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    Naming Ranges using VBA

    I have a database that will be constantly changing in length and for purposes of conditional data validation, I want to name hundreds, potentially thousands of ranges. I have made it far enough to get a table on a separate sheet with what I want the name of each range to be in column A and the...
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    Using Named Range instead of Column reference - VBA

    There is a bit of code I am using to remove rows where if certain text in the column is not present, the row is deleted, thus leaving only the header and the rows that do contain the required text. The code is as follows and works quite well: Sub DeleteRows()Dim r As Long, lr As Long lr =...
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    Combobox selection to determine data entry range

    Hey everyone, I am fairly new to VBA but am learning slowly. I have a spreadsheet to monitor system temperatures. Each aircraft registration range contains 4 columns: Date, Green, Yellow, and PTU. I have created a simple userform to enter the data. This userform uses a combobox to show the...
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    Trouble with Automating Naming Ranges (runtime error 424)

    Hi Guys, I am trying to use the below to run through values in Column A on a Sheet Named "Report" and Create these ranges in a Sheet called "Holidays_Requested" but everytime I it pops up with Object Required Runtime error 424. can anyone help or know of an alternative way of creating named...
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    VBA Created Named Range to "Last Row" Goes 2,000 Rows Past Last Row

    Hi. I'm working through step-by-step creating a named range macro that will, eventually I hope, result in a range named the same as the worksheet name. My range starts at A2 and "should end" in column J at last row 416. The result I'm getting is =Nov_02_2016!$A$2:$J$2416. Clearing/deleting the...
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    Setting Up Named Ranges Using VBA

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering if you could help me. I was wondering if it is possible to have VBA automatically(using a button) run through Column A setting up a named range for each individual value in column A on sheet 2 to a predetermined size (3x10) going along horizontally. So Sheet...
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    Named Range Update Reference Using VBA

    Hi Wondering whether anyone could give a point in the right direction to the correct code I should be using when updating a Named Range using VBA. I have cell in my spreadsheet "A1" which provides the last row I need my name range to be extended to. I've then made the value of this cell a...
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    Dynamic chart ranges populated from named ranges as selected in nested indirectly sourced validation lists.

    Hi all, Long time reader - first time poster. As the rather cryptic subject says, I'm trying to dynamically populate ranges to facilitate dynamic charts being generated. I use excel 2010 at work, and 2011 for mac at home. I have an example spreadsheet, but I don't know if I can upload it...
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    Error using Named Range value in Macro Formula

    I have a named range in my workbook that is a constant value (Cratio=2.3755799). I want to refer to this value in my macro in a formula and then copy the answer of that formula back into the workbook. There are two ways that I have referred to this value and both are causing a 1004 error. They...
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    VBA For copy Named Range (template) to another workbook

    Hello, Is i't possible to copy named ranges from one workbook to an other workbook. The first workbook contains a lot of named ranges and called template. The second workbook has the same structure but not all te named ranges are defined. With a VBA i would like to copy the template to the the...
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    Excel Named Ranges Change Name via VBA

    Guys - I have inherited a spreadsheet with hundreds of redundant named ranges. I want to delete them all via VBA. I did the usual by using nm.Delete where nm is the variable Name object. It works fine except that there are names which have blanks embedded, eg. "Direction_20_1_ 2" or "South...
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    Name range between two named cells in VBA Excel 2007

    Hello, The two endpoints of my range are named as "pricing" and "taxes." They refer to two cells that are named in column B in my spreadsheet. I want to know how to set a range (in a VBA macro) that selects all data in the column between "pricing" and "taxes." I have Excel 2007. Does...

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