name box

  1. A

    Name Range across multiple (200+) sheets

    Hi, I have an excel workbook with 200+sheets of data tables. I need to create a named range for each table. That is for each table, I go in and highlight a range - say A22:S50 and then name it Table1, Table2 in the name box or I can do this for name manager. Is there a way to automate this...
  2. M

    Selecting a range using name box

    So I'm using the Name Box and Defined Named Ranges as an index to jump around to different areas on my worksheet. I have noticed that some of the ranges, when selected via the name box, will put the top left cell of the range at the top left position on the screen (like cell A1 is on a new...
  3. S

    Name box value is not in Name Manager

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with 3 tables which are named. These are displayed in the Formulas tab of the ribbon in Excel 2010, in the Name Manager. However, in addition to those three, another range name is displayed in the Name Box. There was unreadable information in this spreadsheet when I...
  4. Chris Macro

    Excel for Mac, Can't Rename Shapes/Pictures?!

    I'm running into an issue where I can't seem to figure out how to rename a shape within Excel for Mac. I am trying to use the Name Box and am hitting the ENTER key to confirm the name change, but it doesn't work!!! Anyone know how to accomplish this (seemingly) simple task? Thanks!
  5. R

    Highlighted range identifier shows as 10R x 3C instead of A1:C10

    Excel 2007 With reference to the Name Box to the left of the Formula Bar: All of a sudden when I highlight a range on screen with the mouse it gives an R1C1 type of display instead of the A1 type. For example, if I highlight A1:C10, it displays as 10R x 3C as long as I have the mouse button...
  6. J

    Keyboard Shortcut for Name Box

    Hi, I would like to have a keyboard shortcut which moves the cursor into the Name Box to: - enter a new name or address for selected range, - copy the address/name of selected range. Just like when you use mouse to reach the Name Box, it sets the focus and selects its content. I'm trying...
  7. R

    Continue macro on next row

    Hi there, I am new to VBA and have this code Sub Rename() 'Rename Range("F2:P2").Name = Range("B2") End Sub Can someone tell me how to progress this automatically to the next row eg: Range("F3:P3").Name = Range("B3') etc, and so on to say about 2000. Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance
  8. J

    Clean up Blank Pages

    I have a template which is 7 pages long, with a few page breaks, Each page has anywhere from 30-45 rows. Sometimes some of the pages in the middle do not need to be displayed so I hide them. I need to save the document as a pdf and then e-mail it as needed. I noticed that instead of being hidden...
  9. P

    Dynamic Named Ranges do not show up in the "Name Box"

    I just created a Dynamic Defined Named Range following this references: It works perfectly, except for the fact that the Named Range is not appearing in the "Name Box". The curious thing is that the named...
  10. B

    How to prevent somone from Changing the Name Range

    Hi, I have a excel workbook which has a number of name ranges within it which are regonized as part of a macro when it run. The problem i have is that when people fill it in they sometimes Cut&Paste cells over the named cell/range which causes the named range to be edited by the cell that...
  11. H

    Widening the "name box" - using API

    Sorry, a rookie, I know zip about the "API" and just need to know the steps to get this task done - please and thank you. Believe someone mentioned about widening The Defined Name Box (from ) How do I open and install the code listed there into the...
  12. W

    Cell value change macro

    Is there a way to send an email to a particular recipient if the value in a cell equals their name. For example, Four Names: JOSH, TIM, ALAN, RON. Alright, when an owner, let's say JOSH(in column A row 3) is changed to TIM, I would like to have a macro that automatically sends and email to TIM...
  13. F

    Excel Shortcut Key for Name Box

    I would like to be able to capture the cell address in the Name Box and use it as the beginning address of a range I want to copy. How do I get to the Name Box to copy that information?
  14. D

    data validation, vlookup or what??

    I have a cost estimation spreadsheet. I have cell A6 pull data validation name list of hardware from another sheet. Then I have cell B6 pull data vlaidation name list of software from another sheet. Then they calculate into another cell and it works wonderful. What I am trying to do now is...

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