name manager

  1. KC Cat

    Named range duplicated with worksheet duplication troubles

    I have a workbook with a summary worksheet that leverages a large data set that I pull down from accounting monthly. The monthly data pulls are preserved on individually named worksheets (e.g. Feb22AllTrans). I have 5 named ranges on the monthly worksheets that my summary worksheet points to...
  2. S

    Bulk Import Named Ranges

    Hi, I have a list of names and range references to load into name manager. Do you know if there is a way to import them in bulk. For reference I've tried create from selection but it can only store values not the range reference. Example of name to import Name_1...
  3. A

    Display image using Name Manager on a dynamic spilled range

    Hi all. I am new here, so apologies if I miss any conventions with making this post. I'm using Office 365, on Windows. Here is a link to a screen-recording of the spreadsheet/dashboard. (Unfortunately the screen-recording does not capture the drop-down list, for some reason, but you can clearly...
  4. K

    Dynamic print area formula only execute once in Name Manager

    I made an excel sheet with a dynamic print area formula in Name Manager in workbook A and it worked. Then I merged the sheet with another workbook B, copied the formula and now the formula is only running once. It is updating the print area to current area but afterwards when I chance the...
  5. S

    Show different worksheets with Camera Tool but the ability to edit data shown?

    Using this YouTube video as a guide I have created a Dashboard of sorts which has a Dropdown box and this shows data from numerous sources. The sources are mainly Pivot Tables but is there a way to actually edit whatever is being shown in the Camera...
  6. M

    Operation on a concatenated array

    Dear all, I would like to know if there is a way to use functions on concatenated arrays? I have 2 ranges of cells in the Name Manager as follows: Array 1 =Sheet1!$A$1:$A$5,Sheet1!$A$7:$A$10,Sheet1!$A$12:$A$16 Array 2 =Sheet1!$B$1:$B$5,Sheet1!$B$7:$B$10,Sheet1!$B$12:$B$16 When I try to...
  7. A

    Offset and COUNTA in define name

    Hello! Im having issue with putting a formula in the define name "refers to". The formula i used is: =offset(1.Etasje!$C$15,0,0,Engine!$C$4,1). The error i get is : There's a problem with this formula. Not trying to type a formula? When the first character is an equal (=) or minus (-)...
  8. P

    Showing unique entries in the Excel Name Manager

    I have a workbook with hundreds of names. As a result, the Name Manager is hard to navigate--see the image below. Additionally, nearly all my names are defined on a workbook level and refer to ranges, not tables. Consequently, the Name Manager's conventional filter options are useless for...
  9. F

    Data Validation List Alphabetically

    Title says most of it, I want a drop down list to be sorted alphabetically. Currently I have a Translate Table, in which I have named Column 1 'items' and then a dropdown list using data validation is set to =items. If I add an item to the bottom of the translate table it adds it to the...
  10. S

    Name box value is not in Name Manager

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with 3 tables which are named. These are displayed in the Formulas tab of the ribbon in Excel 2010, in the Name Manager. However, in addition to those three, another range name is displayed in the Name Box. There was unreadable information in this spreadsheet when I...
  11. B

    Dropdown list / Name manager not updating

    Hi all, I've been trying to solve this obscure excel problem over the past few days and can't find any documentation about it online. I've an excel document created in Python using xlsxWriter, but for some reason the cascading dropdown list (in column C) won't display at all unless I manually...
  12. J

    Excel Help in relating to Name manager Data validation Match & Indirect for restricting entering wrong values.

    Hello I defined a name range for certain values & using the named range in Data validation. So that I can enter only those values which are associated with that value. I have Two sheets DATA & RAW DATA In RAW DATA sheet in Column B & C I am entering values manually which are linked with...
  13. Marty Plante

    Hyperlinks to named ranges using Name Manager for index/menu

    I have searched for add-in's, various terminology, and I'm coming up with very little in regards to my question. I have a workbook with multiple pages (over 40) with 20 "sectors" in each. A total of 800 named ranges. In order to create the index or menu in a matrix style where you click on a...
  14. C

    Create dynamic Long Dropdown List

    Hie, So basically i am creating a form which is more or less like a invoice. There are 4 types of choices from which the user will select, by each selection would give me an another list to choose and so on untill it reaches the last one which is the price, for instance Type- Stock Range...
  15. B

    How to view All the name ranges and deleted unwanted using a macro

    I have workbook with multiple tabs on a worksheet. when I click the name manager nothing happens. How can I view all the names in the workbook and delete the selected names. I try using the macro blow but no luck. Sub DelRefNames() Dim n As Name For Each n In ActiveWorkbook.Names If...
  16. R

    How to find Scope of Names via Name Manager in Excel:Mac 2011??

    Hello Everyone, In Windows version of excel, the scope of names given to the cells or range of cells were clearly mentioned in the name manager. However, in Excel:Mac 2011 the layout and contents of names manager quite different. There is no option to find the scope of names of cell/range os...
  17. badass

    Name manager - how to select all and delete all names?

    Hello fellow excelers! I just moved a worksheet from one workbook to another and all of the defined names have transferred over (thousands upon thousands of them with #REF errors everywhere), making it impossible to navigate to my actual defined names that I want to use...I tried Ctrl + A to...
  18. C

    Name Manger issue with Indirect (two of them), comma giving trouble

    I have 3 columns, the 3rd column reads off of a drop-down list from the 2nd which reads off of a drop-down on the 1st column via INDIRECT. Each of the 3 columns is a drop down list containing text and a few have commas. I have one issue, some of my names in the lists have commas. For...
  19. M

    Name Manager Fun in Excel 2010

    Hey guys, I've had a hunt around and I know there are some really good Name Manager solutions, but my one is a little bit strange. I have a lot of duplicate names in the Name Manager. This was from a rebuild when some LiveOffice components stopped working. When I delete the Name Manager...
  20. F

    Define Name by vba

    Hi, I'm using "Name Manager" in Formulas Tab to define LIST. Exaclty the same I want to do using VBA. I have: =OFFSET('Country'!$E$9,0,0,COUNTA('Country lvl'!$E$9:$E$20),1) Into VB: rows_x = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row wb_1.Names.Add Name:="Country_list", RefersToR1C1:= _...

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