1. I

    Copy sheet from active/open workbook to other closed workbook.

    Hello All...please someone help a VBA code that can automate copy of sheet from open workbook and paste to other but closed workbook. Then overwrite if sheet name exist. Example as follows: Open File1 = main file, have the sheet name "report". Consist macro that copy the sheet name "report" to...
  2. X

    Remove all rows where #NAME? is present

    How would I create a macro that removes all the rows where there is a #NAME? error in Column E?
  3. R


    XERROR allows for conveniently generating most of the Excel errors as output to functions With XERROR, it is very easy to generate all but four of the Excel errors as output to functions. Error types 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, and 14 (i.e. #EXTERNAL!, #NULL!, #DIV/0!, #VALUE!, #REF...
  4. B

    Replace multiple spaces in names with different values

    Hi, I have a substantial (and dynamic) list of names that I'm needing to transform into email addresses. For names like Bob Smith, and even those with hyphens (Sarah-Jane Brown), it's no issue: =LOWER(CONCAT(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(C16342," ","."),"-",""),"")) End result =...
  5. V

    UNIQUE in Named Range for Data Validation

    I am trying to make a Data Validation list from one of my tables, but I can't seem to get the UNIQUE function to work in the Name Manager. If I create a new Name called "Sports" and use the formula =tblGear[Sport], it works just fine. However, I want the unique values from there. I don't want it...
  6. B

    Naming Format Formula

    Hi All, I am trying to perfect a formula so that I can take the first name middle initial (when present) and last name and format a certain way. John T. Doe or John Doe So far I have this formula that works when there is a middle initial present, but will leave the "Space" and "." in when...
  7. Jyggalag

    Create macro to separate first name and last name in email and plug it into columns

    Dear all, I am currently working on a spreadsheet that looks like this, albeit the real one is much larger: I was wondering if there would be some way in which I could create a macro or some VBA code attached to a macro where, once i press it, it takes the e-mails from C2-C12 and takes the...
  8. K

    Random name generator without repeats?

    Hi, I got a list of my employees from A1:A72, we got a game where in I need to display a single employee name without being repeated. So, that particular employee can perform the task. Or to be more exact the list is already jumbled can I display a single employee name one after the other in...
  9. T

    VBA bug in deleting a Name if there are two Names with the same name property but differing scope

    Names can either have workbook scope of worksheet scope. Excel allows you to create multiple names with the same Name property if they have different scope. So for example, I could have two names called "test" where one has workbook scope and one has worksheet scope. The problem is that if I...
  10. K

    Return "Gender" Value From a "First Name/Gender" Reference Table

    Hi everyone, I am having troubles with something in Excel. I have a list of thousands of people (some with similar first and last names of course) and I have a gender column that I would like to fill out based on another table in the same worksheet that I made (see attachment name "Main...
  11. D

    Macro move file to existing folder by name using filename first left7 digits with a space delimiter

    I'm looking for some help. I started trying to use excel for this project yesterday. I originally scripted a batch file to run this operation. The batch works in a small and limited environment. I tried the batch in a live folder and it was a complete failure with files being multiplied and...
  12. T

    Are Name.Name and Name.NameLocal the same?

    I am trying to see if there is any difference between the Name and NameLocal properties of the Name object. If I create a name using VBA and supply both the Name...
  13. X

    INDIRECT doesnt work properly

    I dont know if i just dont understand things, but as for my understandings this formular just doesnt work for me in this scenario. I want to refer to an already existing name with INDIRECT(). I want this range to end up as my dropdownlist. The name i want to refer to is called "DropDown1"...
  14. UniMord

    Installed XLAM, Functions Not Recognized

    Greetings! I created an XLAM add-in, from Excel, and it's recognized, insofar as when I start typing the name of one of its functions, Excel offers up the full name, but, then, when I attempt to use it, I get #NAME!. There's nothing wrong with the code, I'm getting an Invalid Name Error. How do...
  15. J

    bulk re-enter formulas in cell to fix #NAME? error

    We have a process where we end up with a workbook with formulas full of references to range names that don't exist in that workbook. As expected, the cells all show #NAME? We then move the sheets from that workbook to another workbook where those names do exist. EXAMPLE: WorkbookA has formula...
  16. F

    Ambiguous name detected error

    Hi! I've been using the below piece of code successfully before . . . Dim myPath As String myPath = ThisWorkbook.Path & Application.PathSeparator 'Change path If IsFileOpen(myPath & "IzborQ.xlsx") = True Then MsgBox ("File is already opened")...
  17. D

    Run-time error "53": File not found - How to fix?

    Hello everybody, I am currently running an excel file in which I have created an order form that people can fill out with their information and the products that they would like to order. I am using a VBA code (please let me know in the comments if you want me to attach the entire code)...
  18. bigturnip

    Is there anyway to open a workbook witout updating contents?

    I have been sent a spreadsheet which uses a custom function and all the cells are showing up as #NAME?, if I view the spreadsheet on my phone all the values are there, so they must be stored in the spreadsheet somewhere. Often I'll get a prompt asking whether I want to update values or not when...

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