nested formulas

  1. F

    Combine two formulas

    I'm alittle stuck here trying to figure out how to combine these two formulas 1st Formula is : =TEXTJOIN("",TRUE,IFERROR(MID(Q17,SEQUENCE(20),1)+0,"")) 2nd Formula : =MID(A17,14,4) Would really appreciate the help thanks
  2. K

    Can someone please help me with the nesting of IF/AND functions?

    What I need, is if AB17=yes, then if X17=In-State, $7.50 but if X17=Out-of-State, $13.50. But if AB17 is blank and/or doesn't =yes, then no response. This is what I have so far: =IF(AND(AB17="yes",X17="In-State"),"$7.50","$13.00")
  3. N

    nexting functions in VBA

    I wish it was as easy as pasting creative formulas from Excel to VBA, but alas it is not, which is why i am here... I have this formula working in a cell, but would like it to work in VBA: =EOMONTH(EDATE(DATE(YEAR(AA3),FLOOR(MONTH(AA3)-1,3)+1,1),3),-1) The purpose of it is to get a date and...
  4. S

    Conditional Formatting not working

    We have booths for rent and I have put together a sheet that I can list the dealer #, the booth # they occupy, the sales $, and it will calculate the sales per square foot. The booths are classed as different types based on the location of the booth (Type 1=1st floor front, Type 2=1st floor...
  5. S

    If nested with Vlookup

    I am not getting the results from the formulas as expected. One returns the correct data but still leaves the dreaded #N/A if no match is found. =IF(ISNA(MATCH($A:$A,4-8-16,0)),(VLOOKUP($A:$A,'04-08-16'!$A:B,2,FALSE))) The other returns all 0's...
  6. T

    Nested Logical Operators Within Data Ranges

    <tbody> A B C D 1 Day Duration Start Day Duration End Day Total Duration Time 2 1.2 1.5 1 3 1.6 1.8 2 4 2.3 3.4 3 5 5.3 5.8 4 6 5.8 6.1 5 </tbody> I need to calculate the total duration time per day for a large amount of column data in multiple worksheets. The tricky part is...
  7. E

    Nested if and statements with vlookups

    I'm using Excel 2010 on Windows XP. I would like to vlookup to an excel log that tracks the dates of each time a customer was contacted. The customer may be contacted up to 4 times. I want the vlookup result to be the last time the customer was contacted. Essentially, if E2 is blank I want the...
  8. S

    Nested if functions for part of a text string

    Hello! and thank you for helping me find a solution to this problem. Right now I have a very long nested function that has around 200 if statements and left functions. The function works great, but I can only go as far as 64. The purpose of this function is to get part of a string in a cell and...
  9. F

    INDIRECT within VLOOKUP with HLOOKUP addition

    Hello community! I have really been struggling with this formula for a while now, I'll try and describe it as succinctly as possible. I have an externally referenced workbook with many tabs (December 2015, January 2016, and so on...) on it containing Ticker Symbols for stocks in the first...
  10. M

    Unique values in dropdown without creating another list?

    I have a dropdown that gets its reference indirectly from another cell. The referenced list is a table column that will contain any digit from 1 to 9 but not necessarily all of them and some will appear more than once. I can find lots of way to extract those unique values but This would mean...
  11. mreinsmith

    Create Formula from another Formula - Nesting Concatenate Concat

    I've often wanted to look up if it was possible to concatenate the results of a column of concatenate formulas (of course, CONCAT only starting in Excel 2016) I thought maybe there would be a function like "FUNCTIONTEXT" but "FUNCTIONVALUE" So I started looking and I can't seem to find...
  12. H

    URGENT HELP Too many nesting levels!!!

    Hi please help. I have the below formula but it has too many nesting levels: =IF(C4="1st",'Step 1 Materiailty Assessment'!B25,IF(C4="2nd",'Step 1 Materiailty Assessment'!B26,IF(C4="3rd",'Step 1 Materiailty Assessment'!B27,IF(C4="4th",'Step 1 Materiailty Assessment'!B28,IF(C4="5th",'Step 1...
  13. A

    Nested vlookup with If statement

    Hi All, I am struggling with one formula. I have one sheet - In this sheet(tab1), I have to get "heads" information in Column D with criteria of the following columns - Column A(Region) - Column B(Country) - Column C(Line) when match With the tab2 columns( A to C) I want vlookup to match...
  14. S

    if Sumproducts

    Hi, I have a data sheet with the following columns. Skill Name; Assigned Chats;Transferred Chats; Conference Chats; Total Chats; Average Worked Time; Averaged Wrap Time; Average Handle Time My hope is to sum the product of cells in Column E (Total Chats) * Column F (Average Worked time) when...
  15. J

    Concatenate Two Columns with a Dash, Skipping Some Blanks

    Hello all, I searched around on the forum for an answer for this, and I found some solutions that were close. I was not successful at adapting them to my needs (and I feel like this should be easy!). I have a spreadsheet with testing data (quality control tolerances), so there is a column...
  16. A

    Formula to find position with multiple conditions

    Hi, I'm running analysis of data that includes delivery times for two distinct store types (stores under 3000 and over 3000). Each delivery is distinguished by "Run" which can repeat for different regions (see example below). What I need to find is relative position of stores that are over 3000...
  17. F

    Conditional Formatting using advanced formulas

    Hi folks, how are you doing! I'm facing a challenge trying to find out and conditional formatting a vertical cell range against a horizontal cell range, both with dates. At least, that is what I think to be my challenge, :laugh::laugh:! In the link below a model and instructions: OneDrive...

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