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    Copy tabs in new excel VBA

    Hi, I have this code where it creates a new worksheet and copy those 2 tabs, but I would like it to also name the worksheet, is that possible? Sub CopiaFactura() ThisWorkbook.Sheets(Array("U-Main", "U-Detail")).Copy End Sub Thanks a lot!
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    Cannot Change Sheet Name in VB Editor

    Hello, So, I've highlighted my worksheet "Sheet2 (Instructions)" in the VB editor I pressed F4 to bring up the properties toolbar and I was able to changed the VB name of my worksheet to "Instructions". Therefore, in the VB editor, the worksheet is now called "Instructions (Instructions)". I...
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    Excel Worksheet Tab Name Vs. VBA Worksheet Name

    Hello, I have changed the "Tab Name" of my worksheet to "Instructions" but in the VB editor the worksheet is referred to as "Sheet3 (Instructions)". I cannot find out how to change the name in the VB editor from "Sheet3" to "Instructions". I'm surprised how frustrated this has made me. Must I...
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    Macro to name sheets sudden;y stopped working

    I have a workbook to record orders and when I add the current order to the history it creates a new page and then renames it to the value of B3. It worked fine for a while, then suddenly this yaer everytime I try to add the order to history I get I have checked and there are no sheets named...
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    Naming worksheets from a series of cells on a table

    Hello, Please help me.... Having a table in a worksheet, I need to open additional worksheets which would be named by text strings in the table. How can I do that? Any help?
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    Renaming Worksheet Tabs Macro

    I would like to create a macro that would bring up an input box or preferably a list box that will allow me to input information for a sheet/tab name where where "TBL NPL NGRPL" appears in the code at the end of this message. The macro needs to be available to any new file created...

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