1. M

    Extract and arrange the numbers small to larger values

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need to extract the numbers of column E:N and need to arrange them in order small to larger values in the columns P:Y</SPAN></SPAN> Example <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse...
  2. M

    number plus alpha character plus symbol custom format

    I need to create a custom cell format as follows: Example: 17a > This custom format would only require me to enter for example 6c OR 23d OR 3f OR 17a OR whatever #a OR whatever #b OR whatever #c etc. etc. etc. Do you get the picture? Before the need for an alpha character this was simple...
  3. S

    Average groups of numbers within a larger group

    I have a large group of numbers in a column. I would like to average those numbers in groups of 7. So average the first 7, average the 2nd 7, and so on down the whole list. Is there a way to do this without manually selecting each group to find their average? I have Kutools and ASAP utilities...
  4. P

    SUM only numbers in a cell that also contains text.

    Hi, I'm sure this will be fairly straightforward for someone here... I have a group of cells that I want adding together, they are cells G65, K65, O65 and S65. Each one of these cells contains both text and numbers and I only want to add the number part of the cell. They all contain the same...
  5. K

    Locking Formula

    Hi All, this question I asked a long time ago and didn't really get on top of it, I'm assuming I would need some VBA code to accomplish this Looking for some help on this one, if I have a series of numbers in cells A1:A20, then I would like these numbers to be printed in there corresponding...
  6. A

    Arranging in order

    HI Team, I want to arrange below table in order. If you see the 1st column have all the number. Now in C and G have common number with making of 1. Now i need both them in side to side. Same for others. All the columns should be arranged in order so i can know what are the alphabets have same...
  7. D

    vba to copy one cell value to another cell value

    Hi, I have this value (95551092 - ) in the activecell and I would like to add whatever value is in cell A50. I do have the following code which adds the value but it deletes the spaces and then moves the hyphen in front of the numbers. Sub test() Dim d As Double d = ActiveCell.Value...
  8. A

    excel 2002 convert numbers to mathematical

    i copied numbers from an online account. pasted them into excel 2002. how do i convert the numbers to numbers i can multiply etc? i tried putting a 1 into a cell then copying and paste special multiply tried converting the cell to numbers thanks all
  9. P

    Adding Numbers with Text in Cell

    So I'm trying to add a row of cells that contain both letters and numbers. I'm using the following macros: Function add_num(cell1, ParamArray Arr() As Variant) Dim temp As Double For i = LBound(Arr) To UBound(Arr) temp = temp + GetNumber(Arr(i)) Next add_num =...
  10. M

    INDEX/MATCH with Return Numbers Only

    The following INDEX/MATCH formula works but, I would like the return to be just the numbers (no text). Help modifying formula would be appreciated. =IFERROR(INDEX('SDC TRIRIGA'!$C$1:$C$15000,MATCH(A2,'SDC TRIRIGA'!$A$1:$A$15000,0)),"") Current Return: <tbody> REQ-1187706 </tbody> Would...
  11. G

    Insert only numbers into a cell with data

    Hi all, I'm having a real issue in regards to being able to insert data into a cell which has data validation on it. Basically I have have made a simple data validation rule. Only numbers between 0000000000-99999999999 can be written into the cell (or in column A). I have used Excel function –...
  12. N

    Excel Round Function

    Hello, I have an inquiry regarding round function and not sure if there is a solution or not The numbers in Column "A" are depends on some calculations What I need is to round the numbers in Column "A" to be only as the numbers in Column "D" (looks like (250, 250*2, 250*3, 250*4...)) I used...
  13. F

    Sum numbers using two row and sum the numbers greater then 0 using row 1 as the default

    I have row 1 (2019) totals Row 2 (2018) totals. Row 2 has all 12 months worth of data. Row 1 has 9 months worth of data. I need the sum of all 9 months in row 1 and the last 3 of row 2. That easy enough. Now when I collect the totals for the 10th month of row 1 I then need the total for...
  14. D

    Month by Number

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to calculate months mathematically. For example, if this month is October (10) and I want to go back 3 months to July (7), is there an easy way to show this? Here's what I have: <tbody> A B 1 10 <--using "=MONTH(TODAY())" 2 Oct <--using...
  15. P

    Consecutive numbers IF

    Hello all, I was trying to use a formula to count rows that do not start with a number. Here all of the numbers that have a period should be skipped. I wan the other rows to count consecutive. With my formula, they skip the number that comes next. Could someone show me how? Thanks
  16. H


    I have a column of number values and need to find a give amount which could be a multiple of 1 or more of those numbers. Is this possible in excel?
  17. kelly mort

    For loop with irregular step or use arrays if possible

    Hi again, I got something I think is a big problem for me but I don't know what you think: I have a loop like For i = 1 To 100 ......... Next The loop is pointing to numbers in column B. However, all the numbers may not be present. For example, 2 or 54 etc, may not be available in the...
  18. F

    Adding with VBA

    I'm looking for a way to add whatever number I type in my active cell to the cell immediately adjacent to it to the right. However, the part that gets tricky.. Is that I only want this to work in a range of cells. . . not the entire sheet. I have a tally of numbers in the range N5:N24...
  19. spencer_time

    Two numbers to left of * and two numbers to right of *

    Hello, I -had- part of my program working until I realized that the length of the filename wasn't always constant and I need help fixing that. In the following section of code it used to look for a sheet names *CEQ* and extract the two numbers before CEQ and the two numbers after CEQ. I then...
  20. Dazzawm

    Remove Everything When Numbers End To Adjacent Column

    I have numbers as below. When the numbers end I want everything removed to the adjacent column. I cant use text to columns as there are varying lengths etc. So a code or formula please. P.S Some may not have letters etc after numbers for example WA2345 Before Excel 2010 Row\ColAE...

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