number stored as text

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    Issues with cell type conversion

    Hi, I'm having difficulty with excel's automatic recognition of cell formats. I have a column imported from another source that are stored in 'general' format - numbers are stored as text, dates appear as 'dd/mm/yyyy. I am assigning these values to another column in a separate sheet, however...
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    VBA Code .value2 = .value2 copying currency as number stored as text

    Hi guys, I have a line of VBA code where I copy a row of values (text, dates, numbers and currency) to another workbook: ActiveSheet.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Resize(, 16).Offset(1, 0).Value2 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("COPY").Range("C55:R55").Value2 Where column L and N are currency values...
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    VLOOKUP question

    The table array that contains the data I want to look up has some items that have leading 0's, alphanumeric and only numbers. The data is stored as text, so excel is returning the number is formatted as text error. Because of this error, some of the data items are not getting picked up when I...
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    If statement that will extract a number from text

    Hi- I am working on a spreadsheet storing information about purchases. If someone buys a single item, the cell states "single item ###" (the ### being the code of the item). If not, there is a random string of letters and numbers. I have made an if statement stating that If the cell has the...
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    excel 2003 - VBA - Correct "Number Stored asText" errors

    Hi, I recently finished my vba code to import results from a database table. When the VBA macro imports the data onto the worksheet all my values are stored as text in excel and thus the green arrow error appears. The funny thing is that excel kept my dates as a date....( column A ) How...

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