1. C

    Bar graph with two different scalas on the Y-axis

    I have a table with two data columns: the first column contains naming values, the second column contains values from 0 to 1, the third - values from 1.000 to 100.000. I want to display them on the same (bar) graph. I've seen such graphs, where on the X axis are naming values (from column A)...
  2. P

    Naming Range for Combobox specifically

    Hi please can you help me, I have the code below where combobox2 is working fine, butwith combobox1 I want the range to be B1, C1, D1, E1, F1, G1, H1, J1, K1, L1,M1, N1, O1, P1, Q1, R1, please can you help? With ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Data") ComboBox1.RowSource = "" ComboBox1.List =...
  3. E

    Tab Name based on Cell Value

    I have the following code that looks at AC1 and renames the tabs in the entire workbook based on the cell value and if there is no name or any unacceptable characters it gives an error message. I want this to happen only for the active sheet and not to loop through each sheet. I know it is just...
  4. K

    Naming Convention

    Hi all, Wondering if there is a standard/recommended approach to naming - Ranges - Tables - Graphs - Worksheets - Workbooks etc I've seen table with 'f' and 'dim' before the table name. Just looking for the better way to go about it. Thank you
  5. J

    Show Underscore from formula bar

    Hello, I am trying to make naming my files easier. I have a spreadsheet where I have. FILE NUMBER PROJECT NAME My boss likes to use the naming convention of: 0001_TPR_PROJECT NAME [TPR being the company name] I am trying to use =CONCATENATE(TEXT(A1,"0000_TPR_"), B1) but because I...
  6. L

    naming a function same way naming a range

    Hi I have nested if() i.e. =if(cond1, "a", if(cond2,"b",if(cond3,"c",f))) I want to know if I can name that function to for example XYZ and use that name to pass it to another function instead of passing the whole function. Similar idea of naming a range A1:A20 as ABC and then use it as...
  7. kelly mort

    Help in modifying a macro

    Hello , I have this challenge here: I am using this code to add on my userform then I got into a big trap and I need help to get out. Now the textboxes I am adding are all not having the same naming as the “Rw”. One is Rw10 and the other is Reg10. I wish I can change them all to have the same...
  8. M

    Table name issue

    The code pasted below is resulting in a table name that starts with an underscore, and I can't understand why - any help would be appreciated. ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add(xlSrcRange, Range([A1].End(xlDown), [A1].End(xlToRight)), , xlYes).Name = _ Month(pmtDate) & "_" & Year(pmtDate) &...
  9. K

    IF statement with matched results

    So I think I need an if statement but I cannot seem to make it work but here is my problem (hopefully I can explain it well enough) Colum A is a number (meters squared of work completed) Colum B is size of rock used (naming convention used through drop down box being used a total of 5...
  10. S

    Using IF, MID and Vlookup

    I am using excel to help me track server information and I nee help with something. We are going to start using a new naming standard and I use the If and Mid and VLOOKUP statements not to look for a certain character in a cell to see if a system is production or non-production. The new naming...
  11. S

    Saving individual tabs as PDF with set naming convention

    Hi All, I have a workbook which has 16 tabs in it (and potentially more) which are quotes for indivdual clients. What i want to do is have a macro which saves each tab as a pdf under the naming convention "Quote" Then the tab name, then cell D2, then cell D4. This would need to be saved in a...
  12. C

    Naming a table in a macro

    Hello! I'm new in the wondrous world of VBA-coding and macros, and could use a few tips on how to proceed :) My goal is to make a macro to create a new table with my setting preferences, and giving it a unique name. My problem occurs, when I'm using my recorded macro on another set of data...
  13. K

    Sheet naming using String Variable

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to VBA and trying to write some basic macros to reduce some drudgery when working with a few of our standard spreadsheets. As part of this I'm trying to create a new sheet which needs to be named based on data in 2 separate cells. The code is pretty basis but I can see...
  14. M

    Reverse Engineer a database - Referencing same data points in multiple workbooks not necessarily in same cells

    This one is starting to hurt my brain. I have a workbook with multiple sheets and the point of the book as a template for a questioner/form. Each tab has various items to fill out or answer. Some basic info, some with dropdowns, and some referenced via formulas. Each client will have their own...
  15. R

    Naming and Selecting All Worksheets VBA

    Hi all. Been at this for 5 hours....I can't find a way to name all my worksheets, then make a variable that would select them all. Speed and cleanliness in the code is very important to me, so any optimal or much better ways would be very appreciated. Here's my code: Sub meow() Dim count As...
  16. D

    Excel Naming usage automation

    Hello, I need help with the following stuff: I have named some sells in my worksheet, eg. A1 is named Coupon, A2 is named maturity etc. Now I need an excel or VBA based function that looks at the value of a given cells and then connects that value with the content of a corresponding named...
  17. B

    naming comparative operators

    Can this be done? Is it possible to name a comparative operator such as ">=2" and use it as part of an array formula? I have tried syntax after syntax and nothing seems to work.
  18. Futile Crush

    Automatically naming sheets?

    Hey again guys. I want to make a spreadsheet with many sheets, but I want to condense the size of the sheets, instead just numbering them. Is there any way I can manually specify that every time I create a new sheet, I want it to go up in numbers? I can't use VBA, so don't try and give me a VBA...
  19. B

    naming new charts in vba code

    I have a set of code that will produce a new chart based on a set of data. I want to manipulate that chart (size etc) in VBA but am having a difficult time doing that when each new chart has a new name (Chart 1, 2, 3 etc). I have found some code about naming the chart that I have tried...
  20. C

    variable x axis on graphs

    Hi there, I have a series of data: in row 1 I have price data (which I want on the y axis), in row 2 I have years (which I want on the x axis). The time periods will vary from 1-100. I am trying to create a graph that will change the length of the x-axis depending on the number of entries...

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