1. S

    IRR Problem: Required inflows to solve for a desired IRR

    Hi, imagine I have a project that lasts for 20 years that has a beginning outflow of $10 and in the first 10 years there are additional outflows of $2. Assume that the inflows are constant and they last from year 3 up until year 20. Is there a formulaic way (i.e. not using VBA, goal seek, etc)...
  2. G

    UDF for NPV with an escalation each year

    Hi all I have a the following data for an NPV calculation: Start date - Start date of lease End date - End date of lease Rate - discount rate n - number of months of the lease pmt - initial payment (to be escalated by escalation rate at each escalation interval) Escalation rate (eg. 8%)...
  3. ca.moazzam

    Excel equivalent of Quattro Pro's NETPV formula (urgent pls)

    Hi experts. I am desperately trying to convert a Quattro Pro file in to Excel and stuck up with a formula.:confused: In Quattro Pro it is as follows: A B C 1 6 27,176 2 12 27,176 3 12 27,176 4 12 27,176 5 12 28,308 6 12 28,308 7 12...
  4. P

    Is there a quicker way to do this? (trying to compute a margin analysis based of a data table)

    So I have a basic investment analysis sheet that covers revenue, costs, pre-tax profit for 7 years and ends with an NPV that equates to an implicit margin. However I have been asked to create a two input data table to test the sensitivity of 2 variables in the project. I did that and have a...
  5. L

    MIRR results increase then decrease with constant cash flows the longer the life

    I have been preparing business plans recently using the MIRR formula in Excel 2007. The results of the MIRR function will increase initially then begin to decrease as time continues. We use the assumption of an initial investment(no other investments going forward) and while the cash flows are...
  6. V

    Solving for Target XIRR

    Hi - I have a series of cashflows & dates going out to 2050. I have a target IRR of 10%. Going out to 2050 with my casfhlows definitely covers the 10% and more. I am trying to find a formula, or a way to be able to solve for how far out I need to go to hit my target IRR of 10%. Any thoughts...
  7. V

    Target future value to Yield 12%, cash flows compounded quarterly

    I'm able to fairly successfully calculate a future payoff required to achieve a targeted return (say 12%), on an annual basis, with the following formula =-NPV(12%,cash flows)*(1+12%)^COUNTA(Periods) However, I'm trying to adapt this formula for cash flows that are compounded quarterly. For...
  8. J

    Return on Investment for Multiple Cash Flows -- NPV IRR

    Team, I'm trying to calculate the ROI where there are many outflows & inflows. Since inflows > outflows; the investor makes $$ The return is 31% if the Cost of Capital is Zero. The ROI is that Cost of Capital which yields Zero for the Net Return. To solve this I need a column (or many...
  9. K

    calculate NPV of increasing rents with varying multipliers

    Morning, In short i have a huge list of leases lease's which all have varying terms etc, but the one im having trouble with is the rising/doubling rents and their NPV, Ill use one lease as an example: lease start 01/01/2001 lease length 99 lease doubles every 25 years. Initial rent £175 So...
  10. A

    NPV - Variable Cashflows

    I have a report with varying lengths of Cashflows. How do I make a formula calculate the NPV where I can just paste next to the cashflows and it will automatically calculate the appropriate range based on the term. Lets say Initial cost is in A1, rate is B1, equation is C1, and cashflows begin...
  11. H

    NPV of a Project & Trial Simulation!!

    Hey guys. Hope you are doing good and in the mood to help a brother out :) I have been working on a project that I need to solve the NPV for...I made out the income statement and I believe I have the values correct. I also calculated the NPV for the project using the CFFA, but could anyone...
  12. K

    Letting excel calculate with ^n

    I want to calculate the Net present value over a variable time of years. Now I've got the formula =SUM(FV/(1+interest)^n where n is the amount of years. However I want the SUM of all years apart. I can set a expected number of years for the project but this is variable. So for instance I set the...
  13. T

    NPV not using timeline 0

    When using Excel to solve for Net Present Value using the NPV function there is no place to insert the initial cash flow found at 0 on the timeline and will always incorrectly solve the problem. If the initial cash flow is inserted into the first value it will apply interest to that value...
  14. R

    IRR Calculation

    HI, I am trying to calculate the last value in an IRR casfhflow to make the total cash flow = 15% IRR I have a string of numbers, -100, -10 , 10, 10, 15, X. I am trying to find the value of X that makes the cashlow = 15% IRR Can anyone help with a formula? Thanks, Ryan
  15. B

    Cash Flow Analysis, trouble with assigning buttons, trouble all around.

    This is the first part of my assignment. I am about to go crazy because I cannot figure out how to do any of this. I know how to go to VBA and create the subroutine, but after that i'm pretty much lost. Anyone have any ideas. I am extremely desperate! I just need something to look at to learn...
  16. G

    NPV works well with excel???

    Hi Somebody told me that the NPV formula used by Excel doesn´t calculate the value correctely. Is this true??? I´m trying to calculate the NPV for this cash flow, Investment: -10.000 1st period 1.000 2nd period 3.000 3rd period 3.500 4th period 4.500 5th period 10.000 Rate: 2%...

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