But we also need to import data from there to Excel. I have used csv import so far and it works ok, but have some problems.. With that Excel sheet we like to color code some rows. ie. we look...
  19. L

    Retrieve 'message' from MySQL when executing command through VBA - espcially when doing InFile

    I think my Title has described my problem just fine. I do an InFile and want to know if there is any warnings or errors. How do I get the 'message' from MySQL into a VBA variable? I do a regular oconn.execute(qry) Thanks in advance! Lasse
  20. V

    How to Make a CSV with HTML content EXPORTABLE to MYSQL - CSV_LOADDATA [self solved]

    I could not solve the above task, and i wanted to post a query on excel forum. But then i thought lets try once more changing delimiter AND I CAME BACK WITH SOLUTION for MY OWN Task. Anyway here it is (what i typed here before)...

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