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    Formula to create named cell

    I have a database export of item prices i want to import into another estimating program. This program requires the item prices to be in a named cell. I have a unique name in column A and want to create a named cell in column D with that name. Problem is i have 3000 rows and dont want to go...
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    Challenging: VBA to Combine (1) Naming Ranges with Another Range's Values; (2) Row & Column Loops; (Finding Last Row/Column)

    I have a lot of ranges I need to name. I want to use VBA to name every range in a column by referencing another column that contains the range names to be used. For instance, I want to name cell E3 (which has a value of 1) with the name in cell A3 (JillJan). Then, name cell E4 (which has a...
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    Macro to copy template, named based on cell value in order & allowing data to be added to original list

    Hi there, I'm a complete newbie at VBA, only looked at my first code this week! After searching many forums (thanks for your help everyone!) I have modified code to work somewhat. My macro currently copies a template and renames it based on data on my "estimate" sheet, what I need help with...
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    Add Names to Multiple Cells using Array

    I'd like to define names for 52 cells and do it with one array. I recorded the naming of one range and learned the .Names.Add Name:= notation so I'm wondering can that be combined with an array. I'm getting a 438 object error when I try the following - any ideas? Sub TestNameArray() With...
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    Looping through range names [VBA]

    Context: Medium skill VBA user - Old poster that lost it's previous email Hi, I’ve been coming across a VBA question that would simplify my codes and I can’t find the answer. Maybe you can help me out: Let’s say that I have three ranges that I have name in Excel: ARoot BRoot and CRoot. I...
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    Create Copy of template using macro and Name them as per list

    Hi, Having a tough time creating excel files with names mentioned in a list(150 +) every month. Sure someone has an answer to help me here. Here is the scenario: I have a macro enabled workbook "Database" which collates data from several file kept in the source folder and then format the same...
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    Variable-sized NAMEd range

    I have a column-vector that starts at a fixed row (NOT Row 1) and continues down to the last-used cell in that column. The number of used rows varies from time to time, getting either bigger or smaller according to needs. I have defined a Name for that vector and the name is used in several...
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    VBA to find Value, then Name Cell

    I want my code to do two things. 1) Locate the cells in Column A that have a certain value 2) Name the cells with that certain value All the values will be in Column A. The word I am searching for will appear three different times in the column. I need a code that will find those cells and name...
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    Referencing named cells from other rows in formulae

    Hi, everyone - new member with a first post. I am trying to solve a problem which doesn't really exist (story of my life!), but I like neatness in my Excel formulae and figure that there should be an easy way to achieve my objective in this instance. I have created a spreadsheet to document...
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    Full name

    Column B & column C contains NAMES. But they can be different in the sense either of the column may contain more no. of words which are only separated by 'a blank'. How to get the larger NAME? EX: Column B=PETER SHIRT Column C=PETER ENGLAND SHIRT Answer is Column D=PETER ENGLAND SHIRT
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    (Excel) Define several incremental cells' names at once

    Good morning folks! I am trying to rename a row of cells with incremental names. Ex. A1=Results1, A2=Results2, A3=Results3, ...., AN=ResultsN Of course, it can be done by setting names for each cell separately but it takes ages. I would like to know if this is possible to do that quickly...
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    Name Cells???

    Does anyone know if it is possible to have two cells/Ranges named the same thing in one Workbook (Two different Sheets)? If so how might I accomplish that. I want Cell "D1" on Sheet1 to be named "Test" and Cell "T17" on Sheet2 to be named "Test" as well. this doesn't have to be done in VBA...

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