1. C

    Sorting data column wise

    I have a database with the following... Total Rows 101 and columns as dynamic... Cells A1 and B1 is Text ( as header ), C1 to Z1 is date in dd-mm-yyyy format Data in ColA is Text Data in ColB is Text Data in ColC is Numerals The database is as follows... A2 to B101 is Static and never...
  2. P

    Enter 01 instead of 1 !!!

    How do I actually enter 01 in a cell after typing 01 and hitting Enter? When I do it, 01 becomes 1 because Excel deletes the 0 automatically. :eeek:
  3. Futile Crush

    Changing Roman numerals BACK to numbers.

    The title pretty much explains what I'm trying to do. Because I'm really not sure how to go about changing roman numerals back to numbers without the use of a VLOOKUP, in essence, I want to try and achieve something where the original numbers are NOT on the spreadsheet, just the numerals. Is...

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