1. Jambi46n2

    Renaming Workbooks based on Cell Value with VBA

    The code below works with renaming workbooks, however it also moves them as well. Is there a way to modify the code to make a copy of the workbook instead of moving it? Thanks much in advance! Sub RenameTesting() Dim OldName1, NewName1 'Work books based on cell values below OldName1 =...
  2. J

    M Code - change field names

    Hi I need to change a number of field Names in a DataTable. Dozens, and it may chnage going fwd, hence the need for automation. I have Table (FieldNameChgTable) with the fields to change. Can anybody PLEASE help with the M-Code to loop through the FieldNameChgTable to update the DataTable. I...
  3. K

    Old macro won't run after upgrading to 2013

    I've been using this macro for a long time, what it does: -creates new folder -saves sheets as new files -saves workbook as new filename with time and date stamp -chops off the file extensions -saves copy of workbook into newly created folder -adds date/time stamp to folder name You'll notice...

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