name range

  1. B

    Naming a range without selecting it

    Hi guys, I want to name two ranges without using select, but I'm totally stuck. This is part of a longer macro so I'm just pasting the relevant bits. This is what I'm trying to do, but without selecting: Range("A:B").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)) Selection.Name =...
  2. IronM

    VBA to change reference cells of a name range with different cells

    Hi all, I am trying to find a solution to a code (attached to a button) that will change the referenced cells of a Named Range to different cells. So, I have in the sheet System the cells C6:41 (part of a table) named "plan". I would like to press a button and have the name "plan" refer to cells...
  3. S

    Creating a named range using the sheet name in an array sheet Loop - VBA

    I am trying to create a named range for multiple sheets from a specific cell to the last row. What i currently have: Sub test123() Dim wsName As Variant, ws As Worksheet, LastRow As Long For Each wsName In Array("AA-CR", "AA-CP", "AAA-CR", "AAA-CP", "AAT-CP", "AAT-CR") Set ws =...
  4. O

    VBA Cell Formula to Name Range

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions for which I will give feedback. I am trying to set cell to a formula involving name ranges. Where, for example cell D53 [Cell(53,4)] formula would be = V1.Total.NPV10 + V2.Total.NPV10 + V3.Total.NPV10 + V4.Total.NPV10 + V5.Total.NPV10 since the value in...
  5. B

    Naming Ranges using VBA

    I have a database that will be constantly changing in length and for purposes of conditional data validation, I want to name hundreds, potentially thousands of ranges. I have made it far enough to get a table on a separate sheet with what I want the name of each range to be in column A and the...
  6. R

    Select Cells based on other Cells Value

    Hello Everyone, I am working on database and need your help in one macro. I have one drop down linked with V1 and have one search box. V1 will be the country name. So i want If V1 is australia then C8:P9 should be selected and cursor automatically reach on C3. Same if V1 is Austria then...
  7. L

    Add +1 to Name of Named Range

    Hi everyone, I've got a list of 700+ phrases that I'd like to refer to at numerous points throughout a workbook. I'd like to copy and paste this list throughout the workbook, so used named ranges so I can refer to those specific cells. I thought this'd be easier rather than manually selecting &...
  8. S

    Automatically Unhide Columns on GoTo

    I have a sheet1 with sets of grouped (hidden with + box or visible with the - box) columns. Each group of hidden columns is a Named Range. On sheet2 I have cells/formulas linking to the grouped/hidden columns/cells on Sheet1. When I jump (doubleclick or Ctrl-G) from Sheet2 to a specific...
  9. M

    This is a tough one : deleting names, but in a specific range in VBA

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to delete names of ranges in a specific range, using vba code. I tried this : ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("e6:bx2000").Names.Delete but it doesn't work. I googled it... got nothing :eeek: Please help
  10. E

    Variable Name Range Reference (VBA)

    Hi, I'm writing code to name ranges and the actual name varies. Im using the following expression but its not working. Below "name" is a variable. Can somebody help me with this? ActiveWorkbook.Names.Add name:="cstr(name)", RefersTo:=Selection Thanks for your help in advance. Juan
  11. S

    Data List box with multiple sheets

    When i do a drop down Data list, and I create a formula in the name range, it always puts the current worksheet name in the formula. So every new month I have to create a new name range formula. How can I tell the name range formula to always look in the current sheet. Here is my formula...
  12. R

    Delete name range from selected cells

    Hi guys, Hoping someone out there can help me. Think it will be pretty easy but here goes. Trying to write a macro that will choose a selected range (E2:T200) on a secific worksheet (Edit) and delete the name range for that range without touching the rest of the workbook. Any help will be...
  13. R

    Continue macro on next row

    Hi there, I am new to VBA and have this code Sub Rename() 'Rename Range("F2:P2").Name = Range("B2") End Sub Can someone tell me how to progress this automatically to the next row eg: Range("F3:P3").Name = Range("B3') etc, and so on to say about 2000. Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance
  14. K

    Indirect function for continuously changing range

    Hi. I have this little program where you can add items to an index (it's do with foods). So you select the food category the food belongs to then the macro will put it in the respective place in the index (under the correct category heading and in alphabetical order). I then draw from this index...
  15. D

    Excel Macro to Create Independent Data Validation Lists

    I am writing a Macro in excel VBA that creates a data validation list in a specified cell. The program then prompts the user for the cells which contain the contents of the data validation lists. The same rows containing the list contents are then to be hidden from view. However, when I try...
  16. H

    Name Range linked to multiple worksheets?

    DELETE THREAD, I feel like an idiot, I figured it out....! But see, this is why I figured it out, had to post something about it first, LOL SORRY Message board!
  17. J

    Inserting rows above formula: how to?

    Hi, I'm a dunce in Excel, but actually managed to insert an "average" formula, though would like to add more data above it, to average more cells. If this is answered in another thread/post here, feel free to send me its link. I was unable to find it. I saw something on another site talking...
  18. M

    Offset discontinuous range

    Hello, here's the thing. I want to select a range of values but this ranges are not continuous. I tried =OFFSET(I21;;;;2)&OFFSET(I21;;5;;3) I would need this to select I21,I22,I26,I27,I28 I'm trying to define a Name Range with this, but as I test it, it won't be highlighted as a range. I...
  19. pedie

    New name range created showing range as '"Sheet2!$A$1" and not Sheet2!$A$1.

    hi, myname range created is showing range as '"Sheet2!$A$1" instead of Sheet2!$A$1 when i hit ctrl + f3 and checked it... I need to name a range for all the words in col a if not blank. I got this far but names are created with error. Please advice on how to correct this. My current code as...
  20. pedie

    Need help with my code. Thanks

    Hi everyone! I have made a sample code that is only for col C:C. In row 3 i have heading that I want it to be a range name. eg like help_1 etc Whatever word in there in row 3 for each col i want the code to pick that up and then name the range select the whole colyumn.... The code will continue...

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