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    convert Array Formula to Non-Array

    Hello All just trying to get the following array formula to a non-array {=IFERROR(INDEX(TRADES!$D$2:$D$2000,MATCH(1,(TRADES!$A$2:$A$2000=B3)*(TRADES!$C$2:$C$2000=DATE($F$1,$N$1,$E$1)),0)),"")} Thanks
  2. N

    How to extract only first 2 items, from different groups in the same data, meeting certain criteria

    I have a table as below. The goal is to extract only first two shop i.d.s from each country having the status either "Active" or "Completed" or "Discontinued". If there are no shops in the country with that status do not extract. If only one than extract only one. Finally the answer should be in...
  3. S

    Non array formula to get the last value

    A non-array formula to get the last number in Row 1 after "YES" in Row 2. In the first table , the answer is 2. In the second table, the answer is 0 as there is no value after "Yes" Table 1 <tbody> 10 2 20 30 2 Yes </tbody> Table 2 <tbody> 10 2 20 30 2...
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    UDF to List Unique Values Unsorted in a Non-Array Formula

    Hi, I have been using this UDF to get a list of sorted unique values from a field BATCH in a table TRANSACTIONS in a separate sheet - Function FilterUniqueSort(ByRef rng As Range, ByVal ref As Long) Dim e, x With CreateObject("System.Collections.ArrayList") For Each e In...
  5. R

    Return First Non-Blank & *NOT* Use An Array Formula?

    Is it possible to return the first non-blank value of a column without using an array formula? The reason for this is irritating as it is but is due to the fact that Numbers on iOS doesn't seem to recognize the array usage in formulas. Any help would be appreciated!

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