next blank row

  1. R

    VBA Paste Special and finding the next empty row

    I'm trying to create a master spreadsheet that collates worker timesheets from 100+ workers, onto a single master spreadsheet(pasted to 1 sheet, not to separate sheets). I've managed to get it to the point(with a jigsaw of borrowed code), where the timesheets do paste in to the one master...
  2. N

    Cant get Macro to go to next empty row

    Hey everyone, I have created a macro to copy information from one workbook and paste in another. I'm putting in If statements and the only problem is that I cannot figure out how to get the macro to go to the next empty row if the condition is met for both of the if statements. Please help me...
  3. K

    Help needed to transpose range of data to the next blank row in another worksheet

    Hi, I need help with Visual Basic. I only know how to record macros (which results in very long scripts), and need help with this code. Background info: I have 2 worksheets in this file: 1 – Calculator (which I will key in some numbers). 2 – Summary (which, at the click of a button, I want the...
  4. E

    VBA Help - Export Excel Form Data from one workbook to next empty row in another workbook with different cell organization XL 2010

    Here is the scenario: Workbook "Calculator" is completed by several different users and is e-mail to one particular user via a submit button macro. The calculator includes the following info that then needs to be exported to a "MasterList" located in another workbook (info in parentheses...
  5. B

    Macro: Copying/Pasting a single row of variables to the next free row in a second spreadsheet

    Good afternoon ladies and gents, I would very much appreciate some help with a macro. I've never used them before so I'm completely useless with VBA, but more than willing to learn. Problem explained below: I have two spreadsheets - one is a type of calculator, whilst the other records some...
  6. L

    VBA Search and copy (2 Workbooks involved)

    I am looking to automate some updating that I do. I will try my best to explain. Book1: <tbody> Serial# Cycle Count Date Complete A4646366 525200 06/06/13 Done D2352352 235500 07/06/13 GC1223 667200 08/06/13 </tbody> Book2: <tbody> Serial # Life Cycle Count Last Updated...
  7. S

    Sheet1 data input to sheet2, to find next blank find the next blank row in sheet2, to form list. Perfect world, Sheet1 is the data entry sheet, that data is sent to sheet2 [items use] and the Job name from sheet1 will go to Sheet3 to create a Job List. I had asked this question on another site [not the best place to look]. Is...
  8. 0

    Copy Named Fields to Another Spreadsheet Blank Row

    Hello All....I have been searching for a while and have found bits and pieces of code I want but nothing that works so far. If someone could point me to a thread that would do this that would be great. I have really familar with UserForms and copying data to blank rows which is what I want...

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