non-blank cell

  1. L

    Formula to find a value by going right, down, and then left.

    I am looking for a formula that will find the value in cell B1 in the row B5:I5. Then go down from that date to the first non-blank cell. Then go left and return the corresponding value/name in column A6:A12 into cell F1. Thanks in advance. I have been racking my head trying to figure this out...
  2. F

    Index, Match, Return non-blank cell

    Hello! I am trying to use the Index Match functions to carry over data from one sheet to another. I am a little lost as to how to make this work, so I am not sure if what I have is on the right track. Goal: In the sheet titled 3.Summary (first screen shot below) the formula in cell D2 is...
  3. J

    Copy non-blank cells

    I have the results from a form in a series of columns with each row being a unique form submission. There are a series of optional comment columns. I would like to copy the non-blank cells from the response sheet to a summary sheet with each comment on a unique line for ease of reading.
  4. M

    code for copying data from multiple sheets and compiling in a seperate sheet

    Hi all, new to this so please bear with me. My concern is a 2 parter but I'll only focus on part 1 at the moment. I need a code preferably in the form of a button, that can copy all the data out of Sheet1,Sheet2,Sheet3....etc and paste it into sheet(COMPLETE). The data will always start from...
  5. B

    Find the nearest non blank cell in a row

    I have a problem which I have been trying to solve but I need help. Thanks in advance for any answers. I have time series data, much of which is in complete. So for example there might be 4 years missing in the series. What I'd like is a formula which finds the nearest non-blank value both...
  6. P

    LOOKUP with multiple matches and blank cells

    Hello, I am working on a spreadsheet in where there are multiple matches and values. I am having problems with creating a formula to lookup the last non-blank cell Below is an example of the raw data <tbody> Doe, Jane 1/06/2015 7.6 113.9 Doe, Jane 1/13/2015 8.9 61 1.14 Doe...
  7. bs0d

    First Non-Blank Row# between Multiple Columns

    So I've seen this question a lot, but I haven't found a solution that applies to multiple columns. I'm looking to obtain the row number that represents the first cell that contains any data, search between a pre-defined range of columns, for instance B:G. Most of what I find applies to one...
  8. M

    Need to Determine Range, and Execute a Loop Based on it

    Excel 2007 on Windows XP For a macro I am writing, I need to start in a certain cell and find the number of non-blank cells going down, then using this count execute a simple copy and paste loop. However I am new to the macro world and am struggling with the loop concept at least in this...
  9. Urner

    HELP: VBA to find first non-blank cell in the row?

    How should I write a vba code that will find the first non-blank cell in a specified row range and then copy it to another sheet? Any suggestions?

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