1. PoggiPJ

    How to capture a HTTP file path

    I need to modify an existing macro from opening and processing a pre-specified hard coded URL, to instead use the file open dialog to allow the user to select from one of several files on that web page. Basically I need to be able to set the path from the selected file name. Once the file has...
  2. A

    Login to network drive help

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a macro, that would map a network drive to a letter, login, and post some files there. I have been able to accomplish all but the login part, which is a bit of a pain... Below is what I've got so far: Sub MapDrive() ' =================== MAP DRIVE Z...
  3. Gerald Higgins

    VBA - capture ID of user with File Reservation, and then re-use in MSG box

    Hi all - thanks in advance for any help. I have an application which basically works fine, but I am looking at making some improvements. One thing it does is try to work with other files held on network servers. Occasionally, these files have already been opened by another user, and so the...
  4. P

    Macros on a Network

    Hi All, I am writing an excel macro that is a board game. Currently, the board is set up on a worksheet called "Board," with a page of details stored on a "Storage" worksheet. However as I began writing it, I learned about forms and how useful they can be. It got me thinking - is there anyway I...
  5. B

    VBA: Network Connection Macro Problem

    The code below is what I am currently using. The problem Im having is that when there are no connections at all it throws up a error "Bad Name" and highlights the If Dir("H:\") is there something I can add that I quess would check for any connection first then check for the H: Thanks If...
  6. Fowmy

    Add-in Installation in a Network Environment

    Hi, I have placed an Add-in in a network drive and installed in each workstation all using Excel 2007 without copying it to the local Addin folder in order for everyone to access the same Addin as read-only except myself who is allowed to make changes and save. I have set-up the Workbook_Open...
  7. L

    Excel 2010 'ghost' workbook shown in Move or Copy dialogue box

    Hi All My second ever forum post, exciting times! I am using Excel 2010 in Windows 7 on a new work network and have a personal macro workbook. I mention these points because I have been having issues which are related to them. Firstly I am sometimes forced to open files as read only because...
  8. B

    VBA Printing Question

    I've searched on these forums and google and haven't been able to find anything I can get to work. I know this is pretty basic, but this is the first time I've tried printing from VBA to a network printer. I have a report that runs automatically. A macro then runs to format it into the correct...
  9. B

    VBA EXPERTS: Refreshing a connection

    I have a computer that is wireless I have a simple save macro below that I use. The problem I have is sometimes the network connection needs refreshed before the macro will work. Could some one help me modify the code below to do this. The network drive is "H:\Burney Table\Tester\Operators...
  10. B

    vba: Check for network connection

    I am looking for some code to add to the beginning of the code below to check for a network connection before continuing.... Thanks Sub Job_Send() If MsgBox("By pressing Yes you confirm that all information entered is correct.", _ vbCritical + vbYesNo, "") = vbNo Then Exit Sub...
  11. A

    Networking linked spreadsheets - best practice

    Hi I have a number - about 25 - of manufacturing log spreadsheets that need to exist on a networked workstation - let's call it WKSTN 02. These contain multiple sheets. These logs contain cell references which are linked to several other sheets on a Master Stock List spreadsheet - a separate...
  12. G

    Sharing a Template for Multiple Users on Terminal Server

    I have about 10 users on a terminal server running Excel. Office is not installed on the server, just Excel. There is a custom spreadsheet that access various databases that they need to use. I'd like to save the spreadsheet as a template, si I can update, secure, and maintain it in one...
  13. M

    Links lost and changed to C drive

    I have devised a project management system. Basically there are individual workbooks for each project. Within each workbook there are around 30 separate worksheets to deal with Programme, Finance, Safety Audit, Notes etc. etc. Information from separate cells within each workbook are then linked...
  14. L

    Connection with Path instead of Drive letter?

    Hi, I have some code which creates a connection to a folder at a path I specify in a cell, but I'd like to be able to have others use it on the network drive. The issue is that not everyone has the same Drive letter that I have. I've tried the fix I usually use, but it did not work. How...
  15. A

    Network Connection

    Is there a script to check if a fileserver connection is valid or not. If a valid connection is detected then continue with other code. If not then exit sub. This is to test if the user is plugged into the network at the office verses at home. The letter drive I am trying to test for is S...
  16. A

    Generating Sequential Order Numbers

    Greetings oh enlightened Excel Professionals! I humbly seek advice over a number of little issues... I have looked thru a number of the threads and answers already on this site but I do not see anything similar to what I am going to ask you. I want to develop an ordering system for my...
  17. J

    Dropdown list from other book

    Can u have 10 shared workbooks using a single source workbook, for a dropdown menu; but i need to have like 5 books open at a time from different computers over a network. Plus each one needs to have a functioning dropdown option. Can this be done?
  18. L

    Help Excel Macro needs to reference file on network drive multiple users

    Hi, I have a macro that does a lookup from a file that is in a central network drive. There are multiple users who use the macro. I have shared the file so that everyone can be in it at once so the macro can do the lookups. The issue is that the users have the drive where the lookup file is...
  19. C

    Working with network drives

    Hi all, Is there a way to extract the current network drive (including server) and Dim as a string? Reason being all users are not necessarily on the same server and I want to Dim the full network path (including server) as a string if possible, as the full path is required for other pieces of...
  20. C

    Multiple Excel User on one Bloomberg Terminal via LAN

    Hi, I have a general question. Is it possible that Excel users on serveral computers in one local area network can see permanently updated stock quotes that are provide by one Bloomberg Professional terminal in the same network? The idea behind is that several users can open an Excel file that...

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