1. J

    Calculate number columns (quarters) that takes a value to change from - to +

    Hello guys, This query is quite specific to a model I'm putting in place but I hope you can provide me with a solution to make it work. With the table below, I'm trying to come up with a formula that gives me the avg number of quarters that takes a balance to switch from negative to positive...
  2. ibmy

    Count if the value is positive and negative 'itself'

    Hi, Column A // Column B -0.1 // 1 0.1 // 2 -0.1 // 3 0.3 0.7 0.2 // 1 -0.2 // 2 -0.2 // 1 0.2 // 2 0.7 // -0.5 // 1 0.5 // 2 -0.5 // 3 0.5 // 4 0.5 // 0.3 // Rule: 1. The starting value can be negative or postive 2. Reset the count if :- i- value is...
  3. W

    Algorithm to pair positive and negative numbers and deal with residuals

    I have the following problem: I have a number of data entries with following fields ID, Name, Category, Amount - currently in Excel columns. The aggregate of Amount will equal zero, ie there are positives and negatives - but it will not necessarily equal zero for each Category. I need an...
  4. D

    Subtracting times, negative result

    Hi, I'm sure this is quite simple but I'm not getting it. I want to subtract to time values where the result (in this case) will be negative: Time A is entered manually as e.g. 13:30 Time B is a result of a calculation and shows as 16:00 The result should be -2:30?? I've tried different ways but...
  5. T

    Double Negative and If statements

    I have the following formula in cell A13 IF(AND(H6>0,J8<-0.02,L6>-0.02),"MANAGEMENT SIGN-OFF IS NEEDED",""). If the value of J8 is -.01 the true statement appears but -.01 is not less than -.02. I know it has to do with comparing double negatives. The problem is sometime the result in J8...
  6. P

    Moving a Row with a negative value to another sheet

    Hi! Hoping someone can give me some help here. I have a spreadsheet for tracking jobs and work hours. I have a sheet to archive projects to have a running track of all of them. I'm looking for a way to move a whole row from my working sheet to the archive sheet when the days from job reaches a...
  7. D

    Conditional copy and paste, then delete row

    Hello all, Bit of an amateur trying to learn more on the use of Macros. Hoping for some assistance with this issue: I want to be able to search through my data to find rows where Column D displays "Negative".If it doesn't display "Negative", just move on to the next row. If it does display...
  8. S

    Compounded If Or Statement

    Good morning all! I need a formula that does the following: If one cell is negative and the other is positive return NA, but if both are positive or both are negative D4 (for example) I know it should be something along the below, but not sure how to write it to function properly. Thank you...
  9. F

    Ensuring a cell doesn't show a negative number

    Hi, I have the following code in N2 =(E2*0.1)-35 And it is showing a negative number which is correct. The issue is, I want it to show 0 if the number is negative, how can I achieve this please? Thanks again.
  10. K

    Using Negative Percentages in formulas

    Hi Everyone, I’m trying to create a formula that uses both negative and positive percentages and doesn’t have any false statements. I would like it to be if cell G10 is >= -30% then G12 should display “partial response”, if G10 is <-30% then G12 should display “stable disease” or if G10 is >+20%...
  11. D

    Cell recognize positive or negative value then adds certain texts to the 2 possibilities

    Dear professionals, when a cell result in ANY positive value, example such as "10%", I would like the very same cell to display as "Underestimate 10%" on the other hand a cell result in ANY negative value, such as "-5%", i would like the very same cell to display as "Overestimate 5%" Please...
  12. F

    How to find matching values

    Hi All, I have a data of all positive and negative values like -400 200 200 -100 100 -500 250 250 300 -150 -150 I have multiple formulas to identify the matching numbers but all i want is modifications I have data in A1:A100 I use the B1...
  13. M

    Macro or Formula to match positive and negative numbers

    Dear community, I need to match up a negative number with a positive number that would make the value zero. I tried to use the COUNTIF formula (e.g. =COUNTIF($Q$2:$Q$30210;Q2)<>COUNTIF($Q$2:$Q$30210;-Q2)) but it doesn't work at all. Any suggestions? I would like to run a macro, because i have...
  14. M

    Sum Largest Negative and Positive Question

    hello, I have a table I would like to sum the largest negative sums and also the largest positive sums within a column, the table will illustrate below; <tbody> A B B 1 1 =a1 1 2 3 =a1+a2 4 3 -2 =a2+a3 2 4 -3 =a3+a4 -1 5 7 =a4+a5 6 6 -3 =a5+a6 3 7 Largest Positive Sum 6 8...
  15. S

    P Columns Value to positive from negative

    I have a Worksheet, which includes a stack of cells, that contains positive and negative values. I could really use a code that revers alle the number into positive, that i eventually could run every time. Please help Best regards Solaiman
  16. T

    Pivot Table Filter Syntax for Negative Amount

    I have a Pivot Table that has over 7000 data items in the dataset. I need to report on only the negative numbers in the Amount Field. How do I limit the reported data to show only the negative values? The filter box does not allow for extraction based on values. The value filters on the row...
  17. F

    How to highlight the positive and negative numbers, if the amount is split

    Hi All, If the positive amount is 100 and the negative amount have -75 and -25, will it highlight all these three. Can anyone please help me with a VBA code to get these. Thanks
  18. G

    enter 1 if cell is negative number, zero if positive

    Hi, I have a number in Cell G1. This number will be either negative or positive. Im trying to write a formual in cell I1 that will display a 1 if G1 is negative and a 0 if G1 is positive. Thanks for the help! Rob
  19. B

    is there a way to make a pivot table show only negative values *in all fields* ?

    I have a pivot table where I'm trying to find all the losses. So I'm seeing all the values, where 80% are positive, but I only care about the negative ones. Is there a way to show only negative values? Please note, this isn't just in the grand total column - I want this in the entire grid. For...
  20. T

    Macro to tell people if a number is not negative

    Hi Everyone, I need a macro that will run when data is input into cells D6:D16 that will check if a number is negative, i.e -21 If it is not i need a message box to popup saying "Numbers Should be Negative!" but not stop a posative number being added. please help if you can. Thanks Tony

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