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    VBA code to locate specific already filtered columns by name and paste into a new workbook

    Hi All, So to give some background, i have a large data set (60k plus rows and 90 plus columns) that i need to filter and create a new workbook using specific columns. The size of the file changes daily, and columns are taken out and added. So i had to keep updating the previous macro i had...
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    Saving excel sheet using inputbox to select date range.

    Hello, I've been working on a complicated workbook but have ran into a problem that I can't seem to solve. I need to output a list of invoices to an external application (it can be imported as an .xls file but must be in a stand alone workbook on Sheet 1 for this to work). I have so far managed...
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    VBA Save active sheet as new Workbook in specific Location Values only

    Hello i need a macro that will Save the current active sheet as a workbook Any help would be greatly appreciated Requirements: Save active sheet as a workbook Values only Save to specific location E.G. "C:\Users\Username\Desktop" Save the file name as "text" & " " Active sheet name
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    Help: Macro for copying old workbook columns to new workbook

    Hey guys so im struggling with making a macro: To start; i get inventory lists that don't have my data on it and have to go copy columns from multiple tabs. I was creating the macro below but the problem am having is: How can i make this work on any 2 workbooks i have (ex: this one is copying...
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    VBA: Use loops to copy a groups of worksheets into multiple workbooks

    Hello, I created a macro that uses a counter to create 3 worksheets for each country included in a data tab. The data tab can have a variable number of countries, so the macro counts the number of countries and creates a Cover Sheet, Expense Sheet, and Income Sheet for each country (e.g. the...
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    GetSaveAsFilename with creating new workbook

    Hello everyone, I'm going to complete my simple application relating to creating new workbook, copying data sets from the workbook where I run my macro, pasting the set to the new one with possibility to point out a path. Private Sub UserForm_QueryClose(Cancel As Integer, CloseMode As...
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    Creating New Worksheet/Workbooks based on Existing Data from Master Sheet

    I am in the process of automating some of my workflow and cannot figure out how to best approach this situation. I have an inventory sheet that I would like to create new sheets off of based on categories. Each category would need its own file generated along with all items included...
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    copy row to new workbook if a cell is 0.1 or less

    hello i have a workbook titled 3 months and in this wb i have Sheet1 which contains data i need copying to a new wb if cell in column D is 0.1 or less, this could be 1 or 200 rows. this new wb would need to be saved in a different filepath. i'm assuming this is possible but i am not sure how...
  9. K

    Macro to copy selected worksheets to new workbook

    Hi, I've seen some similar posts, but most have been too specific for my needs. I have a workbook with 150+ worksheets, containing reports for 60+ employees. All have at least two worksheets; many have three or four. I need to be able to group the two, three, or four worksheets for each...
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    Copying closed workbooks to a new workbook

    I need to be able to have individual sheets from different WKBKS to link data to another WKBK which is my dashboard. What I am trying to achieve is I need is to be able to open all WKBK'S in a Folder automatically and import the data, sheet1 from each WKBK so that the sheets copied will...
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    Delete worksheets after copying to new workbook

    Hello, can anyone please provide guidance on how to edit the following code to *delete* the worksheets beginning with "Labor BOE" from my initial/primary excel worksheet, after these sheets are copied into a new workbook? Here is the code being utilized: Sub Export_X() Dim Sh As...
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    Worksheets copied into new workbook - Cell Color/Fill Changes - Unintentional - Preserve Cell Color/Fill

    Hello, I am using the following code (which works great) to export the sheets named "Labor BOE xxxx" after my spreadsheet creates multiple copies of a template worksheet, inserts summary tables, and populates the summary tables. The one issue that I haven't been able to figure out is... after...
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    Copy Sheets - Not working

    Hello, I am using the following code to copy multiple worksheets into a new workbook. Unfortunately, the worksheets aren't copying over. I am wondering if creating the new workbook is changing my "Activeworkbook" which is referenced on line 6. Any thoughts on how to correct this? Also, I...
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    Copy specific worksheets to new workbook (as values). Save as

    Hello, I am attempting to do the following: Copy all worksheets whose name ends in "-PP" into a new workbook (formats, values - NO formulas) Open a pop-up box in the new workbook that asks the user to enter the version number Open the save as window and save the file to the user's desktop as...
  15. B

    VBA Command Button turn off linking to source workbook

    I am trying to accomplish something that I would suspect is a common type of problem, but I have been all over the internet and I'm having trouble finding it: I have a master excel workbook with lots of macros, formulas, and data from many sources which I copy each week to do my planning. I...
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    Copy array to another workbook

    I have some complicated VBA code to populate a 2-D array (250 by 366). When the array has been populated, I want to copy the array to another workbook. I believe there is a way to efficiently copy en masse with very simple code. Any thoughts?
  17. C

    VBA Copy New Sheet & Existing

    Hi, I'm creating new files (over 40) based on a list. Column M On "Lookup" contains the list and new file names. Ideally the new file contains 1) A copied tab "Account_Risk_Assessment" 2) the original "Lookup" tab I've pieced together this from other forums... Sub accountlisting()...
  18. D

    Need one more bit of VBA to save wksht as values in new wkbk

    Hi all--I have the need to save only the values from one sheet of a workbook, as .csv in a new workbook that is named according to the value in cell A2. The sheet is populated according to formulas. I have a nice, simple VBA doing everything right...except it copies the formulas over, and the...
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    Copy & paste to empty row in seperate workbook

    Hi all. Long time listener, 1st time caller. I am still learning a lot every day with VBA, having only recently returning to a position that requires me to use it again, and I didnt know much before! I have a UserForm which is populating data entered into 'row 2' on 'sheet 1' which I need to...
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    Excel Macro to Copy Data to New Workbook Based On Two Cell Values

    <tbody> Acct. No Product Date Manager Business Unit Misc. 1 A JULY SUE EAST NEEDS UPDATED CONTACT INFO 2 A AUGUST BOB WEST 3 C JUNE MARY SOUTH 4 D JULY TIM NORTH 5 B JULY MARY WEST </tbody> <tbody> </tbody> I need input/guidance on a work problem. Another branch for our...

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