1. R

    Match the positive numeric value with negative

    Hi All, I have one query related to matching the numeric values. I have data set where in column N have numeric values which can be positive and negative. Need to identify same numeric values e.g. -23 should match with 23. My code which is working fine on small set of data like 1000 rows...
  2. J

    Formula converting textstring to numeric value

    Having a text string including a number for instance 1000_ABCD in cell A1. Setting up a formula in cell B1: left(A1,4) I want the result to be stored as a I later want to sort the column B in numeric order. (Account codes). (I dont want to overwrite the formula and paste as...
  3. S

    Convert to Word from numaric

    Hi Expert, I wan to get a result from numeric to word with formula without macro, can any expert help me to do this e.g 1293801 to be ' twelve Million nine thousand thirty eight handed and one only Thanks in advance
  4. N

    Unbale to get value in TextBox from Column B when Numeric values are searched.....

    Anyone My numeric code no values are in colA and its respective text values in Col B I am unable to get respective Text or String values from Col B. in Text box through ComboboxList.Click Event when clicked and searched for the numeric values of column A through ComboBox_Change But if i...
  5. sharky12345

    Rank data with specific text

    I'm using this formula to rank my data; Can anyone show me how to use specific text instead of a numeric value? What I'd like is LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH instead if that's possible?
  6. M

    SQL Query Error - Error converting data type varchar to numeric.

    I appreciate this is not an excel/VBA type query but can't find an obvious forum to post it? hopefully someone can help? I have this SQL query which works when applied to non-numeric data (text) but I get the below error when using the code on numeric data error - Error converting data type...
  7. L

    xlDashDot numeric value

    Hi I understand that xlDashdot is an excel constant. My question, does it have numeric value? If yes, is there any table shows that all XL?????? in excel with theirs numeric values. Thank you. ++++ Sub mynew() Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1).Cells(1, 1).Borders.LineStyle = xlDashDot End Sub
  8. T

    Is there any way to enable numeric grouping (by range) in this type of PivotTable data?

    In Col A i have expressions that evaluate to a logical (True or False) In Col B i have numbers. In Col C, there is this formula (and then filled down): =IF(A2,B2,"") I also tried a variation, with this formula. =IF(A2,B2,NA()) Either variation has the problem described below. I then create a...
  9. N

    check after insert a value in a cell.

    Hi folks! I need to check after insert a value in a particular cell if it is empty, numeric and <=>0 Thanks in advance, Natalya
  10. S

    Divide string at first numeric digit

    Hello, I would like a formula solution to splitting a text prefix from a combination of text and numbers that make up a product's item number. Typical examples: ACAN SIVV08 EUON LIM18-2 <tbody> SYRI JOS18-st </tbody> TAXU FAS50D There are two consistent features in all the item numbers...
  11. B


    I have a program that runs off of the data ID (which is for different employees) within Access that makes a barcode. Is there a way to make the data ID alphanumeric? so I want the data ID to be "BAY001 (Bill Brittain), BAY002 (Erick Vaughn), BAY003 (Johan Collins)" and so forth for each...
  12. S

    Convert numeric value to string made of characters representing the value

    Hi all, this one is hard to describe, but basically I want to take a numeric value, then insert a character (text character or symbol, such as X) for each of the instances of that number. For example: If B2 has a value of 7, I want C2 to show a visual representation of the numeric value (7)...
  13. F

    count unique values in a row

    Any idea how I can do this? The values in the row are text values not numeric. Thanks
  14. B

    Cell value flagged as <> when I can see it IS =???

    Hi Folks, Col K is populated by formula = $A1&$B1,$C1,$D1,$E1 and may be txt or numeric as processed internally elsewhere. Col N is populated manually, txt or numeric Col M =IF(AND($K1="",$N1=""),"",IF($K1<>$N1,"Error","OK")) The object is to determine whether a manual entry is same as...
  15. L

    Delete rows based on criteria.

    Hi everyone, I hope that someone can help me with a little problem. I have an Excel file into which data is dumped daily to sheet1. In each cell in column H, there are text values and numeric values. There is never a combination of both (alpha numeric). I wish to delete all rows associated...
  16. RichKat

    Weighted Average on School grades

    Hello, I have a sheet that has the words "test", "exam" or "lesson" in the cells in range C6:C47. Each of those words has a numeric value assigned in the range AA2:AB4. I would like my formula to convert the words in column "C" to the numeric values and then do a weighted average with...
  17. P

    Conditional formatting with multiple conditions

    Hi, I have an excel sheet and I am trying to apply conditional formatting to the cells in Column $K$9:$K$23. If the cells in column $L$9:$L$23 contains either "O" or "X". The criterias and a example: If cell $K$9 contains a numeric value and the $L$9 contains "O", then do nothing. If cell $K$9...
  18. M

    Deleting Words Based on Number of Words

    Hello Folks, I want to delete few words in A2 cell of all the sheets in my WB. Please go through the 4 strings and their expected results. I want to keep the last numeric value of the string and if the string contains Alphabet as last word it should keep both numeric value and alphabet also.The...
  19. M

    Calculated Cell Followed by Text

    In cell A20 I have a formula =(B19/A19)*100 The formula works correctly and provides a numeric value Is there a way to make text follow that numeric value Example: Let say that the formula above results in the numeric value of 20 Is there a way to make it say "20 Percent Slope"
  20. E

    Search data dependant on 2 cells

    Hi, I am looking for a formula to search a list of data for 2 different cells and return any match C3= Reference alpha numeric number I3= Article reference number BL has a list of article reference numbers BS has a list of alpha numeric numbers If C3=BS and I3=BL then return what is shown in...

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