numbers stored as text

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    Advanced Filter

    How would you set up advanced filter if you want to collect records of a dataset that contain numbers stored as text, and you want them starting with the partial text 646&"*" or 647&"*". I have a dataset where a column contains account code in text format such 6****** and I want all of those...
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    Convert All Numbers Stored as Text

    Hello World, I have a table of data that looks similar to this: <tbody> A B 1 Item1 Apple 2 Item1Weight 50 3 Item1Height 25 4 Item2Length 10 </tbody> This structure repeats about 500x. I am importing data currently and the green arrows apprear in the corners and say numbers stored...
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    Numbers as Text Causing Problems

    Hi All, I'm sure this is a common theme on this board, but numbers appearing as text is causing me a helluva problem. I'm running an awkwardly complicated series of if statements with vlookups matching property codes in the first column and returning data from second column (see sample data...
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    Converting numbers stored as text to numbers

    Hi - looking for help here. I have tried to use the small green triangle to "convert to number" but this returns a scientific value stored as "general" format (from 350298922105792620 to 3.50299E+17). I have also tried multiplying by 1 but this seems to be rounding the value...
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    Convert numbers in to text

    Hi all, Please help me with the following dilemma. I am using excel to create invoices via MS Word. But word cannot handle numbers correctly, format issue, so I am converting numbers in Excel to text. The problem I have know is that converting numbers in excel tot text Excel only shows the...
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    vba code for formating cell values to numbers

    I have a huge dataset in columns b of mulitple worksheets that are six digit values. When I try to manipulate them (add together, multiply etc) I get "#VALUE" or "#N/A". If I retype a value over a cell, the manipulations work so it leads me to believe they aren't formatted as values. I have...
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    Numbers Stored as Text

    Due a ton of work importing .CSV files and I am always fighting numbers stored as text. Suggestions? When you do lookups the error goes over to the results. I have multipled by one, converted to text, converted to value and used data text to columns...What a pain

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