named range

  1. C

    If 2 columns contain text from 2 ranges, insert text

    Hello :) This is my first post. I've been a longtime lurker and always found what I needed without posting. But this time I've searched for a long time and tried different formulas without success. I am trying to construct a formula that will return certain text based on the text in two...
  2. B

    Delete Named Ranges That Referring to Another Workbook

    For context, I currently have a VBA that copies a sheet from sourceWB to destWB. My issue is that when you copy a sheet, the named ranges get copied over to the destWB as well. I'm looking for a VBA code that deletes any named ranges that refer to the sourceWB. I'm thinking of looking for any...
  3. S

    Update Values Window constantly popping up; NamedRange not working?

    I've got the below setup, trying to have a filepath reference the workbook name listed in CurrentIndia, highlighted below. I've named the range officially CurrentIndia in NameManager: But everytime I edit the formula or re-confirm it, the Update Values window pops up everytime, and I have to...
  4. T

    Run-time error '1004' Name syntax incorrect

    What does this error mean when I try to run the code? Column A and B are new, and meet criteria. I've tried column B with the full formula, = sign included, and without, as well as with ' in front to show as a string. I also keep getting this error as well
  5. 4

    VBA - Dynamic Cell Shifting

    Hello, all! I've been searching all over the web to find an answer to this, but I can't seem to find anything. I hope I'm able to explain properly what I'm encountering: I created a budgeting tool for my coworker. It consists of four sections: AR, POs, Overhead, and AP. There are 10 columns of...
  6. E

    Dynamic range name based on value in another row

    Hello, I am working on a template for charting data. I want to be able to use a dynamic named ranges for series data so the chart is dynamic and I don't need to manually update the series data everytime. Sample number is x axis and Average Weights is the y axis. I made the dynamic range names...
  7. Sumeluar

    Add bullets to named range column

    Good day! - I need help on modifying the code below to do the following: On a named range from columns C to J, I would like to add a bullet only to any text entered on Column D6 and down, if any cells on column D already containing a bullet has to be ignored so not to end up with multiple...
  8. J

    Power Query / Pivot disappears when data is replaced/refreshed

    Hi Excel Gurus, I am attempting to set up a spreadsheet where I can update data in tab 1 on a monthly basis, then refresh the pivot in (tab 2). In tab 1, when I paste the new set of data on top (same format), when I refresh the pivot (tab 2), my power query disappears - no data appears in the...
  9. S

    Dynamic Named Range based on values in multiple columns

    Is there way to create a dynamic named range based on cell values from other columns? The cells in the named range may not be contiguous. For example, I have a list of holidays or other observed days. I want a dynamic named range of the Day column to reference only those marked as Type...
  10. I

    VBA Code to Open Word Template and create new document per list of names

    Hello, I have somewhat of an advanced question... I have a long list of names in a column in excel (range name, "Names"), what I want to do is create a code that I can run that will open a template (named "CART") and based on the list of names the code would open a copy of the template and...
  11. R

    Combobox - named ranges and criteria - VBA

    Hi, I have a macro button to open a userform mailing list (see image) which includes a combobox and listboxes. I had written code which got enhanced by member 'beyond Excel' below. Credits to him/her. The goal is to save the Sender, CC and Recipient addresses in named ranges on the data sheet...
  12. Sumeluar

    Apply case to named range

    Hello all - I've looking al over for a solution to my dilemma at no avail. After extensive Google search I found the below code which is applying Case to anything on column "C" which is not ideal for my need, the question is: Can I get someone's help to modify the code that only applies to Named...
  13. G

    @ showing up in name for named range

    Hi there, I have a section of a much longer bit of code that selects a range of dates and makes a named range that gets used in a number of places. Set dateRef = Cells(rCount, 1).Offset(-175).Resize(176, 1) ThisWorkbook.Names.Add Name:="_Dates", RefersTo:=dateRef Range("a2:a" & rCount +...
  14. markkeith

    VBA to insert or delete rows in named range based on spill range

    Cross posted at VBA to insert or delete rows in named range based on spill range I have a named range "nameList" (B3:E20) that are populated by a spill range from dynamic array formula in cell B3, and there's a table just below cell B24. If the spill range row count are less or more than the...
  15. E

    Loop trough two ranges

    I need help in looping the code below trough my named range or just skip blank rows. Below code works fine until it should skip rows which should not contain textbox value. My textboxes for this code starts at 58 and runs trough 66. But the value from theese textboxes should be pasted to cells...
  16. D

    Creating a named range from cell values

    I need a solution on how to create a named range based upon cell values. The cell values are variable, and the sheets on which the named ranges need to be created are hidden from the end user, hence the need to automate it. I've had some success with the actual name of the range as per a cells...
  17. TheWaterDog

    Defined Name as Cell Reference

    Forgive me if this has been answered somewhere; I've looked and can't seem to find a solution on the board. I'm using dependent dropdowns in Sheet 1 [Main] via an indirect() in Data Validation from named ranges in Sheet 2 [DVS]. So, you choose the "Parent_Choice1" in Cell A...and then... Cell...
  18. R

    Named file folder range live updated and sorted

    Hi, I have a listFiles named range to return a list of files of a specific folder into Excel. I use the following formula: =IFERROR(INDEX(listFiles,ROW()-ROW(A$2)),"") I was wondering if there is a non-VBA solution to automatically/live update the files list in the Excel named range whenever a...
  19. J

    HYPERLINK to Named Range stored in cell

    I have a recipe book spreadsheet with a navigation bar to different categories (ex. PREP or HOT etc.). When Selecting PREP, a second list appears with all HYPERLINKS to all of the prep items. The user clicks on the PREP item and the recipe appears. I CAN MAKE ALL OF THIS WORK, but it's a little...
  20. H

    Dependent Drop Down Lists

    Hi all, hoping someone can help with this one. I'm currently working on a spreadsheet to track training data, and one thing I'd like to add is a dependent drop down list for the training provider. It would have a drop-down list in Column J to select the "Provider Type" (either external or...

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