named range

  1. S

    Find Last Row Save Row Number to use as a Constant

    I import a large csv file. I know the first column is reliable for counting used rows. Later as columns are added, column A will become column B, C, etc. I need to refer to the last row in probably 20 different modules. and after the first column is inserted, "LastRow" is now in column B, etc...
  2. P

    Using named range as list for an ActiveX combo box.

    My Set Up I use Microsoft Office Standard 2013. I have a Table that self populates and formats itself dependant on value selected using an ActiveX Combo Box. I use a Named Range as the list for that ActiveX ComboBox. My issue - making any change...
  3. J

    Reference not Valid, must be to an open worksheet

    Hi I'm trying to make a chart using named ranges, and when I try to add a series, I get the error 'Reference is not valid. Reference must be to an open worksheet.' I have searched the problem and done everything suggested: - I am typing it in correctly - All named ranged are within the...
  4. D

    VBA Copy range as image has low resolution?

    I have some VBA code that finds named ranges throughout a workbook and saves those ranges as images. The code works great, but the resolution of the images is not that great. If you do a manual screen capture of the range and put that image next to the image created from the macro, there is a...
  5. jeff4smith

    Power Query Value from Named Range based on Another Column

    I have a Query that includes a column with list of last names, i.e. Smith, Jones, etc. In my worksheet there is a named range of Week_Smith, Week_Jones, etc and this named range is a single cell, which contains a date. I would like to add a new column to the Query to return the named range of...
  6. W

    Sumif with multiple criteria in one column using named ranges

    Hi everbody I am trying to use the SUMIFS-function for multiple criteria in one column where my criterias are 'named ranges' within this column. Is there any possibility to do this? Excel does not seem to accept named ranges as a criteria, f.e.: =SUM(SUMIFS('Mapping GVV'!D:D;'Mapping...
  7. R

    Using a Named Range in a Chart

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to embed a named range in a radar chart. The Chart Data Range is ='Raw Data'!$D$32:$X$33,'Raw Data'!$D$36:$X$36 The Name is ='Raw Data'!$D$36 Y Values are ='Raw Data'!$E$36:$X$36 Horizontal Axis labels are ='Raw Data'!$E$32:$X$33 I've got a Named Range called...
  8. B

    I have several named ranges I would like to run a process on, how to iterate/loop across a number of named ranges

    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read and help me with what is probably a simple issue, but I can't seem to figure it out. I have a script of code I'd like to run on several named ranges (a ranking feature). My question is how do I take a list of named ranges and loop through them...
  9. Carl Colijn

    Excel dynamic data validation + named ranges + invalid typed data — broken, or never worked?

    Hi all, Note: I already posted this question on Stack Overflow, but I guess that post there isn't going anywhere, so I think it's time for some cross-posting. I have a dynamic list of category options I want to present in some cells using a data validation drop down. This list is ('admin')...
  10. T

    Having a Named range Name in a Variable

    Hi Gurus, I'm looking to check if there is a way we can have an excel variable contain the string value of a named range. For Ex Defined Name "NameRange" points to cell C1 in excel. I'm looking for a VBA code like Dim L_Var As String L_Var = "NameRange" Msgbox [L_Var].Value. I would have...
  11. F

    Fill blank cells in all named ranges by copying first column in a named range if the first column is not blank

    Dears, I am having a data set with multiple named ranges with each range having one row and 14 columns. Column 'D' of each named range is always filled, where the copy will be required, ranges with blank 'D' column can be ignored. What I want to do is to loop through each named range and...
  12. F

    Resize all named ranges in a workbook using VBA (add columns)

    Hello guys, I have hundreds of named ranges in each excel file and I have hundreds of excel files to deal with (all with different named ranges). I am looking for a VBA which (without a specific pattern), resizes ALL the named ranges and just add 12 columns to each range. (All the ranges...
  13. S

    Defined Names - Excel Performance

    Hi, I would like to use Defined Names more prevalently in my Excel files. This comment directly below taken from has given me pause for thought. "Defined Names are recalculated each time a formula that directly refers to the name is recalculated" To be honest I don't quite...
  14. R

    VBA - how to stop Excel from recalculating UDF's multiple times when used in namedrange/chart

    Hi, I have a serious problem, which I cannot solve for quite a while. I have three UDF's: Private Function IsInArray(stringToBeFound As Variant, arr As Variant) As Boolean IsInArray = Not IsError(Application.Match(stringToBeFound, arr, 0)) End Function This function checks...
  15. P

    Populate a Userform Caption using a Named Range

    Hi All, I'm new to VBA so hope this question isn't too dumb! I'd like to add a "Key" to a user form that can dynamically update should it need to. Currently the user form has a number of comboboxes which have shortened codes in them to make entering the data faster, and so the resultant...
  16. D

    Creating hyperlink for specific sheets while creating those sheets

    i wrote a code that will create as many worksheets and name them for each cell value in a named range. my code gets my template sheet, and duplicates it and renames each one accordingly. on my template sheet, i have a navigation pane in column A, so from A17 downwards, id like to create...
  17. M

    Create Named Range From Values in Adjacent Cells

    Hello, I am trying to create a series of several named ranges in a single column that are defined by the values in previous columns using VBA. For example, I have one column for "colors" and another for "shades". The third column is their product numbers. I would like to group the product...
  18. D

    Power Query and Named ranges with Data validation

    Taking literally my first steps in Power Query, so please bear with me. I need to compile a list of XLSM files in a folder with some metadata (name, folder path, date accessed) - this is all fine and functioning through Excel Get Data -> From Folder function. However, I also need to include...
  19. S

    Using a Named Range List as a criteria in COUNTIFS

    I'm looking for some assistance using COUNTIFS with a named range (list) as a criteria. It seems to me like it should work like this, but it doesn't. After some research I found a place that said this would work if the named range was a single cell, but I need it to reference a list, as I need...
  20. A

    dependent data validation

    I'm trying to get a dependent data validation list set up. I know I'm supposed to use the indirect function along with substitute (because the first list has spaces in the options). I think it has to do with my named ranges. I've added an image with a snapshot of my named ranges. I'm...

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