1. S

    Snapshot updating over network reference

    I have a workbook that I am trying to reference another workbook on the network with a dynamic snapshot. I notice that it will not update unless I open the source document. How would I force the snapshot to update upon opening? I am using snapshot because the sheet has pictures on it that I want...
  2. A

    **VBA** Refresh data linked / connected to another workbook via shared network drive

    Hi, My workbook relies on values from other 5 workbooks saved on a network drive. The issue is that when someone tries to use the same workbook, they will need to go an update each link as the mapping drive letter varies between us. Therefore, I would like to add the ability to replace drive...
  3. J

    Network error to post files via VBA: " Multiple connections" error

    Trying to post excel and pdf to shared network with a generic user/pword. Getting Multiple connections error. Error is run time error "Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to...
  4. S

    Incrementing VBA Range to Retrieve Values from Website

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to retrieve values from websites and enter them into an excel table using VBA. Column A has URLs Column B C and D are where I want the info extracted to be stored The URL varies for every row so I'd like for the VBA to increment the range as it goes through. My code...
  5. D


    I am creating an MS-Excel sheet, with hyperlinks, which would point to other MS-Excel Workbooks, in various network, locations/file folders. How do I create a hyperlink, using Insert, pointing to an MS-Excel Workbook, Sheet10, Cell M100. (As an example, and the file is located in a network...
  6. S

    GetSaveAsFilename() ALWAYS opens in My Documents even with ChDirNet()

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem with getting GetSaveAsFileName() function to open Save dialogue box in a Network drive instead of always opening in my documents. Basically, I have implemented a workaround to change path to a network drive via: Top of my working module: Private Declare Function...
  7. T

    How do you save a workbook to a file on the desktop that is a shortcut.

    At my work we run off a networked system. The only way I can make my excel tool to be used by my fellow counterparts is by creating a shortcut from the network drive to my desktop, than save the workbook by using that path. What is a way that i can save my workbook to this shortcutted folder.
  8. L

    Need help writing a VBA code excel

    I am a beginner and need things outlined very detailed. I am creating a file for scheduling. In the User tab, in column A I have Admin User Names. I have a code written that in C4 "Username" cell it displays the username of the person. This is from the network. I want to write a code that will...
  9. J

    VBA Print Specific Sheets to Specific Network Printers

    I have written the following Macro to try and print specific worksheets to specific network printers, but they all print to my default printer :( Thank you for your help!!!!! Sub PrintInitialOl() ' ' PrintInitialOl Macro ' Prints Initial "OL" (Print 1 letterhead to "Admin B&W Letterhead Printer...
  10. T

    add new row under multiples if conditions

    Hi everyone, I am facing a problem in Excel. First, I need to use VBA because it is impossible to add a row in excel without using VBA (of what I know...). The problem I am facing is that I have a data structure with thousands of lines in a tree type within the same column: BASIC COLUMN C1...
  11. X

    Excel Network Error - Tried various ways - still no solution.

    Hello, I have a excel problem here, and I seriously hope someone can help me on. I've been trying to figure this thing out for a while now, but still couldn't. We have one company model that we use to do all our analysis on. The model is good and usable. The only problem is that whenever we...
  12. M

    How to make network diagrams?

    Dear all, I apologize for my lack of knowledge, but I suppose we are able to make diagrams like these on excel, aren`t we? In case we can`t, can anyone recommend me a software I could use for that? Examples:
  13. M

    How do I run VBA over a LAN network?

    My coworkers and I decided it would be funny to write a macro that would open the disc trays of all the computers on pur LAN network. We figured out how to open the disk tray on the local computer, but how can we make the other computers do it by running VBA from only one computer?
  14. R

    Macro works fine on local drive, will not work on network drive?

    I have a workbook (located on my local drive) with a rather simple macro setup that unlocks a sheet upon the workbook opening, refreshes the data, then locks the sheet again. The sheet it unlocks is called "SignSheet" and it refreshes the data from a workbook called "signsheet" on another...
  15. D

    Need to use a network connection

    Hello, I use macro excel to take some files from the a secured network and fill a specific directory. When I use IExplorer I have access and the network drive is mounted, I can manage the files, make a copy, create folders .... With the macro I have access on some folders but some of they I...
  16. N

    Indirect concatenate formula

    Looking for some help with an indirect formula linking different cells and pulling information out of a different worksheet stored on the network. I have workbook with following cell contents: Cell A1: B (REPRESENTS XXX IN THE FORMULA BELOW) Cell A2: 9 R(REPRESENTS XXX IN THE FORMULA BELOW)...
  17. M

    issue using Excel files over a VPN network..

    hi all !! and thanks for reading this. My problem is that I have a VPN in my office, in there we have several excel's files, 2 or 3 files are related for the Price column. but when I open one of this files it's updates de price value to another old, and the other file does too. and thats not...
  18. G

    Excel keeps crashing, files keep corrupting and repairing. I am out of idea's

    I've been working on an excel planning tool for the past few months, it contains 6 sheets, some user forms, some modules, and loads of vba code. some times during this months excel has crashed on me due to infinite loops and computer crashes. after some crashes excel needs to repair the program...
  19. K

    Convert network UNC file path to the local drive reference path

    I am referencing files from a network drive, however it may be mapped as different letter drives on different users computers e.g. L:\ or R:\. Is there a way of finding what the drive has been mapped as on the users pc using the UNC file path e.g. \\server\folder\folder\file.xlsm Ideally I...
  20. L

    How do you update links immediately on a network file?

    Here's my situation: I have a master workbook file that has links to a feeder workbook. Master file and feeders are in the same folder. As I have developed this file I have kept it local on my computer. Locally, when I update one of the feeder worksheets, the master sheet is updated...

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