number formatting

  1. P

    Negative Values Not Showing as Negatives

    I am working on a time tracking spreadsheet. If a Leave balance goes over the available leave minutes the Balance should show has negatives. While my formula works if the Days (D) or Hours (H) are negatives... the minutes (M) does not show the values as negatives, it shows the absolute value...
  2. K

    Active X ListBox

    Good day all. I have a Active X ListBox that is linked to a cell. The list range is a list of serial numbers that is used to add additional information on the spreadsheet with a vlookup function. The listbox is working almost as expected. The number that I select in the listbox, is transferred...
  3. F

    PIVOT TABLE Values not Matching Worksheet Values

    Work Day values in the Pivot Table do not match the work day values in the worksheet. Some entries in worksheet show less than a full day (e.g: 0.75 of a day vs. 1 day). I tried to use the cell format function the Pivot Table, but that did not work. How do I get Pivot Table to show values < 1...
  4. G

    Number formatting

    Is there a way to change all cells in a workbook that share a common number format? I have a workbook with multiple tabs. I would like to be able to have a vba code to change the number formatting for all cells that have this #,##0_ );(#,##0) formatting to #,##0.0,_);(#,##0.0,) and then back...
  5. S

    Numbers as text , number format

    Hi guys, I wondrer if there is a way to usenumber format to get excel to recognise and treat a number written as text, forinstance “ten” as the number 10? If possible I would like to keep it displayed asthe word “ten”.
  6. M

    Time formatting

    I'm working on a tabular model where there's waiting times in seconds. I've calculated a measure that displays the average waiting time in seconds (10 sec = 10) but how can I show it in (hours) minutes and seconds? The normal number formatting doesn't seem to work ( Normal time formatting...
  7. I

    Number format with numbers and text

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use number formatting to do the preferred option below. I have a lot of codes and have to type the space between the text and numbers. Any help or ideas will be appreciated. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> GENERAL PREFERRED DSF485EC DSF 485...
  8. M

    Excel formatted as number but left aligned

    I have a list of product ID (consist of all numbers) generated from another system.However these numbers are already in format number but left aligned. I need them to be number format as I am using this file for another system. Any advice? Thank so much.
  9. H

    simple macro to format numbers doesnt work

    <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; min-height: 14.0px}</style>i have hte below code but it doesnt work for some reason! the code runs without breaking but it does not format at all...
  10. T

    Number Formatting

    I have a spreadsheet with over 74K lines and I need 1 of my columns be a hard (absolute) number out to 2 places after the decimal point. for example. If I have 24 in a cell, I need it to be 24.00. when I change the formatting the view changes but the actual contents of the cell aren't...
  11. O

    Numeric data is incorrect after upgrading from 2013 to 2016

    Hi, Up until a week ago my company used Excel 2013 but we have now been upgraded to Office 365 with Excel 2016. Yay! A year ago I built an analysis template with accumulated weekly sales data with the power pivot addin, and had to upgrade the model to be able to use the report with the new...
  12. S

    Conditionally Show Decimal Places Withough formulas or conditional formatting

    I have a sheet the pulls data from records to calculate the average length of time different actions we track take to happen. The problem is this sometimes results in nice neat numbers with no or only a few decimal places and sometimes results in irrational numbers showing 9 decimal places. I...
  13. H

    format numbers after calculation

    Part of my work involves dose response determinations. We use a half log dilution to make up 9 concentrations. The top concentration can be anything from 500 to 1. Using these two as examples the numbers look like this, after manually formatting each cell. <colgroup><col><col...
  14. N

    Ages in form yy/mm manipulation error

    Hi All, I am very new to excel so bear with me please...! So, I have a set of numbers in two columns <tbody> A B C 1 a 13/3 14/9 2 b 15/6 16/3 3 c 10/3 12/3 4 d 14/6 14/9 5 e 8/10 6/5 6 f 10/11 12/3 7 g 12/0 8/2 8 h 12/9 14/0 9 i 9/7 10/7 </tbody> In column D I want to...
  15. Mary90

    Displaying 1-12 numbers as months of the year

    Hi guys:rolleyes: I have a graph that uses the actual numbers 1-12 to display months, but I'd like the data label to display the month written out as text. Since the number must stay as an integer between 1 and 12, I cannot use date type formulae, since they then need the number to become a...
  16. V

    number formatting \ Millions to ones

    Hello, As per attached file can we change number formatting for numbers (Thousands to ones) for eg like may we see 450,000 as 4.5 ? Any Quick help will be appreciated. Thanks, Vijay
  17. H

    Customizing the Accounting Formats dropdown list

    Hi friends! I'd like to know if there is anyway to customize the "Accounting Formats" dropdown list at the Home tab, Number section in the ribbon. Does any of you Excel Blackbelt Ninja know how to do that? Just for clarification, I don't need to create any custom format, what I need is to...
  18. M number formatting

    Hello all. I'm looking to do a number format on the data in a pivot table grouping. Currently when you Group the data each range is filled with decimals (Excel 2010) I would like the ranges to be 0.15-0.23 vs 0.152222222222222-0.232222222222222 which is what i get (by the way i dont want those...
  19. P

    long numbers changing in .csv file when file is opened

    I have a problem that is driving me crazy... I have a .csv file that I exported from a sql database. One of the columns contains customer account numbers. Most of which are 16 digits long. Some are shorter. The majority of the account numbers follow this format. 1200000000000167 The problem is...
  20. C

    Set date/ time formats in a VBA to allow IF statement to work

    In excel, I have reports that give me a column of dates (m/d/yy in Column A) and a column of times (hh:mm:ss in Column B). I have an issue with the dates being listed as the previous day if the time is before "07:00:00". To fix this issue, I normally run an IF statement in the "C" column that...

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