named range

  1. TheWaterDog

    Defined Name as Cell Reference

    Forgive me if this has been answered somewhere; I've looked and can't seem to find a solution on the board. I'm using dependent dropdowns in Sheet 1 [Main] via an indirect() in Data Validation from named ranges in Sheet 2 [DVS]. So, you choose the "Parent_Choice1" in Cell A...and then... Cell...
  2. R

    Named file folder range live updated and sorted

    Hi, I have a listFiles named range to return a list of files of a specific folder into Excel. I use the following formula: =IFERROR(INDEX(listFiles,ROW()-ROW(A$2)),"") I was wondering if there is a non-VBA solution to automatically/live update the files list in the Excel named range whenever a...
  3. J

    HYPERLINK to Named Range stored in cell

    I have a recipe book spreadsheet with a navigation bar to different categories (ex. PREP or HOT etc.). When Selecting PREP, a second list appears with all HYPERLINKS to all of the prep items. The user clicks on the PREP item and the recipe appears. I CAN MAKE ALL OF THIS WORK, but it's a little...
  4. H

    Dependent Drop Down Lists

    Hi all, hoping someone can help with this one. I'm currently working on a spreadsheet to track training data, and one thing I'd like to add is a dependent drop down list for the training provider. It would have a drop-down list in Column J to select the "Provider Type" (either external or...
  5. J

    Referencing calculated named ranges in VBA

    Hello, I'm trying to use a calculated Named Range in VBA and I found myself in the position that I cannot do that directly. What am I talking about? In the example given in the picture bellow, the "s" Named Range is calculated using the values from the "a" and "b" Named Ranges. You can then...
  6. D

    IF(AND issues with named range

    Hello all, I recently updated my MS Office version, and am encountering a new problem using IF(AND with named ranges. As can be seen in the image below, the named ranges work fine for a simple IF function, and the IF(AND formula works fine if I use the cells. But when I use the named ranges...
  7. C

    Using a Named Range by entering the Name in a cell

    I have a series of formulas that reference a Named Range in the same Workbook. Sometimes I need to use a different Named Range in those existing formulas. I would like to put the Name of the Range in Cell B3, and use that cell in my Formulas. Then if I change the contents of Cell B3 to the Name...
  8. G

    Loop Through columns and make Named Ranges

    Hi there, I'm trying to adapt something that Tonyyy and This is my Answer helped me with earlier. I have a worksheet that has columns of data. I would like to loop through the columns starting at the second one (B) and create a named range for the last 10 cells in each column. So column 2 might...
  9. J

    Dynamic Range Not Updating Chart

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a set of dynamic charts that will change when I update a dropdown (that has a named range). I've set up the set of charts using a series of named ranges that are broadly formulae that do some sort of dynamic OFFSET to get a range series. Within the template sheet I...
  10. B

    Populate ActiveX Combobox with named range

    Hi there. I am for hours searching an solution but nothing till now. Or it is impossible or I just wasn't able to reproduce what I've sen on my workbook. So, here it goes: I've set a named range com a list of banks (on sheet3!) and I want to maintain that way because there is the possibility...
  11. T

    Trying to Replace Named Ranges with Cell References

    I have a workbook with 25-30 worksheets and every single cell that would have a cell reference uses a named range instead. I am trying to replace them all with cell references using the following macro (found on google): Sub AbsoleteNamesWithRelativeRefs() Dim Rng As Range Dim WorkRng As Range...
  12. J

    VBA: if cell contains number, return value from other cell

    Hi all, Hopefully an easy one In the below table, if a cell in named_range_2 has a number, I would like to return the corresponding value in named_range_1. I am working with a datasets with 1000's of rows if that makes a difference named_range_1 named_range_2 def 123 ghi hjk lmn...
  13. J

    VBA, Conditinal Formatting & Named Range

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with the following issue: I have an input file with conditional formatting helping me to verify input data. However, since people will be able to add lines in the input template, this conditional formatting will be split into many once people add new lines...
  14. MrDB4Excel

    Dynamically Named Range

    Without using VBA I would like to have a formula to first select all cells in columns A thru E where data exists while disregarding all blank rows below this data. Then with this selection current run the copy as picture routine which is a 2 pick from the menu. First from the Menu's Clipboard's...
  15. wsnyder

    Named Range Calculated Field Pivot Table

    Hi all, Using Excel 365. I would like to use a Named Range that contains a Tax_Rate in a calculated field This way, users can easily change the rate on an Input Sheet if the rate should change. It seems the calculated field does not recognized the Named Range. What are some other options...
  16. V

    How can I assign a new range to a named range with VBA?

    For instance I have a named range called DashboardSumm, how could I use a line in VBA to set it's reference range to : =Dashboard!$B$3:$P$2322 before then using macros to effect changes on that named range?
  17. S

    Find Last Row Save Row Number to use as a Constant

    I import a large csv file. I know the first column is reliable for counting used rows. Later as columns are added, column A will become column B, C, etc. I need to refer to the last row in probably 20 different modules. and after the first column is inserted, "LastRow" is now in column B, etc...
  18. P

    Using named range as list for an ActiveX combo box.

    My Set Up I use Microsoft Office Standard 2013. I have a Table that self populates and formats itself dependant on value selected using an ActiveX Combo Box. I use a Named Range as the list for that ActiveX ComboBox. My issue - making any change...
  19. J

    Reference not Valid, must be to an open worksheet

    Hi I'm trying to make a chart using named ranges, and when I try to add a series, I get the error 'Reference is not valid. Reference must be to an open worksheet.' I have searched the problem and done everything suggested: - I am typing it in correctly - All named ranged are within the...
  20. D

    VBA Copy range as image has low resolution?

    I have some VBA code that finds named ranges throughout a workbook and saves those ranges as images. The code works great, but the resolution of the images is not that great. If you do a manual screen capture of the range and put that image next to the image created from the macro, there is a...
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