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    Combine/Join 2 tables and get an output in 3rd table

    hi all, I have 2 different tables in Excel; I have managed to get them into Access database in Table format. But I have a task to join these 2 table and get a new table. I have written the query, but its not working; while executing I get the error that its too complex.... Request your help...
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    Userform VBA Check Box when checke and command button selected Copy and paste Userform data to worksheet

    Apologies for the lengthy title. I have never done anything using a check box. What needs to be accomplished is when the check box is selected all the data that is in the userform will be copied and redirected to a worksheet. Currently when the command button is selected it copies all the data...
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    Recorded Macro

    Hi I've recorded the following Macro in a workbook called SCSGroupageT which is obviously referenced in the code. How do i need to amend the code so that it will run in any workbook? Thanks Sub Testvba() ' ' Testvba Macro ' ' Range("A1:I2656").Select Range("C4").Activate...
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    Saveas Environ "HOMEPATH" working on Windows 10 PC, but NOT in server environment. Why?

    I have code that, among other things, is supposed to generate an Outlook e-mail from Access, and save that e-mail to a folder. The code works in a PC Windows 10 environment, but we are testing in Windows Server 2012 R2, and the code is throwing an error at the line in red below. We've tried...
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    Sequence Numbers in Access Query

    Hello. Please see my SQL below. Everything is working fine, except I have to account for duplicates. What I want to do: If there are duplicate Member Number fields, then sequentially use L25 for the first one, L26 for the second, so on and so forth. Any ideas? Thanks. SELECT...
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    Copy and delete one record and put it on another table using check box event

    I am very new to Access and VBA/SQL. I am attempting to copy one record to another table on click event. I then want to delete it from the original record that I am copying from. But first I am having trouble with the insert into statement. The table is not a local table but I do have it as a...

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