1. S

    network document not opening with macro

    I am trying to open a document with vba. below is the code I have. while no getting a error message, the document no opening. I tried "o:" and \\\root\ Dim Open_Aspect_Sheet_Check_Open As String Dim xWb As Workbook On Error Resume Next Set xWb =...
  2. B

    My database is slow suddenly?

    Hi I have had a constant size of my database for almost a year. Now suddenly my database have become very slow. First i thought it was my network since i got the files on a server. But running some test i get 50-70 Mbps. So it should not be a slow network. However, if i put my database on my...
  3. E

    Excel Macro exporting to sheet as pdf to sharepoint

    I am new to VBA and have to complete a task for my manager about saving sheet as a pdf into sharepoint (if firstly can be done) which creates a folder at the location with the same name as the saved PDF and saves the pdf there.Now where it gets harder for me is at the location in sharepoint...
  4. S

    Cannot find my macros when the Add-in is stored on a network drive. Why not?

    Hello, First I must say: I am somewhat new to creating macros and new to creating Excel Add-Ins. Question: I wish to deploy my Excel Add-Ins to certain other corporate users by placing the .xlam file on the network, and giving all users the directions on how to customize their own Excel...
  5. J

    Drive mappings and opening files

    Came across an interesting situation. when i have a network drive mapped by name (I.e. \\servername\share) i can open a spreadsheet with no problems. however, if the network drive is mapped by IP address (I.e. \\\share) it tells me the file is corrupt. Very odd i must say. This is...
  6. JazzSP8

    Trying to Query a Database but been asked for a Password when there isn't one?

    Hey All I'm struggling with this one, I'm not even sure if this is an Excel / Access or a Network Problem. I've an Excel Workbook that I use to query an Access Database on a network drive. It's as simple as it comes and something I set up years ago. The Database has two tables, the Workbook...
  7. 1

    Network days by month across multiple months

    Hi, I am creating an absence reporting dashboard. If an employee has an absence start date and end date that are more than 1 month apart then I am stuck. what I would like is to show how many network days by month they have missed. for example Start Date 28/01/2018 End Date 12/08/2018 I...
  8. George J

    Microsoft update allowing macros to run?

    This is an unusual observation, so my apologies if it has been covered elsewhere. Previously when I opened any workbook that contained macros, I got a popup message requiring me to enable or cancel. This is still the case if I open a file on my C drive, but not a file I open from a network...
  9. C

    Check if Connected to Network

    Hi All, Could someone help me with the below please. I've googled as much as I can but everything I try gives me error messages. I need my code to check if its connected to a certain network drive, if it is it will then save, it is isn't it will do something else I am testing it on an...
  10. C

    Connecting Powerquery to all folders within one folder

    Is there a way that I can connect powerquery to one main network folder, then pull in any excel file that is in that network folders sub folders? I am trying to come up with a budgeting tool for my company, I want to give each cost center their own network folder that they can access to enter...
  11. J

    Send Worksheet Only to Network Location

    I currently have a workbook where all I need to do is have worksheet3 copied and that copy saved to a variable shared network location based on cell value. R3 = NY Example: :C/MyDocs/Book/NY - - -- file saved here with file name R3= GA C/MyDocs/Book/GA - - -- file saved here with file name...
  12. M

    Neural Network Download?

    I wanted to start and dabble with Neural Networks for Excel but at first glance I'm a little intimidated. Would anyone know if these is a site/Link for a Neural Network template in Excel? Thank you MM
  13. C

    Trouble with copying a worksheet into a workbook that is not open

    Hi. I am having trouble with some VBA code that asks for an order number and then uses the order number reply to file a copy of a worksheet into a workbook on a network (rather than my hard drive). The code I have currently is this: Dim CurrentOrder As String CurrentOrder = Inputbox("what is...
  14. C

    Auto save workbook every 8 hours

    I currently have a work book that the cells are tied to links from a PLC , and I have set the save function to every 60 min added in the work network location in the correct spot and also mapped the network drive and added the location into the trusted locations. I does not save automatically...
  15. arcootje

    Network location - Username and Password

    I want to open a file on a network ... so for example: \\networkname\c$\ This networklocation is username and password protected. Then run a vb script Delete the file or replace it with a emtpy csv file. How can I open the file with a VB Script (with vb code for the username and password)?
  16. S

    Email excel file automatically after update and save.

    Hi, I looked around and could not find. Is there a way for excel to automatically email the file after it has been updated and saved while on a network drive?
  17. P

    Splitting pipe delimited cell into named columns

    Hi all Hoping someone may be able to help something I'm stumped on. We have a hierarchy file where the core data comes in a pipe delimited cell like below. network_CAR|subnetwork_GARAGE|subnetwork_DEALER|KMBINDIA|KMBINDIA_1|KMBINDIA_2|KMBINDIA_3 I need something that takes this and outputs...
  18. R

    Macro code to check for dead hyperlinks pointing to network folders?

    Hi all, I've searched around and am mostly coming up with code to check for actual URLs that point to http sites. I'm looking for one that can run through my sheet of links that direct to other files and folders within my network, ensure they point to a link that can be opened, and return the...
  19. B

    Calculate number of workdays since a date

    Hi experts - I'm looking for a macro to calculate the number of work days since a date (when a document was signed). Below is columns F and G from the workbook. <tbody> Document signed date Workdays since 01-January-2018 15-February-2018 </tbody> Now, I know that this can be fairly...
  20. S

    Dynamic File Name and Import of Data

    Hi, I after some help to ease a procedure I need to carry out. What I am after is: in cell A1 it will have the file name I am looking for ie Packing 03.02.2018, this will be in a folder on a network drive What I want it to do is load a sheet from that workbook to a sheet in this workbook so...

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