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    Connect to SAP from excel and download one one parameter (weight)

    Hi, I am tryig to dwnload at least one thng from SAP. The code I am using to connect you can see below. The target is to download something to excel workbook from MM03, for instance weight or base uint of measure for the materil number 1234567. I need support. Dim Logon As Object 'Logon...
  2. D

    Running Macro using Task Scheduler- Getting Run Time Error

    I keep getting Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)': Method 'MailEnvelope' of object '_Worksheet' failed when trying to run the a batch file with this script wscript.exe "U:\Programming\Scripts\VBS Scripts\SendEmails.vbs" SendEmail.vbs Option Explicit Sub ExcelMacroExample() Dim xlApp...
  3. C

    Object defined error?

    Hi everyone, Can someone help me debug this code? Dim ws1 As worksheet Set ws1 = Sheets("assets") Dim add As string add = Selection.Address ws1.Range(add).Unmerge
  4. S

    Macro - Copy the data from Webpage - Error

    Hi Team, Thanks for your support !! Need a help in macro. My requirement is “ I need to open a webpage à Click on submit button à Enter the Request ID à Press Enter à Need to copy the data from the text box (it may be Read only or editable option) I am able to do the function till entering the...
  5. S

    Have cell reference as Naming convention

    I need to change how some code looks up a certain directory, previously I had it static where it was just a set folder. However now I want to make it a cell reference on a workbook im just not sure how to do so. Below is what I have, I would like it so its refering to cell A2 on a tab called...
  6. J

    Extracting recipient emails

    I have a code that running on INBOX and extracting , need to modify it then it will be running on all subfolders. Please.. Private Sub ExtractEmails() Dim objNS As Outlook.NameSpace: Set objNS = GetNamespace("MAPI") Dim olFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder Set olFolder =...
  7. D

    cant find projkect or library

    im trying to add some code to a spreadsheet, but even a simple thing like range("a1") = date triggers the error "cant find project or library" also, because of this error, i can't even insert a signature to the vba e-mail macro depsite doing this per...
  8. P

    Error when loading form with spreadsheet object (OWC)

    I have upgraded Excel to 2016 and now get an error when using an older file with a spreadsheet object embedded in a userform. I think Microsoft Office Web Components 11.0 may no longer be supported, but I wanted to find out if there is another solution for displaying data on a userform that...
  9. P

    Issue running PowerPoint through Excel

    Hi, I am having an issue whereby I wish to update a PPT template through Excel VBA on my Mac. I am able to open the template and save a copy of it no problem, however I am having a problem where I am unable to select objects on PPT slides to update without Excel crashing. Please see the below...
  10. C

    Pull email from specified folder instead of folderpicker

    The below code allows me to select a folder from outlook and pull some information from it. I didn't create this code - someone way more intelligent did! What I'm having issues with is getting rid of the selector for folder; I want to specify a mail folder within the code that will never vary...
  11. P

    Highlighting temperatures on cell change

    When the contents of a cell changes, some strings are highlighted. This part I got working already. Now I added a regex to highlight strings that contain a temperature as well (i.e. 13° or 10°-25°) This part however does not work (no error but just no output) This is what I have so far. This...
  12. A

    Outlook and VBA: move email items

    Introduction Take a look at the following picture. There are two Outlook data files, their root folders are named “_FMMB” and “_Middle”. Both files have and subfolders and subfolders in subfolders. A number of emails are moved from Inbox to folder “_Middle\000_Arrive” manually (I prefer...
  13. T

    Adding Heading, Subheading, adjusting font size and style to Automated Power point Presentation in VBA

    Hi, I am in the process of automating a monthly report using VBA (Power Point Presentation). I can not seem to add a sub heading to my current code. Thus far, I am able to add create the power point presentation (not shown entirely) and I have a heading (Shown Below). But I can not add a sub...
  14. J

    Modifying Code to Send E-mail

    I have a daily report I need to send to my manager. Right now, my report has code to copy A1:F30 so I can paste the data into an e-mail. How do I modify this code so that I only copy rows with data instead of A1:F30? Sub Send_Email() On Error Resume Next Dim OutApp As Object Dim...
  15. H

    Outlook Query

    Hi I have the below code that sends an email if tow conditions are met. I have two questions: Sub email() Dim i As Long, lr As Long, scdata As String, myolapp As Object, myitem As Object lr = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row scdata = "" For i = 19 To lr Step 1 If Cells(i, 21) <> 0 And...
  16. P

    Looking to Import 2 Most Recent Files in Excel

    I am looking to have some code to import the 2 most recent files in a folder. With the way my code is currently set up it writes every filepath in the folder. I am looking to only write the filepaths of the 2 most recent files placed in the folder. I have placed the code I am looking to modify...
  17. R

    Webscraping only returning one table, multiple available

    I´m trying to scrape a page for a specific table. there´s three tables available but I only get the first table returned. Url: https://www.dhl.dk/exp-da/express/shipping/forsendelsesraadgivning/express_olietillaeg.html I can get the details for the first table. This is also expanded by...
  18. M

    Get Google Maps XML data, parse it and input to Excel cells

    With help from Stackoverflow I managed to get a working solution for getting Google Maps XML data, parsing it and inputting to Excel cells. However my next intention get it working for several requests when there are 5 different locations to be analyzed and data from each XML should be inputted...
  19. V

    Error file path in not correct while attaching in email

    Hello I am new of VBA. I can generate the pdf with new name every time, however i am not able to attached latest generated file in email. it is giving me me error " Path does not exist, verify the path in correct." here is the code. please help me expert Sub sendReminderMail() ChDir...
  20. K

    If Variable is Odd then

    I am having trouble writing a code to recognize if a number is odd or not and then determining what to do from there... It keeps pooping up with an "object required" error. Please let me know how I can fix it, or if you have ever come across this problem. Here is my code STNDRD=17 If STNDRDR...

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