1. D

    VBA Help

    Hi All, I'm fairly new to the VBA and Macro world. Wondering if one might be able to help. I have three worksheets in a workbook named : Master , Network , Data Base. The Network sheet holds all the information and feeds into the Data Base which consists of dependent down lists and a...
  2. M

    Network path in footer

    I know how to get the file path in the footer by using &[Path] but I was wondering how to get the network path. Instead of: S:\share\pathname\ I wanted to get \\server-1\share\pathname\ because different people's S drive would be mapped to a different server depending on where they are...
  3. O

    Will a top spec processor run complex excel sheets quicker

    Hi, I've been running some complex excel models which are painfully slow. There are lots of volatile formula and vba which basically unhides sheets and recalculates all the formula each time. I know the probable best answer would be to address the issues in the spreadsheet but unfortunately that...
  4. S.H.A.D.O.

    Split strange symbol (like strikethrough) out of text.

    Good evening, I have a long list that looks like this: <tbody> VPN—Virtual Private Network VPU—Visual Processing Unit WAN—Wide Area Network WAP—Wireless Access Point WAP—Wireless Application Protocol WINS—Windows Internet Name Service WLAN—Wireless Local Area Network I want...
  5. H

    saving to network drive

    I have a module that saves to a network drive whenever I open the workbook. The problem is the code gives me an error when I try to open the saved file. the code is from a forum post on a different website Private Sub Workbook_Open() 'Sub SaveToLocations() ActiveWorkbook.SaveCopyAs...
  6. Vally 88

    small excel big loading and saving time

    Hello guys, I have a problem with my excel file, this is very small 174 KB and not particularly complex in formulas, just a few arrays and simple vlookups or math formulas, but it's sitting on dropbox. It takes a very long time for taking actions as well as saving. I have deleted all the not...
  7. T

    Apdating AddIns From the Network

    I have a small Add-In that I created on my local PC. It is saved on our network shared drive and I need to get it on the rest of our computers (a dozen or so). Is there a way to easily install it to each one without having to manually copy the file into the AddIns folder. If I browse to it when...
  8. W

    Macro to search network folder for new excel files and copy sheets to active workbook

    Hi all. I have a specific requirement as follows: Each day we receive a number of emails with 1 or a few excel attachments into a specific outlook account which outlook vba then saves the attachment/s to a network server folder and renames the files to todays date and time as well as the value...
  9. M

    Need my Personal.xlsb saved on a network drive instead of c:\\XLSTART - Possible?

    Need my Personal.xlsb saved on my network drive as we are required to use network drives for all files. I tried moving my file but it does not show up under View Macros. Is this possible?
  10. S

    Calculating response time including weekends? Use network days?

    Hi good folks. Greetings from Scotland. I have a question regarding network days, I've searched the forum but cant find an answer that is looks right. In the table below I'm trying to calculate the response between the 2 times below, based on a working day of 08:00 to 18:00, and should include...
  11. K

    links not updating after idle time on open files

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> I have 2 files where cells from one sheet in file 1 is linked to cells in file 2 worksheet. File 1 is the source and file 2 is the destination file. I have used the copy and...
  12. S

    Access Database takes a long time to pull data across the backend tables?

    Hi Access Pros - I have an Access database that is split up into two parts. A front end database that contains a form that is used to query information and a back end database that sits on a network share. It was designed this way as a means to prevent data loss in the event of a hard drive...
  13. J

    Help with SUMIF using criteria in two columns - SUMPRODUCT?

    I have been away from heavy Excel usage for a couple of years, so I'm struggling to remember things! I need to subtotal col E for each category in Col D, but including them only if Col B contains "CA". I thought SUMPRODUCT might be the answer, but I can't get this to work...
  14. L

    Network save error

    Hi I've set a workbook to automatically save the workbook every 10 minutes. However, as the workbook is located on a network drive (which is connected via Wifi), sometimes connectivity means it comes up with the error message saying that it cannot be saved. This then stops VBA from working...
  15. K

    VBA Code to open multiple excel files in Sharepoint O365

    Hi, I need help to open the files in sharepoint O365 site. "https://..." I got some codes from the internet however, it will not work on the other pc with limited features because it needs to map a network drive. Is there a way that there is no need to map a network to make it work in...
  16. kelly mort

    sharing excel file on a network

    Hello there, Can I have an excel file shared on a network for multiple users? They will not be working on same sheets. They will use userform to send data to their worksheet. Thanks in advance Kelly
  17. A

    VBA to refresh data links / connected to another workbook via shared network drive

    Hi, My workbook relies on values from other 5 workbooks saved on a network drive. The issue is that when someone tries to use the same workbook, they will need to go an update each link as the mapping drive letter varies between us. Therefore, I would like to add the ability to replace...
  18. T

    HH:MM:SS Formula!!

    Hi all, i'm usually good with formulas but this ones got me crazy, i'm trying to add up a bill because i think my network provider is pulling a fast one: I'm trying to add a these sort of formats: Thanks for your help guys!
  19. B

    Distribute Acess DB

    Hi Im starting to look into how to distribute my access db to users. I have 10 users. We have a company network where we store files etc. My idea is to do this: 1. Split my database in backend and frontend 2. Save the backend in a "hidden" folder on our network. 3. Save the frontend in the...
  20. S

    Snapshot updating over network reference

    I have a workbook that I am trying to reference another workbook on the network with a dynamic snapshot. I notice that it will not update unless I open the source document. How would I force the snapshot to update upon opening? I am using snapshot because the sheet has pictures on it that I want...

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