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    HELP! formula for OBIEE

    Hi all, I have tried ( I am very new to this) to write a CASE statement where if the product Family= custom and unit list price =0 return NO but the tricky part is everything else with a list price of 0 needs to be YES else NO. No matter how I write the statement the list price of 0 is...
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    OBIEE Case formula

    Hi all, I am trying to write a case in OBIEE for the first time. It does not like what I am doing. Can you take a look? I am trying to write a case based on the customer name ( we have about 15 special names give or take) that need to be identified, the rest get assigned to a category called...
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    How to make custom date in OBIEE

    Hi, I would like to customize the date format to be YYYY-MO, Can you please let me know what it should look like. Right now it says [FTM:DATESHORT] thank you so much. Sharon

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