1. M

    Networkdays + Datevalue

    Hello, In Networkdays formula, we have "holidays" part, where we can easily use excel list of holidays that we created in advance. But what I want to do is to note holidays in the formula manually (not from existing list). For this reason I write holidays in the Networkdays formula with the...
  2. A

    Currency transaction record

    Dear Experts I want a table in which the No of Currency received/given to be record in a cell like for 1000 Note 1000 4 500 200 100 . . if i receive 1 note of 1000 rupee then i write 1 in front of 1000 rupee cell if i receive another 1000 rupee note then i write 2 in front of 1000 rupee...
  3. P

    Convert duplicate number / reference unique if is 8 or less digits

    All hi, Kindly require to provide me a support so that a VBA code to run through col. “C” and where the first 8 digits and less from left side are common, should place by alphabetical method a letter and space on left. Note that the first common number/reference should remain unaffected and...
  4. L

    VBA Annotate Pivot Table Modification

    I'm working on implementing VBA code that adds a comment column right after a pivot table. The link below on post #108 is the code I'm using, but my question is what part of the code do I modify to have the comment column(s) be 4 columns after my pivot table instead of the column immediately...
  5. R

    Will a converted excel workbook work as well as a new one?

    I have a large excel workbook that was made with excel 2003. I am now using Excel 2016. If I "convert" the old worbook to the new 2016 format, is there any downside? (It seems to work fine, but will it work as well with no lags, or issues, when compared to if I made a "new" workbook with...
  6. E

    Putting an equation into solver

    Hello, I need to input equations into solver in Excel (Its easy to do most of these outside but the automation is helpful) For example $120=$93.50*X+(S:S)*($3000-X) How would I type this equation into Excel to have it solved. NOTE: In this case S will be from a list of Values.
  7. K

    Converting date and hours format

    I have a cell that contains a count down to a specific time. The count down appears like this: 10d 23:18:43 Is it possible to write a formula that will convert the count down to hh:mm:ss? In the above i would expect: 263:18:43 Note that if a single day is left the cell looks as such: 1d...
  8. rediffusion

    How to adjust the size of the `Note` after opening it?

    Cross-post ! So here is macro: Private Sub NoteZoom3() With ActiveWindow.VisibleRange NoteChangeSize .Width, .Height, True End With End Sub Private Sub NoteChangeSize(w!, h!, Optional scr As Boolean) With ActiveCell.Comment.Shape .Width = w: .Height = h...
  9. rediffusion

    Application.CommandBars(“vbaPopup”).ShowPopup ··· how can I add `Submenu` (Ron de Bruin)?

    Cross-post is here! I have «Microsoft Office 365 2019». First of all i want to tell how <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 1px 5px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height: inherit; font-family: Consolas, Menlo, Monaco...
  10. M

    Copying and Pasting Format Issue in Gmail

    Hello, I never had this happen before, can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I have a excel sheet that looks like this...(note the blank columns) But when I paste into an email, it looks like this...(note the spaces are no longer separated) DateTypeDebit"CheckNumber"...
  11. S

    anchoring comments/notes active vs non-active cells

    I have the following which seems to reset comment/note boxes only when the red indicator is hovered over: Sub ResetComments() Dim cmt As Comment For Each cmt In ActiveSheet.Comments cmt.Shape.Top = cmt.Parent.Top + 5 cmt.Shape.Left = _ cmt.Parent.Offset(0, 1).Left + 5 Next End Sub However...
  12. J

    Look up value and return multiple results

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping you can help me.... I'm trying to create a simple spreadsheet in excel to keep track of my daily conversations. I have the spreadsheet laid out horizontally which I guess is not ideal (I can transpose this if it makes life easier). I'm hoping to put the date in each week and...
  13. B

    number separation

    Hi all, I have a situation, wherein i need to separate the below numbers and will be input to other info. 1.5 X 3 X 8 3 X 1.5 X 10 I need to get first numbers-1.5 3 I need to get Mid numbers- 3 1.5 and note there...
  14. D

    search string in folder (text file or word file) and put all result in column

    Hi, I would like to ask a macro where it will search through a folder and subfolder and put the result in columns in excel. Sample is : words to look in a note file - 'Note', 'black", 'white', 'blue' if 2 words found: column1 column 2 C:\document\txt1...
  15. T

    How to get outlook email received date and time in excel

    Hi All, Please note that, i want to get outlook current date (today) email subject name, Email received date and time in a excel. Note : I have configured business Queue in my outlook. I want to get the data from added business queue. Any one can help Regards, Mohideen Thasthahir
  16. J

    Note - Fill Format to show a picture

    Hello Guru(s), In previous version of Excel, you could edit the format of a note to show a picture by changing some settings in the format/fill tab. This latest Jan 31st 2019 release seems to have removed this nice little feature. Any idea how to do this now? Basically any way for a picture...
  17. B

    Sum values between recurring text

    Hi, Just looking to see if there is a method to sum values in a range between recurring words in a separate column. I am trying to use one column for the formula in the total column. So far "=IFERROR(IF($B4*$C4=0,0,$B4*$C4),0)" is in column D with some conditional formatting. I would like to...
  18. J

    COMMENTS have become NOTES, and "Edit Note" is missing from right-click menu...

    So MS has renamed the old Comments to Notes, and the new Comments have become threaded conversations. We're now using Notes in the same manner as we used to use Comments. The problem is, EDIT NOTE nor NEW NOTE appear in the right-click menu when in a cell that has a Note, only DELETE NOTE. Is...
  19. M

    user notes in Excel.

    I'd like my end users to be able to type a text note and store it in an excel sheet. The note would be edited by the next shift, and then saved to the spreadsheet. There's no requirement to save it other than the next person would be able to see the concerns of the prior person. Very simple...
  20. I

    Delete everything to the left of text between delimiters

    I have a text string in excel that is a series of notes delimited by <> following each note So an example would be: It is going well - I hope; we'll know more next week<>Project is slipping - more to some<>Project is on track as of 7/7/18<>Well, it's back off track as of 7/15<> Would very...

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