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    Group By SUM

    Hello, I have very simple data, that I want to group by SUM As the uploaded image shows. My Data has 3 columns, first comes Index, Numbers then Group, which I want to fill according to specific limit cell H2. I started by summing like cumulative column, then divided the result by the limit and...
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    VBA Folders: Create or Move Folders to match Directory

    Goal: Need Folders to match names in Column C of Spreadsheet IF Folder Exists. Do nothing IF Folder Does Not Exist. Create IF Folder Name is not found in Column C, Move to different location Mighty Excel Masters please help, maybe you can tweak the code i have? It...
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    Need help with creating all the possible combinations from the table.

    after researching..i couldnt really come up with much results which is why im posting here. 1] is it possible to make out combinations with the given data? 2] also, i have to make sure that when it is combined, the total =10 not more or less Here's the data: <tbody> a b c d e f g h i o p q r...
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    Sumif a row based on one cell in that row

    I have a worksheet with about 300 rows and 100 columns. I need to sum the rows based on one cell in the beginning of the row that contains text. I want to be able to type the text in a cell at top of the last column and use that as the reference to sum. Here is the formula that is not working...
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    total of cell in every uletnate row (A4:A500)

    Dear, i want to get total of value in each cell in every alternate row, like =sum(A5+A7+A9+A11+A13+...............A502.) how can i do it in short way. Regards

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