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    Help Standardizing/Normalizing Data

    Hello, It's been a while since I took a Stats class, so I need to know how to normalize data like in the example below. In this case, 10 mistakes on 2 samples is far worse than 10 mistakes on 12 samples...I just need a way to view number of mistakes based on a normalized scale of samples...
  2. L

    Problems transposing a table (columns into rows, with column headings)

    Having read what seems like hundreds of forum posts about using a macro to transpose data from columns into rows, I still haven't managed to get my macro to work. I need to go from this: <tbody> 1 2 3 4 Category A Record 1 B C D E Category A Record 2 C D E Category B Record 3 C A...
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    Query trouble, Redundant data with table joins and date selects

    (Access 2007) I have three tables in a database: tblClients, tblOfficeVisits and tblData tblClients has a primary key CaseID. This is joined (inner, 1-Many) to CaseID in tblOfficeVisits which contains only three fields (CaseID, VisitNumber and VisitDate). The purpose is to list every time a...
  4. G

    Table design for questionnaire data

    Hi There (Apologies if this doesn't make sense!) I need to store results from an paper audit so that the data can be entered via a form and interrogated through queries. I have 6 text fields but the remaining 30 questions are multiple choice. I also need to store date, time, who the auditor...

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